Outlook Migration from Windows XP to Windows 7

Microsoft Outlook acts as a best email management using which you can send or receive messages. This Outlook consists of many attributes like notes, emails, tasks, journals, calendar, etc. Task is one of the important Outlook features which is very beneficial for the professional users to list their work according to priority. You can even set an alarm as a remainder for your work. To know more about outlook follow this link.

When you upgrade your Windows system to XP to Windows 7, you need move all outlook attributes such as tasks, emails, etc. to the upgraded ones. If you opt manual process of copying Outlook attributes. It takes longer time and may get interrupted and some items like tasks, emails will not be copied. Hence in such case it is better to migrate Outlook attributes like tasks, emails, journals, etc. in less time.  Migration is mainly used to transfer Microsoft Outlook tasks and other attributes of the outlook easily to upgraded Outlook or from one pc to other, etc.  To do this task you need to employ an expert’s recommended trust worthy software. One such reliable tool is Migrate Microsoft Outlook software. This application can migrate outlook from XP to Windows 7 attributes in a proficient manner.

When migration of Outlook is necessary?

  • When your hard drive crashes due to overheating, ageing, improper usage or due to bad sectors, etc. in such case you replace the disk, after replacing HDD you may need to migrate Outlook tasks, emails, contacts, etc. easily using migrate Outlook software in few moments.
  • When you wish to install older version of the operating system to newer one to acquire its advanced features in that situation to use Outlook application, migration of Outlook attributes including tasks becomes essential.
  • To add Outlook attributes to newly buyed PC, you can migrate Outlook items easily instead of using manual method. This migration can be done using Migrate Microsoft Outlook software without any complication.

Features of Migrate Microsoft Outlook Software:

Migrate Microsoft Outlook is one of the  top rated tool designed by some technical experts using robust algorithms to easily transfer Microsoft Outlook task, email, contacts, journals, etc. from the one location to other to in less time. It is mainly designed to help user avoid manual method of transferring Outlook attributes which is more complicated.  With the help of this toolkit, you can migrate MS Outlook from XP to Windows 7, Windows Vista to Windows 7, and also from Windows 7 to latest version of Windows i.e. Windows 8 at an ease. Using this wizard you can take backup of entire Outlook PST and provide protection to that file by providing password. This migrating software has inbuilt scheduler that helps you to back up the Outlook data automatically as per the scheduled time. You can migrate Outlook from XP to Windows 7 tasks to versions of Outlook such as Outlook 2000, 2007, 20010, etc.  This utility has a simple GUI, so that even a user with less technical knowledge can make use of this application and Migrate MS Outlook tasks and other attributes of Outlook to new computer without any assistance.

Find an Effective Way to Restore Erased Files on Mac Mavericks

Hey, are you searching for a software to recover deleted files from Mac Mavericks? Here, we are having a good software which helps you to recover deleted files from Mac Mavericks. Whenever any file gets deleted from Mac Mavericks then only registry of that file gets erased from file system like NTFS and FAT etc. So, when any file gets deleted from hard disk drive then user just have to implement “File Recovery Software”, which helps in deleted file recovery on Mac Mavericks.

Some of The Reasons responsible for deletion of files from Mac Mavericks:

Accidental Delete:  Sometimes it might happen while using our computer system, we delete any particular file or folder accidently. This might happen while deleting any particular file, when user mistakenly delete the important file in place of undesired file.

Empty Trash: In Mac OS, whatever data deleted by user go to trash folder from where user can restore or can delete the data permanently. So, Sometimes in place of restoring user accidently selects deletion of those files, lead to loss of files.

Using Third Party software: With third party software, there are lot of applications which get the access of many files. Malfunctioning of third party software, lead to corruption of those relevant files.

Virus Attack: This is the main threat for file security which can also cause by other infections like malware, Trojans etc. It can generate malfunctioning of the files, lead to corruption of file.

Other Reasons:  There are other reasons that is responsible for file deletion or corruption like deletion from terminal windows, deletion while previewing the files and many more reasons.

User can easily handle all the above scenarios with the help of File Recovery Software. Anybody can make the use of this software quite easily and conveniently to recover deleted file from Mac Mavericks and also to other platforms like Mac Mountain Lion, Lion, Snow Leopard, and other platforms.

To know more about Mac Mavericks, refer this Apple Website.

You can use this software to recover the files from USB drive too such as external hard disk, memory card, flash drives etc. By using this software you can easily recover your files from different file system like FAT16, FAT32, HFSX, HFS+ etc. After the completion of recovery you can easily preview your recovered files before restoration in file type view and data type view. File recovery software provides an additional features to save the recovery session in demo mode, after that it prompts to purchase the full version of software to recover deleted files from Mac mavericks. With the help of File Recovery Software, you can recover all the file types like MP3, MP4, WMV, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG, and many more.

How to Retrieve TIFF Images?

TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) is the excellent format for archiving images of great quality. TIFF is the leading commercial and professional standard format stores to huge collection of images. TIFF is the most universally and widely supported format across different platforms like Windows, Mac, etc.  In TIFF format data supported up to 48bits. This image format is popular among different category of users like graphics users, publishing industry, designing users, etc. This extension widely supported for scanning, Word processing, faxing, etc.

Today, TIFF is one of the mostly used image file format to save pictures with high color depth images along with JPG and PNG images.  Most of this file format is used in digital cameras to store a photos. However, the TIFF images mat get deleted or lost due to numerous reasons. If you want more information on this topic, visit this link

At such instances, you can perform TIFF image file recovery with the help of Digital Camera Card Recovery Software. This software can also restore different image file format like PNG, GIF, JPG, etc.

Common reasons behind loss or deletion of TIFF files:

  • Abrupt ejection of portable media from your system, while moving or transferring TIFF files from external device to laptop/desktop or vice versa may cause deletion of TIFF file.
  • If your storage device gets infected by virus, then the files that are stored onto it including TIFF image files may go missing from it. Also, an anti-virus scan leads to deletion of .tiff and other stored files from it.
  • Sometimes, when insert memory card in phone camera, you will be encountering format error due to which you may intentionally format the card and loss all the info including TIFF files from it.
  • Many a times, while deleting unneeded files from your storage media you may unintentionally select few important media files and performs deletion operation. As a result, you will lose your memorable TIFF and format of media files.

Apart from these causes, there are more reasons that leads to loss or deletion of .tiff files such as power failure, file system corruption, etc. In such cases, one question arise in your mind is how to restore memorable TIFF files from your computer? Don’t worry, you can easily recover TIFF files from your computer with the use of Digital Camera Card Recovery Software.

Striking Features of Digital Camera Card Recovery Software:

  • Digital Camera Card Recovery Software is the reliable, flexible and robust tool to recover TIFF files from the cameras.
  • This software has ability to retrieve different types of image format including TIFF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, PSD, etc. supported by various DSLR camera brands on different versions of Windows Operating System.
  • It has effective scanning algorithm and highly developed user interface which allows you to get back TIFF files with an efficient manner.
  • This application is also capable to restore different types of files like video files, audio files, etc. from different storage devices such as memory cards, USB drives, iPod, hard drives, etc.
  • It has provides a preview option to view the recovered TIFF files before saving them.

Important tips:

You have to keep only thing in your mind before recovery is not to save any data on the source from where the files are lost. You can retrieve TIFF files successfully if it is not overwritten by new data.

How to Repair PST file without ScanPST

“I want to repair my PST file and ScanPST isn’t fixing the issue on my PST file. Is there a way to still fix my PST file when ScanPST fails or without ScanPST?”

There is a way to still repair PST file on outlook when ScanPST won fix PST file. The best and safest way to achieve this is by making use of a PST repair tool which can repair pst without ScanPST and repair your entire PST file.

Here is a video which shows you how to repair PST without ScanPST and how you can get back all your data from your PST file.

PST files are highly delicate and should be handled by expert care. You can lose crucial data from your PST file if it is handled in an unorthodox manner and can be very tough to repair them using the ScanPST option. ScanPST is an inbuilt tool provided by Outlook to repair PST file when it goes corrupt but however, ScanPST is not designed to handle a PST file when it is heavily corrupted or damaged. During such instances, you need to rely on a PST repair tool that is designed to carry out the repair operation on your PST file.

While using a PST repair tool when scanpst won fix PST file, you need to make sure that a professional repair tool is being used by you and it should also be able to repair PST without ScanPST. A professional repair tool will always handle your PST file in a safe manner as shown in the above video. However, there are a few other repair tools that promise to fix PST files but in reality they end up corrupting your PST file further more making it completely useless.

To safeguard your PST files, you need to repair PST file on outlook using a good software and it is recommended to make use of a certified software like the one employed above. PST files are sometimes very large in size and require a software that can handle such huge files and the right software to do such tasks is the one used in the above tutorial.

A PST repair software like the one used above can repair PST without ScanPST and is completely safe. It doesn’t change anything on your Outlook profile and also comes with an option that lets you import the repaired PST file to your existing Outlook profile so that you can once again gain access to all your Outlook emails and other data on your Outlook profile.

Why is it the best software to repair PST file on Outlook?

  • This software comes with a repair technique that is the best for fixing PST files when ScanPST fails or doesn’t fix your PST file.
  • It supports to repair PST files of all sizes.
  • You can save your PST file on your computer or even import it to your Outlook profile.
  • Additionally, it can also retrieve back deleted emails from your Outlook profile.

Tool to Fix Outlook PST after ScanPST Failure

ScanPST Fix application is one of the powerful repair tool which allows you to repair PST file which cannot be fixed by using built in “Inbox Repair Tool”. It supports to repair PST files that are created on different versions of Microsoft Outlook like Outlook 2000, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007. This application restores lost or deleted emails, contacts, tasks, events, calendar items, notes, etc while repairing process from damaged Outlook PST file.

Outlook PST is a Personal Storage Table used to save the copies of messages, notes, contacts, calendar, events, and other Outlook items. Sometimes, most of the Outlook PST file users come across the corruption of PST file that is due to various reasons such as storage of oversized PST file on specific Outlook versions, network failure, importing errors, virus infection, improper shutdown of system and many more. To get away from corruption issues make use of best and trusted software known as ScanPST Fix tool.

Common scenarios behind PST file corruption or damage:

Due to Network Failure: While accessing or reading/writing PST file if your network device has any sort of damage or failure with the network devices like hubs, routers, interface cables, switches, etc. This results in corruption or damage of PST file.

Hard drive Issue: If there is presence of bad sector on your computer hard drive then this might leads to PST file inaccessible.

Third Party Software: If the file system had corrupted due to some reasons to recover it you may use untrusted third party application this may results in damage of Your Outlook PST file.

Oversized PST file: Microsoft Outlook 2000 to 2013 has variety of storage capacity of PST file. If you exceed those storage limitation in specific Outlook version then there is a possibility of Outlook PST file corruption.

Power Outage: While accessing the Outlook PST file if your PC or laptop suddenly gets shutdown due power failure then you may face the damage on PST file.

Other Reasons: Some of the other causes are improper closing of PST file, due to malicious or virus, faulty network device and many more. In order to overcome from the all the above mentioned issues immediately use ScanPST Fix application to fix up the corrupted or damaged PST file.

Prominent provisions of ScanPST Fix App:

  • It supports unique versions of Windows operating system namely Windows 2008, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 7.
  • ScanPST Fix tool helps you to successfully fix oversized corrupted or damaged Outlook PST file without affecting the file structure of the original file.
  • This utility allows to repair password protected and highly encrypted Outlook PST file without changing the password.
  • You can able to get back deleted Outlook items like notes, appointments, journals, calendars, events, etc., by using ScanPST Fix application.
  • It assist you to restores files and folders that are not linking to the index in order to retain accessibility of the PST file.
  • It has capability to repair severely damaged or corrupted Outlook PST file on dissimilar versions of MS Outlook.
  • With the assist of ScanPST Fix software even irregular Outlook users can also fix the corrupted PST file easily.
  • This application is an award winning tool, which has advanced repairing techniques to repair the severely damaged PST file.
  • It helps to preview of the repaired items of PST file by using Outlook style browser.
  • If you don’t remember the store location of your Outlook PST file then this utility assist you to search for PST files on your system.
  • To know more about the ScanPST Fix please visit:http://www.scanpstfix.com

Precautionary Measures:

  • Install updated anti-virus tool to scan regularly your computer or laptop.
  • While closing PST file use proper method to exit PST file.




How to Repair Corrupt Microsoft Word Document?

Microsoft Word is an advanced word processing program developed by Microsoft is a very user-friendly application, which is very widely used to create text documents like letters, resumes, brochures etc. It has uses in various fields like homes, educational sectors, business fields etc.

I remember the day when the Microsoft Word file on which I was working has become inaccessible due to abruptly shutting down the system. It was a severe headache to me as the valuable time spends to create eight pages long Word document was a waste and it has to be created again, which is a tedious job. As Word document has wide uses, the cases of corruption are also more. Even the most badly corrupted MS Word file can be repaired using Word Document Repair application. It is one of the suitable corrupt Word document repair tool, which is very helpful to repair a corrupted Word file and regains all the damaged images, texts, hyperlinks from it

Various scenarios cause damage to the Microsoft Word file and results in inaccessibility of the file. Several technical as well as user errors cause damage to the Word file. Round Tripping is on of the main reason that causes damage to the Word file. It is the process of converting Word file from one format to another continuously (DOC to DOCX or vice versa). Downloading Word file from an unsecured internet connection can also result in corruption of the file. CRC error while transferring the file over internet, virus attack etc will damage the structure of Word document, which results in loss of access to Word file. Inserting virus infected clip arts, animations and other files into the Word document can damage the file. There are various other reasons also which damage the Microsoft Word file.

Word Document Repair application is able to repair all Word file and make it accessible to the user with less time. The unique features of the application always make the recovery process simple and easy. The application is able to repair a corrupted Word document, which refuse to open due to any corruption. Along with repairing, it recovers text, OLE objects, hyperlinks etc from damaged Word file. This utility to fix corrupted Word documents supports all versions of Windows like 2003, 2008, XP, Vista, 7 and 8. It enables the user to preview the recovered data after restoring on to the disk.

Simple Method of Recovering Not Initialized Hard Disk

Hard Drive is the fundamental part of computer as it stores operating system and all the data required by user.  Often hard drive fails to function properly and then information stored in the system can no longer be accessed. However, there are a series of problems about hard drive that could cause inconvenience to users. One such issue is, hard drive showing Input / Output device (I/O) error or inaccessible. This error is caused when hard drive data is severely damaged or if hard drive is bodily damaged. Though, main reason being operating system fails to recognize the hard drive and refuses data read / write actions on it. Thus users have to lose whole data existing on it. One might be aware of writing the following messages on a hard drive with inaccessible error:

  • The request could not be processed because of an inaccessible or I/O device error.
  • IO error codes – Error 21, Error 131, Error 6, Error 103
  • Only part of a write process memory or read process memory request was completed
  • Hard drive file system gets corrupted due to risky virus attacks
  • Sudden power failures and surprising computer shut while accessing data from hard drive
  • Damage of Master Boot Record or Partition Table
  • Operating system failure or other application conflicts
  • Frequent usage or incorrect usage of the of the hard drive
  • Aging of the hard drive, hard drive crash or failure

Hard Drive inaccessible or IO error can also be caused due to reasons like installation of outdated or damage driver, Windows using incompatible transfer mode for hardware, wrong connection of the hard drive and other unknown causes. When this error is popped on the screen of your system, then no data from this computer hard drive can be accessed. In such state, the only way to recover data from hard drive not initialized is to use good hard drive recovery program.

One of the best alternative programs to recover data from hard drive not initialized hard disk recovery that inaccessible or I/O error is Hard Drive Data Revival program. This tool is capable of extracting each and every file from erroneous hard drive on Windows computer with ease. Built with extraordinary algorithms, the utility supports recovery of data from corrupted, dead, failed, unbootable as well as undetectable hard drives. Also, the software can bring back data from external hard drive, memory cards, USB drive, etc. with utmost ease. It is compatible on major Macintosh and Windows OS based operating systems. This utility supports Mac OS X 10.5.x and above operating system such as Leopard, Mavericks, Lion, Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard, and Yosemite and Microsoft Windows operating system such as Windows 8, Windows Vista,  Windows 7, Windows 2008,  Windows XP and Windows 2003.

Running procedure for extracting data from inaccessible hard drive:

Download the trial version of Hard Drive Data Revival software on a healthy Windows computer to recover data from hard drive not initialized hard disk. Connect your IO error showing hard drive to this system and install the software. Now, run the utility and wait for main launch screen. In main launch screen, click for Partition Recovery option and proceed next. Now, select the drive associated with I/O error showing hard drive, from which files have to be restored. Software performs a scan on selected hard drive and displays all recovered files in view types. Go through the files in Data view / File type view and save them on to your desired target location on host system drive. But do not save restored files on to same hard drive from which data was retrieved.

Restore NTFS Partition on Windows 8

NTFS is the most commonly used file system on Windows 8 over the globe. Its overall performance is relatively better than the other file systems. Therefore many of the people prefer this NTFS partition on Widows 8 for storing their precious files. As a matter of fact, none of the storage device is protected from data loss. Similarly, you might come across loss of NTFS partition from Windows 8. If you loss NTFS partitions, you may recover NTFS partition on Windows 8 with the help of partition recovery tool. But before recovering them, you must ensure whether hard drive partitions are deleted or not.

If you cannot find out NTFS partitions then it is not the case that NTFS partition must be lost. On some occasion, you cannot see NTFS partition from OS, but you can see it whose partition label has disappeared from “Disk Management”. This condition is not called as partition loss. NTFS partitions can be used as long as you appoint a partition label for them. If you are unable to view it in “Disk Management”, and there displays an unallocated mark in the location where the NTFS partition is originally in, on such situation you can ensure NTFS partition has been lost.

After declaring that NTFS partition is lost then you can use the most reliable tool named as NTFS recovery software to recover NTFS partition on Windows 8. Generally, when NTFS partitions are lost, only registration items in partition table are deleted while all partition data are stored on the hard drive. Hence, NTFS partition can be recovered through searching hard disk. Windows 8 NTFS partition recovery can be easily executed with the help of this NTFS recovery software to retrieve lost or deleted NTFS partition within a span of few minutes. It is designed with built in superior algorithms to scan the entire hard disk to get back deleted, missing, lost NTFS partition from Windows 8 operating system based computers or laptops.

Causes that result in loss/deletion of NTFS partition in Windows 8:

  • NTFS partition from Windows 8 computer may get lost while performing numerous disk related operations such as reformatting or repartitioning. If there is any sort of interruption occurs then it may result in NTFS partition loss on Windows 8.
  • NTFS partition on Windows 8 based computer gets unintentionally deleted while processing repartitioning operation. Use of unreliable applications on this operating system can lead to deletion of NTFS partition on Windows 8.
  • NTFS partition may go missing or becomes inaccessible because of lack of enough free space while resizing NTFS partition on Windows 8.
  • If the partition table or file system is damaged then you may encounter missing NTFS partitions on Windows 8 computer.

In addition to above mentioned scenario, NTFS partition may go missing or deleted due to erroneous file system conversion, defragmentation process, hard drive formatting, wrong re-naming of partitions, virus intrusions, etc.

Other than recovery of NTFS partition, you can also utilize this software for recovering deleted or lost FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS 5 and ExFAT file systems easily. You can also use this tool for restoration of files from external hard drive, memory cards, FireWire drive, flash drives, etc. utmost ease. NTFS recovery tool helps in retrieving file from several kinds of hard disk interface such as IDE, SATA, SAS and etc. This utility can retrieve partition from various version Windows operating system such as Windows server 2003/ Windows XP/ Windows Vista/ Windows 7 and Windows server 2008.

Use This Application to Recover Files from Formatted Pen Drive

I have Kingston 32GB pen drive, which I used to store data and transfer files from one to system other. I have recently stored few important files in it but when I connected to system which prompt a message i.e.” drive is not formatted properly, do you like to format it now?” then immediately clicked on ok button and formatted my pen drive that caused important data loss for me. In addition, I do not have backup of those lost data. Please can anyone suggest any unformat software to my pen drive?

Unformat Data is one of the excellent data recovery applications to unformat pen drive data with safe and secure. This application can restore all types of data from pen drive, includes audio, video, document, picture, etc. It supports recovery of data from various brands of pen drives such as HP, SanDisk, Moser bear, DataTraveller, etc. It not only restores formatted data, also recovers lost and deleted files from pen drive due to any reasons. Hence, it is the best software to recover files from formatted pen drive on both Windows and Mac OS machines.

Is it possible to restore formatted data from pen drive?

Of course, you can with the use of this data recovery application at your fingertips. Because, whenever you do format process on any storage devices including pen drive, data immediately disappears from pen drive memory. In fact, formatted data remains there only but their access pointers are removed off quickly from table hence, you cannot view formatted data. However, if you employed data recovery application then it will scan your pen drive in dept and perform a successful formatted data recovery from pen drive in few simple steps.

Various reasons behind the loss of data from pen drive

  • Virus attacks: virus threats can easily move into your pen drive when you connect to any virus-infected system or storing virus infected data into it. Once virus threats entered a pen drive, starts corrupting its file system thus results in inaccessible pen drive. This leads to loss of all data stored in pen drive.
  • Safe remove option: Always after connecting pen drive to any system you should eject using safe remove option only. Suppose if you ejected pen drive abruptly from system then it leads to an inaccessible pen drive and this results in loss of data.
  • Accidental deletion: At times, you face lack of memory store data into it. Due to this you may plan to delete few undeleted files to make some free space but while deleting there may be chances of deleting essential files and finally you end in loss of files from pen drive.
  • Interrupting file transfer process: Generally, you use pen drive for data transfer process from one system to other. However, while transferring data from pen drive to system if any interruption occurred then it results in loss of files that are still in transferring mode.

Above listed scenarios cause data loss from pen drive. Suppose if you have come across data loss scenario due to any reasons then no need to worry; because with the use of data recovery application you can easily restore them in an easy way. This data recovery application also supports recovery of data from data storage devices includes hard drive, external hard drive, memory card, iPod, etc.

Special features of application are

  • Rich in user interface that helps all users to access the application very easily
  • Recovers formatted, deleted and lost data from pen drive
  • Restores data from corrupted, inaccessible and damaged pen drive
  • Recovers data from flash drives, thumb drives, memory sticks, etc
  • Supports NTFS, NTFS5, FAT32, FAT16, HFSX, HFS+ file system
  • Supports recovery of data from different types of hard drive includes SATA, SCSI, IDE, SSD, etc
  • Performs safe, secure and quick data recovery process
  • Keeps all your data undamaged
  • Displays all restored files in File Type View and Data View format
  • Provides free demo version tool
  • Provides free tech support for all customers for 24*7 hours

Note: after losing data from pen drive due to formatting it accidentally or any other reasons then do not use that drive unless recovering data from it. Because, storing data on pen drive after formatting it may lead to loss of formatted data permanently beyond recovery process.

Top Rated Tool to Fix MS Outlook 2010 Indexing Issue

I am utilizing Outlook 2010 software in my PC to supervise personal and official emails. Recently I have been experiencing indexing problem in my Outlook program. When I attempt to locate anything in it, I am experiencing problem “items not found”.  Later, I rebuild the indexing option in my Outlook, but facing the same issue again. Therefore, please can anyone assist me out to solve this issue without losing my Outlook 2010 data? Thanks in advance…

This type of issues in any versions of Outlook program is very common, but no need to get tense; because, you  can easily solve by utilizing of Outlook 2010 built-in software called ScanPST.exe which is given in Outlook program which can utilize to fix minor problems occurred in it as well as this indexing issue. Suppose, even after utilizing ScanPST.exe program if you cannot able to solve the issue successfully, then you have to get assistance from third party Outlook repair program like Outlook Repair. This program is specially designed to fix indexing problem in Outlook 2010 with safe and secure.

Before knowing more about this Outlook Repair program, let us know about the reason that causes indexing issues in Outlook 2010 program. Outlook program that stores various items such as emails, deleted emails, notes, contacts, calendar items, RSS feeds, etc all these items stored into file called PST-Personal Storage Table that manages all these data items by storing them in a separate file with their extension. This PST file plays a main role in Outlook 2010 program in managing and accessing Outlook attributes. In case if this PST file is corrupted then you might get issues or errors while accessing Outlook application.

List of reasons that corrupts PST file

  • Virus attacks: The Outlook PST file could easily attack by virus and malware threats which changes file structure of PST file and this effect in inaccessible PST file. Moreover, there may be probability of losing data form it also.
  • Abrupt termination of Outlook: Consider you are about sending mails to recipients in such case if you exit form Outlook program unexpectedly or PCitself got shutdown rapidly due to power breakdown then it will consequence in corruption of PST file.
  • File header corruption: Each file stored in hard drive memory has their own file header which saves attributes of file itself includes size, name, date, file type etc. Because, all these attributes are required to access PST file. In case, if your PST file header is corrupted then it may lose data from it.
  • File system error: Outlook PST files also corrupts or damages when your computer file system is corrupted due to any reasons.

Whatever might be reasons behind the corruption of PST file and which his giving an indexing problem in your Outlook application, then you can easily resolve by repairing PST file successfully with the use of this Outlook Repair application on any version of Windows OS.

Features of software are

  • Software is safe, easy to utilize and install on any Windows System
  • Application each screen shots are in expressive nature thus it gives guidance to user in an appropriate way to perform a successful PST file repair process
  • Restores lost data from PST file such as journals, tasks, contacts, notes, emails, etc
  • Repairs PST file created on all versions of Outlook program
  • Fixes password protected PST file
  • Fixes damaged, corrupted and broken PST file
  • Provides free tech assistance for all customers for 24*7 hours

Precautions to follow

  • Always have multiple copy of PST file in multiple storage devices
  • Shield your system by installing updated antivirus program
  • Avoid abrupt termination of Outlook application

Note: Sometimes, you are not able to access Outlook application or Outlook application is unable to load PST file successfully due to corruption issues in it then you have to avoid trying to access Outlook application frequently. Because, corruption level might increase in PST file, thus consequences in loss of file permanently.