How to recover files using file recovery software?

A file is a collection of stored information. You can store a file in your hard drive or any other storage devices. Files are used to store important data similar to a paper document which we were using traditionally.  Data loss is a common scenario, which occurs to many store devices like hard drives, memory cards, SD cards, flash USB drives, external hard drives etc.

Data loss occurs due to many reasons like accidental deletion of the files and folders, unintentional deletion of partition or drive, formatting the wrong partition, file system corruption, virus attack, hard drive failure, power fluctuations, improper system shutdown, file system corruption, antivirus scanning leads to data loss, defrags failure etc. Any of the above reason makes your stored files inaccessible from the storage deceive. When you delete a file from the storage devices the files wont gets deleted completely. Only the pointes to the files are deleted from the partition table, the Operating marks that space as free space available for saving new files.  In such situations to recover deleted, lost or missing files you need to use good file recovery software.

Tips to select good recovery software

Read articles and blogs about the product, before selecting the software check the software can able to recover files from various data loss scenarios. Makes sure the software supports recover of different file types.  Few other aspects which you need to check

  • The Capability of the software in restoring files from both Windows file system , the software should restore NTFS files and FAT files from the storage device
  • The software is efficient for recovering deleted files, such as the scan technology, efficiency in supporting recovery of long and localized names and ability to preview files before recovery. It helps to identify the files that you have deleted and makes deleted files recovery easier.
  • The System requirement for installing the software, check the software is compatible with operating system, recommend RAM, free space for recovering deleted files.
  • The capability of software in recovering deleted files by evaluating the demo versions.

Deleted file recovery Mac OS

Mac is an operating system developed by Apple computers in order to provide an user friendly interface to Mac users. The file system supported by Mac operating system is HFS, HFS+ file system. Sometimes even Mac Operating system is prone to data loss. Some of the scenarios for data loss in Mac operating System include accidental deletion of files, accidentally emptying the contents of the Trash bin, virus attacks, software crashes, hard drive failure etc. In such situations good recovery software would serve for the purpose to recover deleted files and restore back to their original state

Deleted File Recovery Mac is mainly developed to restore lost data from damaged or corrupted hard drives. Mac recovery software’s usually scans the entire hard drive in search of corrupted files and restores them back safely.

Features of Mac Recovery software

  • Scan the entire hard drive in order to recover the damaged or corrupted files.
  • Provide a preview of files during recovery process
  • Provide an user friendly interface so that a person with no technical knowledge can use and install the software easily.
  • Mac recovery software must be a read only application it should only extract the corrupted files and must not over write the old contents.
  • Recover data from HFS, HFS+, file systems.
  • Recovered data must be saved on a separate drive without any modification done to the contents.

Unbootable MAC OS X File Recovery

Almost all Mac users update the software with recent versions. As those updates are available freely over the net and can be updated in simple steps. Once the updates are installed the effects are seen only after restarting the system. The key point of worry is that if suppose the system does not boot after updating the software then, the data might be at risk if you have not taken a back up on the time machine of Mac OS X.

Data loss might occur if the update is affected by virus, or the update is not compatible with your Mac machine, or if update is not performed systematically. When the system becomes unbootable your data on the Mac hard drive becomes inaccessible. In such a case you need to restore data from the back up created, But in worst case, if the back up is not able to recover the data then? You need not worry; all you require is a Mac data recovery tool to recover deleted files Mac.

You can recover the data even after this worst scenario, all you need to do is to reinstall you Mac OS X on your machine and after that you need to restore the all the data files from the internal back up or the back up created on the time machine. The data recovery Mac software will only be useful in recovering all the lost deleted and corrupted data. You can restore deleted photos easily with this software in no time.

Best Digital Photo Recovery software for Mac

Clicking pictures is more of an addiction rather than a hobby for some people. This is because of their passion for clicking photos, and this is even more prominent among people having professional DSLR cameras, as clicking photos using these cameras is a pleasure. Whatever the type or make of the camera, the user would definitely require a memory card to make storage of photos possible. Hence the memory card too plays an important role in photography. There are of course other factors like the resolution of the camera, number of lenses available etc which play a key role in the popularity of a brand of digital cameras.

People prefer to transfer and store the captured images on the OS that is being used by them. For example, a person using Windows OS would save it on his Windows PC and a person using Mac OS stores it on his Mac. The stored images can then be edited using the photo editing tools available in both the OS and they can then be transferred or uploaded on the internet. Most people end up losing their precious photos usually during editing of the photos. If a copy of the photos exists on the memory card, the user can get it from there, or else he would need to take the help of a Digital Photo Recovery Mac software for recovery.

Since a number of software are available online to recover Mac files, photo recovery is definitely possible, provided the image has not got corrupted or if the disk space previously occupied by the image has not been overwritten.