USB drive recovery made after loss

Are you facing the data loss from the formatted hard drive? Alternatively, you are worried about the data lost while installing OS in the system. Therefore, I guess you are worried, after going through this article you will be no more worried about your lost data. You will be given an assistance to recover formatted data, and not only formatted data recovery, data but there are many more wrong beliefs will be cleared reading this article.

Recover of data could be done easily through your fingertips within few minutes. The option to recover the lost or formatted data is the use of efficient data recovery software. An extremely simple way is to recover the data using the software. The software is designed in such a way, that it goes deep inside your hard disk and recover all the data that seems to be lost.

The fact behind the recovery is the presence of data present inside the disk even after deletion. Shocked!!! Do not be the fact is when the data is deleted or hard disk is formatted then the data seems to be gone but it is not true. There is a small concept behind data recovery and loss as well  When the data is deleted, formatted or lost that means only the access to that data is gone not the full data. The data is still in there at the place where it was at the time of access.

What happens is when you save data on the hard disk, it is located at a particular position with an address and pointer pointing to that address is located? Whenever a user is accessing the data then these pointers take a user to that particular location and access the data placed at the position. Therefore when these files are deleted or lost then only these pointers are deleted and users are given an illusion that shows the empty space.

So data is present in there and the possibility is there to recover the data. Even you can unformat USB drive by using tool that has the capability to recover the data from your hard disk.

However, the thing is what causes data to lose?

No matter what OS/storage media/system/precautious user is but one or the other time there will be a loss of data? Few predefined scenarios are there which definitely results in data loss.

  • Generally, a user attaches there system to the internet and this proves to be the biggest factor in data loss as most of the virus attack to the system from this means.
  • Abrupt shutdown, disconnecting the attached device from a system, header corruption of hard disk results in severe data loss.
  • Formatting, reformatting, deleting the data from Recycle Bin and deleting files using shift delete result in deleting the data permanently.
  • Connecting the external hard disk, USB, iPods to infected system results in deletion or loss of files from a particular medium.

In the end, the user suffers from data loss from their storage device and start panicking. Panicking is not the solution to the problem, in this case, you are supposed to use the data recovery software. Just download the software install it in your system and better do recovery rather than worrying about the lost data.

Outlook 2007 data recovery tool

MS Outlook also called as personal information manager that is available along with MS Office suite in addition to a separate application tool. Though, it is mainly employed for email application as well as manages contacts, notes, journals etc. MS Outlook 2007 is one of the versions of Microsoft Outlook Office. It offers a comprehensive information and time manager. By utilizing its new features, for example, To-do bar and instant search, you can immediately locate the information you need at that particular time instant. MS Exchange server 2007, calendar sharing capability & enhanced access to Windows SharePoint services 3.0 enable you to share MS Outlook data safely with your family and friends irrespective of their location.

The majority of the users experience the loss of data while operating on MS Outlook 2007. If you are one of them then you definitely should recover Outlook 2007 to get back all of the deleted or lost Outlook information. Some data loss situations in MS Outlook 2007 are mentioned below so that you can find out under which scenario your Outlook data is lost or deleted.

Due to virus infection: Virus attack is one of the reasons for inaccessibly of data on the system. In case of Outlook data inaccessibility, viruses are accountable too. Virus infection may cause logical harm to any Outlook data. To eliminate viruses, we employ anti-virus program. But during anti-virus checking process, the particular application deletes the Outlook data in which it finds logical damage that can’t be repaired. As a result that particular Outlook data is lost beyond our access.

Due to Outlook upgrade in an improper way: The improper way of data backup while upgrading the Outlook from one version to other. Because the normal way of data backup is not enough in case of Microsoft Outlook. All the templates, signatures, settings and other important things should be backed up properly to prevent MS Outlook data loss. If these important Outlook aspects are missing then Outlook 2007 won’t work correctly leading to loss of Outlook data.

Other reasons: Apart from above two reasons, some other causes like improper shutdown, PST file corruption, abrupt power failure and improper termination of Microsoft Outlook application results in loss of Outlook data. The data from MS Outlook 2007 may also be deleted due to human mistakes.

If you have lost your Outlook data, then you can utilize Outlook recovery software. It enables you to recover MS Outlook 2003 emails. It may restore the items which got deleted from Outlook folder by using this tool. The corrupted PST files could be fixed by using this software. Microsoft Outlook data deleted during the upgrade process may also be restored by this software. It can restore all the email messages with the PST file properties. It is simple to download this software for the recovery results.


Which is the Best Tool to Defrag Hard Drive?

Even though flash drive is a safe, secure, and reliable storage drive, there are times when most of the users face the situation where flash drive takes too much time to respond. Most often this might happen when the storage space on the flash drive is either full or the files on the flash drive are fragmented due to insufficient memory space. If this kind of circumstance happens to you, the foremost question will be how to overcome this crisis? However, in such drastic scenarios, no need to worry. As defrag drive software will help you to perform defragmentation of flash memory drive.

Besides flash drive, Defrag Drive software performs hard disk defragmentation and also defrags various types of storage drives like USB drive, memory stick, FireWire drive, etc that can be accessed through the computer. This tool performs defrag flash drive process and thereafter you will notice a rise in performance of your flash drive. Furthermore, you can also use this tool to defrag Windows 7 hard drive partition. It provides two modes of defragmentation, which facilitates you to select the specific types of data. In addition to this, it can also perform NTFS drive defragmentation process on all types of Windows operating systems.

Are you sick of your flash drive taking too much time to complete even the simplest tasks? This often happens with most of the users. Most of the time this happens due to fragmentation of data on the flash drive. The flash drive is fragmented due to various reasons. But the ultimate result is that it slows down the flash drive performance. However, no need to fret if something like this happens. As you can fix this kind of problems by using efficient defragmentation software. Defrag Drive is one such robust tool which performs the defrag operation of various types of flash drives which are available over the market.

To Run the Defrag successfully:

  1. Ensure all the programs /applications on your system have stopped running. Defragmenter software is unable to re-position data from inside a file since it is in use and may corrupt the software. Failure to do this step the defragmenter won’t be able to reposition data from within a file as it will be in use and could corrupt the software.
  2. Start your system in safe mode as this speeds up the entire process since your system should have only loaded up the essential applications installed on your computer. It’s also advised that you de-fragment your computer once more in normal mode afterward; this defragment needs only to take just a few minutes as the greater part of the computer will have been fixed.
  3. Ensure not to over de-fragment your system! This is very vital as it can lower the lifespan of your drive. Experts usually recommend de-fragmenting monthly.

To carry out the defrag operation efficiently; you need to perform a few simple tasks, which are as listed below.

  • Delete all unwanted files and close all programs before commencing the defrag operation. Because it might hinder the defragmentation process.
  • Delete all temporary files that are stored on your computer.
  • Make sure that you have stopped all automatic update operations like antivirus scanning which happens at a particular period of time.

By defragmenting the flash drive, you would be able to speed up the performance of the flash drive. Since the defragmenting process brings all the files and folders back to the original place where they are supposed to be. Thus, you can access the files efficiently resulting in an increase in the performance of the flash memory drive.

Some unique features of defragging drive tool

  • Efficiently performs the operation of defragging drive in Windows 7 and all other versions of Windows operating systems.
  •  Enhances lifespan of the hard drive by sinking the read/write process load.
  • Provides 24X7technical assistance to its users in case they face any problems during the defragmentation process.
  • Simply defrag NTFS drive and FAT drive on Windows laptop or desktop computer.
  • Comes up with two simple options to categorize the type of data during the defragmentation process.
  • An effective tool to defrag storage drives like hard drives, external hard drives, FireWire drives, memory sticks, USB drives etc.

Tools needed can get the demo version from here. In order to get fruitful results purchase the software. So that you can view the entire report of your PC

Guidelines to restore partition on Mac

Partitioning can be a process of dividing the hard disk into many logical drives which can be known as volumes or partitions. By utilizing partition editor tool, a partition may be edited like it can be deleted, created and formatted. By making use of partitions you can keep regularly employed programs and files near each other. The corruption of one volume is not going to get a new data from other partition. The hard drive efficiency may be improved by dividing it into many partitions. The partitions are very useful particularly if you’ve got two OS on your computer. It also helps to make a section from main memory for the particular application. For example, you can reserve one partition for Mac OS and another partition for Windows.

Playing with some situations, a partition may be lost or deleted from a Mac computer on account of software errors. If any Mac partition is deleted, the partition table removes its entry and all sorts of data using this partition become inaccessible. The Mac data remains before the space which is occupied by deleted partition or volume is overwritten. You are able to recreate partition table which includes recovered file system and then you can access data from deleted partition. You are able to restore partition on Mac through the use of vacation utility software. Should you lost data out of your Mac computer, then you can recover Mac hard drive by using Mac recover file software.

Many reasons exist for partition deletion or loss from your Mac computer. A number of the important reasons are explained below.

  • In almost all of the cases, partition loss occurs as a result of human errors. For example, consider you’ve got stored work files in “D” drive and in its adjacent drive “E” you’ve got stored movies. If you might format “E” drive to replace new movies. Also, you may format “D” drive rather than “E” drive and you may lose valuable office files from your computer.
  • Another cause of data loss out of your computer is partition corruption. The partition corruption can happen as a result of an improper shutdown of your respective system, virus attack, power outage, disk malfunctions, disk formatting etc. All data from corrupted partition becomes inaccessible. You’ll be able to recover data from missing partition by utilizing Mac partition recovery software.
  • One more basis for data loss from your partition of a hard drive is repartitioning. For instance, consider you have a partition of 80 GB of data. If you try to resize this partition with less understanding of disk management, you could possibly lose all data from this partition.

There were also other reasons for example file system corruption, accidental deletion of partition, etc. whatever may be the reason for partition data loss, it is possible to recover them through the use of restore deleted partition software. This software is specially created for partition file recovery. Employing this software you are able to recover partition from a different kind of hard drive such as SATA, SCSI, IDE, etc. It is possible to download demo version of the software and evaluate partition recovery. After you content with the demo version, you can download a full version of the software program.

Fastest way to Repair Doc Files

Suppose you might have prepared your document file with lots of attention and saved them inside of a definite folder. While trying to access them the mistake message appears like the file got corrupted or maybe your file is not able to open. Why such situations come? Sometime this occurs due to user’s mistake or because of any system-oriented problem. Nevertheless, the likelihood of data corruption increases will get increased whenever as it were be unable to stay away from the reasons behind the info corruption. However in case when your files are already got corrupted then you definitely possibly require very useful DOCX File Repair tool for the corrupted documents.

People utilize MS Word software to save their all the essential documents available as DOC files or even the DOCX files. Within the situation once, you really lose access about the Word files due to the data corruption scenario then you can possibly think about the way to get back the corruption free data. But it’s also necessary to maintain your damaged document to stop them from getting deleted permanently, so that there won’t be any further expectation to have back the corruption free data. So be certain no such situation should take place where your corrupted Word documents will get deleted. When you are checking out the situation with the data corruption then the technique of repair Word DOC file is somehow quite easy using this type of kind of fixing tool. The DOCX File Repair utility is easily the most efficient utility in accordance with its user to fix the damaged or even the corrupted files with ease.

Some reasons responsible behind the Word file corruption are highlighted below
• During the time of working with the MS Word if you aren’t saving the files appropriately then your entire document file could get ruined.
• At certain use of while using Word files inside a sudden situation the laptop or computer power get down then you’ll notice a number of the document files have inaccessible.
• Macro infections are the primary reason behind the Word file corruption problem. Normally it comes through downloading any Word files online and this damages one other documents with the laptop or computer. It does not permit you to useful phrase document within .doc formatting.
• Continuous modifying of formatting contributes to word record corruption. This particular scenario of data corruption, is known as the round tripping problem.

The DOC File Repair software comes with the unique scanning power to repair the corrupted data for the system. There isn’t any likelihood of further virus affect as the software program is completely free from any virus or any malware. So, it’s very safe and secure to use. The application props up editions of Microsoft Word 2000, 2003, 2007 & 2010. The identical software is capable of repair the DOC and DOCX files. When you are looking to eliminate corrupted Word files then download currently the software and utilize its awesome features to mend your corrupted data.

Easiest way to restore files from formatted partition

The most effective way of restoring lost files from formatted partition is by relying on some good third party recovery tool. Recover formatted partition  software is the best tool which uses powerful scanning algorithm which scans the entire formatted partition to identify file types and restore files with the help of their unique file signature. Just go through the below described article to know more about this partition recovery utility.

Hard drive of your computer or laptop is the most commonly used for the purpose of storing various types of information like videos, pictures, educational documents, official records, movies an many other data. In order to store data into a hard disk we have to configure the data with a file system. In Windows operating system there are two types of file system which are used to hold data in the hard drive partitions (FAT and NTFS). This hard drive allows you to separate your data according to your requirement by creating partitions.

You can create partitions without taking any professional help by making use of inbuilt Windows Disk Management tool. With the help of these partitions you can arrange your data in better way and hence the data safety problem is solved, as operating system, application software and data will be maintained on different partitions. Actually this is not true; sometimes you may not be able to access the partition data because of different causes like file system corruption, reformatting, hard drive crash, formatting and many other unknown reasons.

Think about a situation in which you were working on Windows computer in order to access some important files. But due to malware attack, file system of your computer got corrupted and you were unable to access the files which resulted in huge loss of all the important files. In order to access the file you formatted your FAT partition without knowing the fact that it will erase all the data stored in it. After this incident, you were really tensed since the files stored on your FAT partition were very much important. However, don’t worry!!! It is very easy to recover lost files from formatted Fat partition by making use of formatted partition recovery software.

However, in spite of the above mentioned file loss scenarios there are many more causes which makes you to lose your data from hard drive partition.

Possible data loss scenarios:

  • Hardware failure of your system because of improper system termination can corrupt the file system which results in inaccessibility of stored files causing severe loss of data.
  • Users reformat their partition when the Windows file Registry get corrupted thereby making the hard drive partition inaccessible resulting in data loss.
  • Bad sectors created on the hard drive due to some reason makes the system log files unreadable leading to loss of data.
  • Apple Partition Map corruption on Mac system or Master Boot Record corruption on Windows computer might result in huge data loss.
  • Making use of pirated version of third party tools to reformat FAT partitions may even lead to loss of data.
  • Reformatting the partition in order to change file system without taking backup of crucial files and folders causes data loss.

It is always advised to create backup of significant files and save it on some reliable s storage device so that you can retrieve the data if you face any data loss problem. But, what if you don’t have a backup of lost files?? No need to be panic, formatted partition recovery software is the best solution which will help you out to recover files from FAT partition lost due to any of the reason described above. This software can work well on both Windows and Macintosh based systems.

Get the trial version of the recovery software and install it on the hard drive of your system. Simply double click on the desktop icon to open the application and then select appropriate recovery options which you face during recovery process. When the file restoration process is completed you can evaluate the recovery results and if you are pleased with the performance you can download its full version from the internet.

Easy way to repair Zip files

The storage devices store various system data in it. And the media devices like digicam, video recorders, etc stores the captured data files on memory devices that will be mounted on it. There are various file formats for the digital data that gets stored on memory devices. They are  MP4, MP3, AVI, MPEG, PNG, WMV, JPEG, JPG, TIF, BMP, etc. And most frequently one uses compression of the files for various reasons. The most common compression method followed is ZIP file format.

What is the necessity of file compression?

Compression of files is required for the following reasons –

  1. To store huge file in less memory space: When there is no sufficient space on the storage device to store any large sized file, then only way is to compress the file. By doing so the file size reduces and fits into the small memory space without deleting any of the other files.
  2. Data Transfer: While transferring any data files over network in order to avoid any third party influence or errors over the channel it is recommended t compress the files together into Zip file format. Zip file format is very secure and thus helps in safe data transfer.
  3. Downloading files – Usually when you download any program files from internet to use it on your system, the set of files will be zipped as single file otherwise you need to download each file separately which consumes excess time.

The MP4 files can also be compressed into zip files. But improper method of compression or occurrence of any errors may lead to file corruption. If the files become corrupt, the data from those files cannot be accessed. Hence one should be very careful while performing file compression. Here are few more data loss situations mentioned that are associated with file compression:

  •  Virus attack – The files stored in a memory device can become corrupt when the device is affected by virus. Sometimes the files may also become corrupt as result of faulty camera firmware, which is an important component without which the camera fails to capture any of the data.
  • Power surge – If there is continuous sudden power surges to the system or if the system suddenly goes down due to loss of power supply while processing any files like MP4 files, then the files would become corrupt and hence you may face data loss.
  • Improper download of files: Downloading of any zip files or mp4 files from internet should be carried out completely. If the download process is interrupted because of sudden power surge to the system or failure of the internet connection it will definitely cause corruption to the files.
  • Due to CRC errors- Most of the times the files that are compressed undergo CRC errors due to which files will become corrupt and hence you cannot access the files.

In all such data loss situations the files get corrupt due to Zip archive repair and the only way to fix corrupt MP4 files is to perform MP4 file repair with the aid of file repair tool. The software completely repairs the corrupt MP4 files on Mac systems and effectively fixes damaged Zip files on Windows OS. Following below are the noticeable features of the repair utility:

  • Repairs all the corrupt files of different file formats including .zip, .zipx, etc
  • Easily helps to fix corrupt files due to interruptions during download or transfer of files.
  • Repairs media files like mp4, mp3, and many other file types of data.
  • Proficiently repairs most of the file types that are corrupt and broken due to virus attack
  • Repairs and restores different types of media files like BMP, JPEG, TIFF, JPG, PNG, GIFF, MPG, MP3, MPEG, MP4, WAV, AVI and MOV

You can fix corrupt MP4 files on various Mac OS like Lion, Snow Leopard and Leopard. And the Zip files can be repaired on various Windows OS that includes Windows Vista, XP, Windows 7 and 2003 operating systems. You can download the trial version by clicking here.


Guidelines to Perform Mac File Recovery

Photography is such a thing which gives happiness in life. There are different storage devices like memory cards, USB drives or Mac system etc. which are uses to store these captured pictures very safely. But what will you do if these pictures get accidentally deleted or formatted? How you will recover deleted pictures? Lot of questions will nag in your mind. But don’t worry such critical problem has a solution. You can recover deleted pictures on Mac using recovery software like Mac file recovery software. This software allows to recover delete. Lost, Formatted and inaccessible pictures from different storage media like, memory cards, USB drives FireWire drives, etc.

Let’s know one of the common situations how you may lose your pictures, Consider you have a memory card which you use in digital camera to capture pictures. While capturing images you have ignored that camera is in low battery and keeps capturing pictures. Suddenly your camera get switched off so you again charged it properly and switched on camera. When you try to access previously captured photos from memory card you come to know that you have lost all photos from memory card. In such situation how will you recover deleted or lost pictures? Don’t worry it is recommended that use Mac file recovery software and recover deleted pictures from memory card on Mac system.

Like this there are lots of situations due to which you may lose pictures from your different storage devices like, Mac system, memory card, USB drive etc. Some of those situations are mentioned below,

  •         Viruses and malwares are the threats which cause to the storage device and leave your data in inaccessible state which results in data loss.
  •         Unexpected system shut down or unexpected switch off your camera leads to loss of stored pictures from the storage device.
  •         Accidental use of “Shift+Delete” or “Format” option leads to deletion of all stored data from that drive.
  •         Any kind of error while updating the camera firmware leads to the damage of memory card which results in data loss.

So you can use the Mac file recovery software to recover lost and deleted data. But before that let’s know some of the common steps by using which you can prevent your data loss.

  •         Keep updated antivirus in system.
  •         Use good quality UPS.
  •         Keep regular backup of important files.
  •         Don’t keep volatile data on desktop.
  •         Never use untrustworthy sites.

So if you still suffering from loss of pictures then you can definitely use the Mac file recovery software. This software helps to recover lost, deleted, formatted and inaccessible pictures from memory cards (XD, SD, CF, MMC etc.), USB drives, Firewire drives, iPods etc on Mac system. By using Mac file recovery software you can recover pictures (TIFF, TIF, JPG, BMP, GIF etc.), Audio files (MP3, WAV, MIDI, M4b, AIFF, AIF etc.), Video files (AVI, MOV, MP4, MPEG, 3G2, RM etc.). ac file recovery software is available in free demo version you can download it and try for recovery. Mac file recovery has provided with user manual to guide users to recover lost or deleted data on Mac OS.

Recover data from USB hard disk

The most popular data storage devices hard drives, USB hard disk, and memory cards etc. Hard disks are inbuilt computer storage devices, and have huge capacity of knowledge storage. And they’re consisting of magnetic tapes. Similarly USB hard disks will also be store quite a bit of data these are external storage devices. These are used for transferring the information in one system to another. It may store and transfer almost any kind of data.

Generally, the data lose occurs as a consequence of improper handling with the devices by some external threats. The info lose occurs unknowingly press format option, as a result of file system corruption, while partitioning or re-partitioning etc. No matter what could be the cause make sure and proceed towards the solution. And first of all consider the cause due to which lose of data occurs, then take recover file step. If your USB hard disk is failed then you can recover data stored in it by using USB hard disk data recovery software.

Some scenarios where you may lose data from USB hard disk:

  • Accidental format: If you connecting or disconnecting external devices like USB drivers, external hard drive and flash memory etc. repeatedly then system will prompts or alerts an email requesting desire to format device, accidentally if you press format option then external device get format leads to lose of huge amount of important data.
  • While transferring data: During transferring data to or from unsecured devices or unauthenticated devices causes USB device data lose and also if any interrupted like power surge or power failure occurs while transferring data leads to data lose.
  • Virus or Malware attack: If you choosing virus infected host devices to transfer data repeatedly then you definitely face corruption of your external USB hard disk brings you data lose.

Instructions to avoid previously listed scenarios are highlighted below:

• Maintain backup important and confidential data of external devices.
• Use external energy to system while transferring the data to system and the external USB hard disk.
• Install proper anti-virus tool in system to protect from viruses or malwares.

It is strongly advised to use USB hard disk data recovery software to extract formatted or corrupted external USB device. It’s also recovers data from partitioned/re-partitioned or formatted/ reformatted hard disks. And in addition recovers data from non booting devices and hard drives having bad sectors. It features a quick recovery engine to identify and restore 300 file types. Because of its greater graphical interface you might not face any difficulties during installation. In fact it is not necessary to get technical knowledge while recovering the formatted data. The application supports regardless of all OS’s like Windows 7, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, and Windows 8 etc.

It offers free demo version, to have prior experience and knowledge about this software. After downloading the demo version, within few steps it is possible to preview your formatted data. Nevertheless, you likely to own licensed version to restore the previewed data.


Windows file and folder recovery program

Windows computers are so fabulous that it presents many applications to uphold all types of data. You might employ numerous files and folders to build and amass data on them. It provides Excel, PowerPoint and Word applications to form our personal data on them. It has various elements to support user data and hoard them to huge extent. You have many files and folders which are much essential for you. But what will you do when you lose these files and folders? Yes due to some unpredictable reasons you can perhaps lose data. Once you lose the data means surely you will try to find file and folder recovery software. File and folder recovery application endows with preeminent recovery assurance to reinstate all lost files and folders. Be careful about the below illustrated data loss scenarios.

Data loss scenarios:-

  • Virus contamination – When your Windows system is contaminated by virus, then whole files and folders stored on your system may become inaccessible or lost.
  • Unexpected mistakes: – You may accidentally press “shift + delete” button, then all valuable data will be mislaid. Similarly, you may format your hard drive where important files are stored. Then it might escort to let pass vital data.
  • Shortened upgrading method: When you endeavor to reinstall OS, while upgrading, if the process is wrecked by abrupt system off, software slip-up and incomplete disk space availability. It easily brings data loss.
  • Lack of space availability on Recycle Bin folder: – When you fail to expand the size of Recycle Bin folder, then normally deleted files and folders will by-pass it and they will be beyond your reach.

It is universal nowadays to drop data from above confirmed problems. But after losing data from your system not at all take a risk to overwrite your system Overwriting causes permanent data loss. Constantly close the system correctly, abuse proficient Anti-Virus program to circumvent virus activities on your system.

You could be thinking how to find deleted files. Nothing to be anxious, this software can be the best counter for all your doubts. You can utilize this recovery program to pick up all deleted / disappeared files and folders. It will profitably return files from FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS and NTFS5 drives. It produces Disk Images to turn away from bad sectors. It can effortlessly recuperate data from your system.

File and Folder recovery program puts forward you the preeminent recovery assurance to recover all deleted / missing files and folders from dissimilar hard drives like SATA, SCSI and IDE etc. It offers data restoration on all versions of Windows systems. This software supports recovery of an array of media files like mp3 files, video files, pictures, raw images. It does not amend or harm any other unaltered files folder, hence is the most trustworthy program.

Merely download the demo sort of this program to scrutinize its recovery method and run it. It will scan entire drive in single scan. It offers you “Preview” option to examine all recovered files and folders before to recall. Later you can pay for absolute version of recovery tool to amass all recovered files and folders.