Tool to Fix Outlook PST File using Scan PST

Microsoft Outlook is an application used for communication purposes. It has two type of file namely PST and OST. PST file contains email messages, contacts, calender events, journals, etc. Even though you take lot of care while accessing PST file, some unstoppable scenarios lead to the corruption of PST file. Some reasons behind PST file corruption could be virus attack, abrupt termination of Outlook profile, etc.

In this situation, you can easily employ Scan PST Fix software. This software has in-built powerful scanning algorithm which can easily fix corrupted Outlook PST file within few minutes. The Scan PST Fix software uses two types of scanning methods, Smart Scan and Normal Scan. Depending on the extremity of PST file corruption, it uses either of these two scanning methods. If the corruption to PST file is severe, it uses Smart Scan option, otherwise it fixes the issues by using Normal Scan option.

Scenarios that makes Outlook PST file inaccessible:

  • Oversized PST File: The size of the PST file in all Outlook versions is fixed. When the PST file exceeds its maximum size limit, then it results in the corruption of the file. Therefore, you cannot access your Outlook profile in such situation.
  • Abrupt Termination of Outlook: While working with outlook PST file, abrupt termination or closing of outlook application can cause damage to the PST file. You can easily employ this scan PST fix software to fix corrupted Outlook PST file.
  • PST File Header Corruption: Generally, Outlook PST file header consists of file name, file size, file creation date, etc. of data. Sometimes, due to power surge and improper or sudden shut down of computer can cause severe corruption to the Outlook PST file header and makes it inaccessible. This may corrupt outlook PST file.
  • Virus and Malware Attack: Virus or malware could be one of the main reason behind outlook PST file corruption because virus attack can make your Outlook file inaccessible. Sometime virus can damage the entire hard drive.
  • Other Reasons: Apart from the above reason there is some other reasons which may damage outlook PST file such as oversized PST file, Outlook freezing, error while upgrading Outlook version, bad sectors, system error, improper shut down, data storage device failure, etc.

In case, if you face any of the above scenarios you can easily make use of Scan PST Fix software and fix damaged Outlook PST file in few steps. It supports different versions of Windows Operating System like Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003.

Features of scan PST fix software:

  • This software can easily recovers deleted emails, contacts, tasks, notes with ease. It is the best tool to fix damaged Outlook PST file because of it’s advanced repairing technology.
  • In case if you dont know the exact location of lost PST file, you can easily search it by using ‘find PSToption which is given in it’s main menu.
  • It supports different versions of Microsoft Outlook like MS Outlook 2003, MS Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013. It is a read only tool and can not damage any file during fixing. It repair password protected file and oversized PST file easily.

Simple Way to Recover Deleted Partition

Have you ever faced a problem where you are unable to access one of the hard drive partitions or it is deleted from hard drive? Somehow, the partition or partition data is deleted that is the reason you are searching for a tool to recover hard drive partition data or deleted partition. This article will provide aid to recover your data from drive partition. The Recover Deleted Partition will help you to recover drive partition data or deleted partition in few simple clicks. This software is capable to recover hard drive related issues in situations such as accidental deletion, repartition, formatting, reformatting etc. People frequently encounter all of the above mentioned problems. This software will help you to recover deleted partition data from hard drive partition, also capable to recover deleted partition and provide easy and efficient way to recover your data from hard drive. If you are searching the solution for data recover from accidently deleted NTFS partition then, follow this link:

Suppose a situation, where you have disk partition in your system, but you want to do repartition your partition in the account to keep further important documents or files. You have come across an obstacle, while performing repartition. You have deleted all the drive partition accidentally. What will you do in order to recover your deleted drive partition? Now there is no more need to care any of such problems. Here is the Recover Deleted Partition tool, which will assist you to recover deleted NTFS partition from the various Windows operating system by employing advanced algorithms. This tool is helpful in recovering missing partition, repartition, and formatted drives by using intelligent scan technique.

External hard drives are portable drive, which is used to store additional data. It is an alternative to expand storage capacity of your system, used to store back up files. What will happen, if somehow data in external hard drive is corrupted? The data in the external drive can be lost due to such reason such as:

  • Accidentally deletion
  • Re-partition issue
  • Formatting issue
  • Re-formatting issues
  • Free space relocating

What you will do in order to recover data from external hard drive partition, if it is corrupted due to any of the above mention reasons? In such circumstances, Recover Deleted Partition program assists to recover deleted or lost partition from external hard drive on Win 7, Win Vista and Win XP. This software is capable to recover data from various external hard drives like WD, Samsung, Hitachi, SanDisk, etc.

Some attributes of this tool are: 

  • Fast recovery of bad sector from hard drive
  • Capable to recover data from hard drive partitions after format, reformat or reinstalling of windows
  • Recover data from deleted external hard drive partition
  • Proficient to recover data from corrupted or crash hard drive partition

Don’t use the hard drive partition after the corruption or deletion has occurred because it may result to the permanent data loss from hard drive partition. If you have any of such problems, then you can use Recover Deleted Partition software to recover data from hard drive partition. This software is helpful in recovering data from deleted FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFSS, etc.

Simple Way to Recover Data from Hard Drive

Apple Inc. developed a file system called Hierarchical File System (HFS) that’s originally created for use on floppy and hard disk drive in personal computers, running Macintosh operating system. The HFS file system is also known as the HFS Standard file system. Apple replaced the Macintosh File System (MFS) by HFS. However, occasionally the HFS volume could get formatted and resulting in loss of data, but not even to worry that you can recover hard drive volume data, which has lost, by using an advanced recovery program such as Recover My Hard Drive.

Apple offers another file system called HFS Plus or HFS+ that is the primary file system employed in Mac systems or other systems running the Macintosh operating system. The HFS Plus file system is also referred as HFS Extended file system. The HFS Plus file system is a superior version of HFS file system that supports bigger files and uses Unicode for naming the files and folders. There is one more version of HFS Plus file system is introduced by Apple called HFSX file system along with the HFSX volumes are almost just like HFS Plus volumes. The HFS Plus or HFSX volumes get deleted because of various situations, including using 3rd party partitioning utility, accidental deletion of Mac volume, corruption or damage to the HFS Plus file system and accidental formatting or reformatting the HFS Plus formatted Mac volumes, etc. Below mentioned points briefly describes a few important case scenarios where the HFS volume data could get deleted or lost.

  • Deletion of the HFS volume using disk utility: Disk Utility is an application developed by Apple and it’s also used to perform disk related tasks in Mac systems. These tasks include creation, conversion, compression and encryption of disk images, mounting, un-mounting and ejecting hard disk drive along with other removable media, enabling or disabling journaling and others. Disk Utility includes a feature generally known as live partitioning with this particular feature user can create new Mac volume also they may resize or delete the prevailing Mac volume. By utilizing live partitioning feature in Disk Utility, when you have accidentally deleted the HFS+ formatted Mac volume this may lead to loss of data about the Mac hard drive.
  • Accidental formatting of the HFS volume: Suppose you are trying to set up the Macintosh OS and you’ve got accidentally formatted a wrong volume. However, this may bring about data loss around the Mac hard drive.

Anyhow, nothing to be concerned as you can recover hard drive on Mac and get back lost Macintosh data by utilizing Recover My Hard Drive software. This software efficiently recovers hard drive partition that can be deleted or lost in any way without any difficulty. You can download the demo version of the software which includes the capability to preview recovered data in the Mac finder styled interface. You can make the use of this program on various versions of Mac based operating system such as Lion, Leopard, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Snow Leopard, and Yosemite easily. To know more about Mac data recovery process follow this URL:

Tool to Recover Data from Kingston USB Flash Drive

Kingston USB flash drives will fulfill unique needs of carrying data from one place to other. These USB flash drives are small in size, lightweight capable of storing huge amount of data. Sometimes, you are moving from one place to another and every time it is not easy to carry your laptop. Therefore, in such situation you can copy important files in Kingston USB flash drive and carry it along with you.

Loosing these important files will be very dangerous, either you have to create backup for these files otherwise take care of proper usage of these data files so that you don’t face data loss.

This Kingston USB flash drive is reliable, secure but still it can face some issues such as virus infection, data loss due to format error. Due to any reasons, if you lost data files from Kingston USB flash drive, it is somewhat difficult to restore these data files.

During such situation you start thinking is this possible retrieve data files from Kingston USB flash drive? However, there is no reason to get panic!! Such losses overcome through using Kingston USB Recover Tool software. This Kingston USB data recovery tool has got effective scanning algorithm it scan and will recover lost data files within few minutes.

Reasons behind the deletion or loss of data from Kingston USB flash drive:

  • Data Transfer: Sometimes, you wanted to transfer data from Kingston USB flash drive to computer system, during this data transfer if user eject USB drive abruptly then it will cause loss of data files from USB flash drive. If you do not have proper backup facility then it is very hard to recover these lost data.
  • Accidental Formatting: Sometimes, user intention is to format D: drive or some other drive of computer system. However, unknowingly if you select external device i.e. Kingston USB drive and formatted that drive it will cause serious loss of data files.
  • Antivirus Scan: Most of the times Kingston USB drive infected by viruses due to some reason such as connecting these device to computer systems. To overcome these virus attacks you will use antivirus to fix this problem but this also delete infected files.
  • Unexpected System Shutdown: Several times, you came through the problem of power loss, when you are performing file transfer operation from your USB flash drive to computer system suddenly power loss or fluctuation in voltage supply will cause loss of data files.

Features of Kingston USB Recovery Tool:

  • This Kingston USB recovery tool has got strong algorithm which is capable to recover data from Kingston USB drive within minutes.
  • Capable to retrieve data from other USB drives brands such as Moserbaer, Sony, HP, SanDisk, etc.
  • This Kingston USB recovery tool is capable of recover data even after formatting USB flash drives.
  • This software will support restore process in both Windows (Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, etc.) and Mac (Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion, etc.).
  • Kingston USB recovery tool can recover more that 300types of file formats including various image files, txt files, MP3 files etc.
  • Retrieve data from other storage drives such as SD card, SDXC, MMC, SDHC, CF, etc.

Easiest Way to Recover Photos

Last week I was on vacation to Paris with my friends. I captured lots of photos and videos with my friends. I copied those photos to my computer and after few days when I try to view those pictures, it become inaccessible. It is not even easy for me to imagine the loss, but it really happens to me. Is there any technique to recover my photos? Please help me.

If you are facing such tragic situation, you can use Picture Recovery tool to recover deleted or lost photos from any storage device. This is an advanced tool to perform picture recovery in few simple steps. It is compatible with all the latest version of Windows (Windows 2003, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, etc). Picture Recovery tool is 100% secure application that means free from virus/malware attack. It is available online across the world to recover photos from different storage device.

Scenarios due to photos get deleted or lost

Accidental Deletion: It is one of the most common scenario due to which photos get deleted or lost from storage device. While deleting unused photos from storage device using Shift + Delete command, users accidentally select important photos. As a result of which photos from storage device get deleted or lost.

Improper Ejection: While sharing photos if storage device is ejected without proper procedure, then there is high possibility that photos from storage get lost from storage or become inaccessible.

Error while Transfer: When user is transferring photos from storage device to system or vice versa, suddenly system shut down due to power failure. This interruption may results in inaccessibility of photos.

Virus Attack: Virus is intruded in system while connecting to infected system or downloading contents from unauthorized sites. This results in corruption of photos and later on deleted due to third party application.

Other Reason: Several other reasons due to which photos from storage device get deleted or lost are unintentional formatting, bad sector, etc. You can use Picture Recovery tool which has various advantages and can recover within short interval of time. This software is able to recover photos of different file formats such as JPG, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIFF, etc.

Features of Picture Recovery Software

  • Picture Recovery is one of the best applications to recover photos on Mac and Windows operating system.
  • Picture Recovery supports recovery of photos on Mac OS versions (Mac OS X and Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, etc).
  • This software is reviewed and available online all over the world.
  • Picture Recovery easily recovers photos, songs and video files within a short interval of time.
  • By using this software, user van perform recovery of pictures and other media files from hard drives, corrupted SD card, external drives, formatted flash memory cards etc.
  • Demo version is available to check the efficiency of this application. It is one of best feature since user can justify the application before purchasing.
  • Support team provides necessary information to users who find difficulty while accessing the software.

Repairing Broken PSD Files

Photoshop is one of the most proficient and advanced tool i.e. specially designed to edit images that are captured using digital camera or with the help of any other image capturing device. By using this Abode Photoshop application you can easily edit the following features of an image like contrast, brightness, color, background effects, etc. on Windows and Mac operating system platforms. These files created with the help of Photoshop application uses the .psd or .ppd file format for storing the images. But, PSD files can also be broken during editing the images due to some factors that can cause the data loss are given below:

Virus attack: While you placed your PSD files in the infected system, virus and malware threats can cause the corruption of PSD files. Again, storing of these infected PSD files on external storage devices like pen drives, external hard drives, and memory card can corrupt other stored files on these storage devices. This corruption might break your PSD files and you cannot open these PSD files on the any media player or image viewer application without repairing properly.

File incompatibility: Whenever the PSD files are not compatible with the particular Abode Photoshop application, it throws an error “Your request could not be completed because you are using incompatible version of Abode Photoshop application”. If you are again repeatedly trying to open these PSD files with this incompatible version, then it can break the PSD file.

PSD file conversion: While converting the PSD files from one format to another, any interruption occurs that can break the image layers of PSD files and makes the PSD files unreadable.

Improper downloading: While downloading the files from internet any interruption occurs due to network failure and some other issues that can break the PSD files. Again, in order to make these PSD files readable you have to repair these damaged PSD files using any PSD file repair tool.

Other reasons: Some other causes that are also responsible for the PSD file corruption are as follows: conflict with Abode application files, using PSD files on different versions of Abode application and file format corruption etc.

If you are facing with these above mentioned PSD file broken scenarios, then you can use Best File Repair software to repair broken PSD file. This PSD file repair tool can be used to fix corrupted PSD file on following Windows operating systems like Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows vista etc. Apart from this, it can also repair broken PSD file on following Mac operating system platforms like Mac Lion, Leopard, Mavericks, OS X and Yosemite, etc.

Best File Repair software is one of the most widely used user friendly PSD repair tool that can easily repair broken PSD file created by any version of Abode Photoshop application. This repair tool is designed with an inbuilt search engine that can easily scan corrupted PSD files by making use of rigorous scanning algorithm used with this tool. It performs the scanning of corrupted PSD files by using the unique file signature or on the basis of file extensions of damaged PSD files. By using this tool, we can repair broken PSD file of different colors like GRAY, INDEX, RGB and many more other colors. After the repairing of corrupted PSD files, it also allows to store these repaired PSD files in ZIP or compressed format in order to save the disk space. Besides the repairing of corrupted PSD files, it can also repair some other files like Word documents, PPT files, text documents, images etc.

What is Windows Experience Index?

The Windows Experience Index is used to measure your computer performance based on how fine your computer works with the Windows operating system. This system performance measurement is defined by the base score. If the base score of your computer is high means, it is working faster and smarter with the Windows OS compare to low base score system.

Each part of hardware in your computer gets its own score which is called as “sub score”. The total base score is calculated based on low sub score of individual hardware component rather than average sub score of all the hardware components. Therefore you can easily identify the low performance hardware components by its sub score which can help you to focus on those components and you may decide whether some hardware parts to be upgraded to achieving high performance. For example, consider your computer Processor has sub score 6.8 and RAM has sub score 4.9 and then internal hard disk has sub score 5.1 means Windows Experience Index only take the lowest sub score hardware component and calculate its score which will be overall performance of your system called Base score. The computer base score is presently ranging from 1.0 to 7.9 based on Windows versions.

How to View Your Computer Base Score?

By following below steps, you can get your computer base score which will be calculated in the measure of speed per second. Tasks may be varied based on hardware components. For example, Processor performance is calculated in the measure of processing speed per seconds.

  1. At first, open “Performance Information and Tools” by reading it from the right corner of the computer screen and click on “Search” option entering “Performance Information and Tools” in the search box, tapping or clicking “Settings”, and then clicking “Performance Information and Tools”.
  2. Then you can view the sub scores of all the hardware components and overall base score of your computer effectively. If any hardware parts are upgraded recently means the sub score of them will be changed. In order to find out the recently upgraded parts sub score you can click on “Re-run the Assessment”. In this operation, you need to enter system admin password or you can confirm yourself.
  3. Even if you are not able to get the base score of your system means you can click the special option like “Rate this Computer” which might be asked to enter your system admin password.

Software to Recover Data from MacBook Air Hard Drive

MacBook Air hard drive is the one of the most widely used portable hard drive with MacBook Air notebook computer designed by Apple. MacBook Air hard drives are extensively used because of the balanced performance and portability. These Air models of Mac portable computer uses the SSD (Solid state device) hard drive and i7 Intel processor. These Mac Book Air version notebooks are incorporated with OS X operating system of Mac. But, like other hard drives, MacBook Air hard drive is also not free from the deletion and file corruption scenarios. Some of the major deletions of file scenarios are listed below:

Accidental Deletion of File from MacBook Air Hard Drive: Accidental deletion of file is one of the most common scenarios for the deletion of files from hard drive. While performing the file operations accidental deletion of files using “Command + Delete” key combination can cause permanent deletion of files from MacBook Air hard drive and In order to avoid the data loss you need to recover these deleted files using any recovery tool or software.

Accidental Formatting of MacBook Air Hard Drive: While managing the files on MacBook Air Hard Drive, accidental formatting of hard drive is also possible and formatting deletes the entire stored files on your MacBook Air Hard Drive and at the later stage you need to recover these deleted files with the help of any hard drive data recovery tool.

Data Loss due to Catalog File Corruption: Catalog file of the hard drive contains all the necessary information about all the stored files of the Mac hard drive volume and the corruption of catalog file due to following reasons like OS corruption, creation of bad sector, virus and malware attack can hinder the access of stored files on the hard drive. In order to regain the access, you need to reinstall the operating system.

Some other reasons for the deletion of files from MacBook Air Hard Drive: Some other factors that can cause the deletion of files from MacBook Air Hard Drive, which includes infection of files due to virus and malware threats, interruption while copying the files from one storage device to another and emptying the trash folder without proper attention can cause the deletion of files from MacBook Air Hard Drive.

Whenever you meet with any one of these above mentioned data deletion scenarios for MacBook Air Hard Drive, you can use Hard Drive Recovery software that helps to restore the deleted files from MacBook Air Hard Drive.

Excellent features of MacBook Air Hard Drive Recovery software:

  • MacBook Air Hard Drive Recovery software helps to recover data from MacBook Air hard drive on following Windows operating versions like Mac Lion, Mountain Lion, Leopard, Mavericks etc.
  • Apart from the MacBook Air hard drive data recovery; it can also recover the deleted data from other hard drives like SSD, SATA, PATA, SCSI etc.
  • Recovering the deleted data from removable storage devices like external hard drive, pen drives, memory cards, etc. are also possible by making use of MacBook Air Hard Drive Recovery software.
  • By making use of this memory recovery tool, you can restore deleted files from following hard drive partitions like FAT16, FAT 32, Ex-FAT, HFS+, and HFSX etc.
  • It also allows recovering the deleted files from hard drive of the following manufacturers like Seagate, Western Digital, Samsung, and Toshiba etc.
  • Recovery of other types of deleted files like images, audios, videos and documents is also possible with the help of MacBook Air Hard Drive Recovery software.
  • The rigorous scanning algorithm of this MacBook Air Hard Drive Recovery tool quickly scans and recovers all the deleted files with the help of unique signature of the deleted file.
  • The “Save Recovery Session” of this recovery tool stores the session of all the recovered files that allows the user to start the recovery again at any instant of time without rescanning.


Perfect Way to Recover NEF Files from Nikon Camera

Nikon Electronic Format (NEF) is an image file format of Nikon camera. This file format is also called digital negative since it contains all data. NEF files are stored in memory card in an uncompressed format. This file format prevents camera processing such as contrast, sharpness, etc. There are several advantages to save in NEF in comparison to JPG or JPEG file format. Sometimes NEF photo files stored in Nikon camera memory card may get deleted or lost due to some known or unknown reasons.

However, no need to need to worry, if your NEF photo files get lost or deleted due to any reason, you can make use of Digital Photo Recovery software to restore Nikon NEF file format from memory cards. It recovers NEF file format of Nikon camera in safe and secure way without changing the format of the picture files. It is one of the best tools to recover NEF file format of Nikon in few steps.

Common reasons behind loss of NEF files:

Accidental Deletion: The user wants to delete unwanted photos but accidentally select all photos and press delete option. As a result of which all photos get deleted from Nikon Camera.

File Transfer Interruption: When user is transferring file from memory card to system or vice versa, system may shut down suddenly due to power fluctuation which leads to NEF file deletion in Nikon camera.

Improper Ejection: When memory card is removed from Nikon camera abruptly without proper procedure then there is chance that card get corrupted. Due to this the pictures saved on card may become inaccessible.

Corruption of File System: Virus is intruded in memory card when connected to virus infected network or system as a result of which file system of camera card get corrupted. All the pictures become inaccessible due to file system corruption.

Other Reasons: The several other reasons due to which pictures from camera card get deleted are unintentional deletion, deletion during preview, third party application etc.

Features of Digital Photo Recovery Software

  • It is compatible with all versions of Windows (Windows XP, Windows2003, Windows2007, Windows2008, Windows Vista) and Mac (Leopard, Snow Leopard ,Lion, Mountain Lion)
  • Less space of hardly 50 MB is enough for the installation of this software.
  • It recovers the pictures of all file formats such as GIF, PNG, JPG, JPEG, BMP, CRW, ARW, CR2, PNG, DNG, TIFF, GIFF, etc.
  • Demo version is available which make easy to understand the working of the software before purchasing. Preview option is available in the demo version itself; user can’t restore the recovered picture in the demo version.
  • Technical support team provides support to the customer whenever they need help. The support team is technically trained for any kind of issue related to software access.
  • It is very helpful in recovering deleted pictures in a simple and efficient manner.
  • It provides an option to user to save recovered file either on internal or external storage device.
  • Apart from recovering pictures, it can even recover videos, MP3 songs from memory cards with ease.

Outlook Migration from Windows XP to Windows 7

Microsoft Outlook acts as a best email management using which you can send or receive messages. This Outlook consists of many attributes like notes, emails, tasks, journals, calendar, etc. Task is one of the important Outlook features which is very beneficial for the professional users to list their work according to priority. You can even set an alarm as a remainder for your work. To know more about outlook follow this link.

When you upgrade your Windows system to XP to Windows 7, you need move all outlook attributes such as tasks, emails, etc. to the upgraded ones. If you opt manual process of copying Outlook attributes. It takes longer time and may get interrupted and some items like tasks, emails will not be copied. Hence in such case it is better to migrate Outlook attributes like tasks, emails, journals, etc. in less time.  Migration is mainly used to transfer Microsoft Outlook tasks and other attributes of the outlook easily to upgraded Outlook or from one pc to other, etc.  To do this task you need to employ an expert’s recommended trust worthy software. One such reliable tool is Migrate Microsoft Outlook software. This application can migrate outlook from XP to Windows 7 attributes in a proficient manner.

When migration of Outlook is necessary?

  • When your hard drive crashes due to overheating, ageing, improper usage or due to bad sectors, etc. in such case you replace the disk, after replacing HDD you may need to migrate Outlook tasks, emails, contacts, etc. easily using migrate Outlook software in few moments.
  • When you wish to install older version of the operating system to newer one to acquire its advanced features in that situation to use Outlook application, migration of Outlook attributes including tasks becomes essential.
  • To add Outlook attributes to newly buyed PC, you can migrate Outlook items easily instead of using manual method. This migration can be done using Migrate Microsoft Outlook software without any complication.

Features of Migrate Microsoft Outlook Software:

Migrate Microsoft Outlook is one of the  top rated tool designed by some technical experts using robust algorithms to easily transfer Microsoft Outlook task, email, contacts, journals, etc. from the one location to other to in less time. It is mainly designed to help user avoid manual method of transferring Outlook attributes which is more complicated.  With the help of this toolkit, you can migrate MS Outlook from XP to Windows 7, Windows Vista to Windows 7, and also from Windows 7 to latest version of Windows i.e. Windows 8 at an ease. Using this wizard you can take backup of entire Outlook PST and provide protection to that file by providing password. This migrating software has inbuilt scheduler that helps you to back up the Outlook data automatically as per the scheduled time. You can migrate Outlook from XP to Windows 7 tasks to versions of Outlook such as Outlook 2000, 2007, 20010, etc.  This utility has a simple GUI, so that even a user with less technical knowledge can make use of this application and Migrate MS Outlook tasks and other attributes of Outlook to new computer without any assistance.