Retrieve Password Protected PST File

Microsoft Outlook is the application which was put together by Microsoft to allow better communication among the employees of the organization. All of the files and other information that is seen in the account are stored in PST files. All emails, sent folder items, deleted folder items as well as other data can be accessed without difficulty. To hide the information privacy from the particular account and also to protect unauthorized use of those files, passwords are created on these files. PST files present in the system is not safe because they may get deleted or lost as a result of consequence of a number of the scenarios. If you are in the mind of any one of these situations, don’t get tensed! You will recover password protected PST file right away and get used of all the information that’s been stored in it.

Familiarize yourself with a number of the reasons which increase the risk for loss of password protected PST files which were stored on the computer:

Malware Infection: This can be one of the leading reasons that cause loss of files which can be present in the machine. This malware enters the device from various sources like when the user is downloading some files in the system. The machine also gets infected with the virus when the user copies files from the infected system directly into his operating system. This malware damages the applications and thereby the user loses the files which were by using their tool.

Interruption during file Transfer: Interrupting the file transfer process when the files are moved from the drive with other external drives.While using cut paste option to transfer password protected PST files if any interruption takes place then you will face the loss of files.
Once you have gone through scenarios that can cause loss of password protected PST file let’s get acquainted with some information about the most eminent top features of this outlook recovery product.
This recovery tool may be packed with deep scanning algorithm which scans the complete drive very quickly and brings back all password protected PST files that were lost or deleted as result of various scenarios mentioned above. This application gets back each and every one of the passwords protected PST files that have bypassed the Recycle folder in Windows OS. The PST files that have to be recovered following your finishing the scanning process is arranged on the basis of file name, size of the file and date in which the file was created. This application tool supports to retrieve PST files from varieties of partitions like NTFS, FAT16, FAT32 and Ex-Fat. You can preview the belongings of the recovered file just before saving it to the desired location as accessible to the host operating System user. With the aid of simple graphical user interface, you can compress the rescued PST file thus save the random access memory of the hard drive. The files which can be brought back after completing the scanning process are listed in two formats. “Data View” along with the other “File Type View”. This file type view supplies the viewing of the files on such basis as file extensions and also the Data View provides the look at the files in folder type that’s exactly like the Windows Explorer. Pick the key and obtain access to a full type of this software and have more out of this product following your finishing the evaluation process.

With the aid of this recovery application, you will restore PST files which are deleted or lost through the system with little effort. It allows you to observe the belongings in the recovered file before it can be saved and accessed by the user. This tool will also support to restore password protected PST files that are saved in the system. This password protected PST files get deleted or lost as result of virus infection in the system or due to various other scenarios that are mentioned to the user.

You can archive the contents that are present in your Outlook profile and save them to the hard drive or to any other safer place that is available to the user. Due to uncertain reasons, all the archive PST files that are saved on the hard drive get lost or deleted and the user can no longer access the information that has been present in it. Need not worry! You can restore deleted archive PST data from the system without much effort by using PST file recovery tool.

How to Fix Microsoft Word Document When it is not Responding?

The bug, Microsoft Word not responding most often doesn’t occur due to the internal failure of the MS Office program. Instead, it can occur due to malware infection, third party plug-ins, using an MS Office program on a mapped network drive, which is currently offline, etc. Let us know in brief about the major causes of the non-responsive Word program.

  1. If the computer is connected to one or more mapped network shares that are currently offline.
  2. MS Word program may fail to respond when a mapped drive is connected across a Wide Area Network.
  3. When one or more mapped drives are present and the drives are in domains that are not trusted.
  4. If the drive is an inaccessible removable one.

Solutions to Fix Word Document that is not responding:

There are two possible ways by which one can fix unresponsive Word documents. Let us learn the two methods to fix the issue.

Method 1: Disconnecting the network drives

The first method to fix the issue is by disconnecting all the network drives that are having any one of the causes stated above. Follow these steps to disconnect the network drives.

Step 1: Right-click on My Computer, and then click Disconnect Network Drive.

Step 2: You will now get a Disconnect Network Drive dialog box, where you need to click the letter of the drive that you want to disconnect and then click OK.

Step 3: Repeat the first two steps until all the network drives are disconnected. Suppose you are not sure about a particular drive, then follow these steps:

  1. Click Start and then click Run.
  2. In the Open box, type the following and press ENTER

\\computer name\share name

Where computer name is the name of the server that is sharing the resource, and the share name is the name of the shared resource, which you want to use.

Method 2: Using Word File Repair Tool

If the first method fails to fix the issue, then the other option is to rely on some powerful third party repair tool. Word File Repair Tool is an excellent program to repair Word document file not responding effortlessly. This tool will repair .doc and .docx files that are created using Word 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 version of MS Word program. Moreover, the demo version of the Word File Repair Tool is available for free download. Just download and install it on your system. Then, follow these steps to fix not responding Word file.

Step 1: Launch the software and select the corrupt Word file by using “Browse” option.

Step 2: After selecting the Word file, click “Repair” button to start the repair process.

Step 3: Now, the software starts scanning the chosen file and fixes the issues.

Step 4: Once the software repairs the file, you will get a message saying that the File repaired successfully.

Step 5: The software then allows you to view the repaired file with its inbuilt “Preview” button.

Once you preview the repaired file, you can decide about the ability of the software. If you are satisfied with the tool, then activate its complete edition and repair the file with ease. After repairing the file, choose the path to save the repaired file by clicking “Save” button

How to Prevent Ransomware Attack?

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a type of malware attack which prevents an organization from accessing their own data or system until a ransom (Money) is paid and displays a message requesting payment to unlock it.  This particular program, named WannaCry, asks you about $300, however the price increases over time.F952608A-B480-42EA-96EA-99574C8100C9_cx0_cy5_cw0_w1023_r1_s

Types of Ransomware: There are two types of Ransomware which are mentioned below.

Crypto Ransomware:  It encodes the data of a system and doesn’t target the device itself. The info can’t be accessed until it is unencrypted. It changes the files on your system so you can’t open them.

Locker Ransomware: It locks the system without encrypting data and the system devices are rendered non-operational. It shows a message that prevents you from accessing the system or files. It says you need to pay ransom (money) to get access to your system again.

Ransomware attacks are on the rise and have expanded in 2016. According to CNN, the digital extortion of Ransomware was over $200 million and is likely to grow to $1 billion by the end of 2016.top10countries-2015-2016

Ransomware can do:

  • Stop certain apps from running (like web browser)
  • Prevent you from accessing Windows
  • Encrypt files so you cannot use themsunburst-ransom-2015-2016

How to Prevent a Ransomware Attack?

  • Back up your data in some storage device
  • Use robust antivirus software
  • Keep your software on your system up to date
  • Trust no one, literally
  • Enable ‘Show file extensions’ option in the Windows settings on the system
  • If you discover any unknown process on your system, then disconnect it from the internet or other network connections (prevent the infection from spreading)
  • Use System Restore to get back to a known-clean state
  • Use a reputable security suite
  • Patch or Update your software
  • Don’t visit shady websites
  • Avoid public Wi-Fi and other non-secured networks
  • Disable RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol)
  • Use the Cryptolocker Prevention Kit
  • Disable files running from AppData / LocalAppData folders
  • Filter EXEs in email
  • Show hidden file-extensions
  • Set the BIOS clock back
  • Do not install programs and apps from unknown sources
  • Verify and research before downloading or making use of servicesransomware-damage

What do I do if my system is infected with WannaCry Ransomware?

If your system is infected with WannaCry Ransomware or any type of Ransomware, then follow below-mentioned steps:

1: Disconnect All Network Connections on Your System: Turn off your network connections until everything is cleared as it will ensure that malware doesn’t spread through the system.

2: Change the Password:

Using different device change the account password and log then out as it will control the damage brought on by Ransomware attack.

3: Inform the Authorities: Once you caught in this, then inform to your local authorities. Let them know about the attack from where you got the malware. It will help authorities in their investigation.  Government authorities also have a wider reach to broadcast important info.

4.Inform your Friends and Family: Tell the people who are close to you that you are a victim of a Ransomware attack will keep them alert. Tell them not to open any email attachments from you as the malware could have accessed the mail client and sent a malicious file through email.

5: Contact IT Support and Antivirus Provider: Inform IT or antivirus provider as they may know any ideas on how to help and to recover files from your system. Be as detailed as possible when communicating info to them.

6: Never Negotiate with the Hackers: This is one of the important points you should remember that paying the hackers would only reward them for their acts. Also, it is not necessary that you will get back the files. The main things for these attackers is money. The moment they get that no one is paying them for their hard work then they will voluntarily quit.

Repair Corrupt PowerPoint File

      PowerPoint Repair Tool is the powerful PPT repair software tool, helps in resolving all the end users queries in a reliable manner.

     This tool ensures the flexibility with all available software’s in the market which is configured, therefore PPT on repair designs works on the network.

How this application works:-

  • PPT repair tool works on data corrupted issues on Powerpoint files.

  • Offers a simple and reliable way of restoring of PPT file and it has the friendly interface of Microsoft PPT repair tool.

  •  Ability to recover all the  text, objects, and other items, which is  stored in any latest version of MS PowerPoint;

  •  Even this repair tool provides a guarantee, the confidentiality of data processes and keeps the input files safe and secure.

Easy working of PPT Repair tool

PPT repair tool is perfectly suitable for all systems which are running in the Microsoft Windows system of any latest versions, try this repair tool surely the end user will get the satisfying outcome.

 This software for data recovery needs when any kind of damage affects Microsoft PowerPoint irrespectively of any size, version and other protocols.

PPT repair tools are exactly what the users are searching for resolving all their issues raised in power point to rectify the corruption of PPT files. Even without any trouble because of all the data retrieving operations are performed on your own system without any alteration of the structure of documents.

 Specific Requirements:-

  • Microsoft PowerPoint should be installed on your system.

  PowerPoint Repair Tool is not an open source nor freeware software.

Tips to store secured power point files:-

      Always try to make multiple copies of important PPT files just by storing them on different storable devices like external hard drives, DVDS etc.

     Whenever the files are modified or updated it has to be saved in a proper manner.

      Always use a good downloader manager application to download all the necessary PPT files.

      Install strong antivirus software tool to overcome from virus attacks.

      Defragmenting of your hard disk on weekly basis can surely optimize your system’s performance.

How can one solve this problem of fixing PowerPoint?

  • Right-click on the file in Windows Explorer.

  • Just select the Properties on the menu.

  • On General tab of the Properties dialog box, click “Unblock” to proceed further,

  • Then Click OK.

Fixing PowerPoint issue:-

If you follow simple steps, you won’t see this message while opening all those powerpoint files. Protecting all the data, especially when you’re antivirus and malware protecting tools are strong and up to date.

Start PowerPoint

  • Choose all the needed files, then

  • Click “Trust Center” which is located on the left, then click “Trust Center Settings” on the right.

  • Click “Protected View” on the left then REMOVE the checkmark to “Enable protecting view for all the further files.

  • OK Now your way to open dialog boxes.

  • Opening the file once again to fetch all those data back in an accurate manner.

How to Repair QuicKTime Movie File?

QuickTime multimedia player gained popularity all around the world. The corrupted or damaged movie file cannot be played on QuickTime. Then, it is necessary to repair QuickTime file. How to fix QuickTime movie file in case of damage or corruption scenario?

images-1QuickTime Repair software is the prime solution to repair damaged or corrupted QuickTime movie file in a few simple mouse clicks. The unrecognized QuickTime movie file can be easily repaired with the help of this application. This software is fabricated with special algorithm which mends the damaged/ unrecognized/ unplayable video in a couple of minutes.

How to fix QuickTime movie file?

Download and install QuickTime Movie Repair software on your System. After successful installation, launch the application and move few steps ahead with the tool. Initially, browse the movie file which is to be repaired from the main screen window. Click on Repair option to begin repairing process. On successful completion of repair, one can preview the healthy QuickTime file. Purchase the software to save the fixed movie file on desired destination.

This tool easily supports to repair QuickTime file without any level of difficulty. Including MOV file, MP4, 3gp, MPEG files, etc. can be recovered easily. It also supports to repair recorded video files from various brands of cameras such as Canon, Sony, Nikon, etc. This toolkit is durable and compatible. QuickTime movie audio-video sync out issue can be repaired quickly. Audio and video stream are repaired individually and later adjoins them after repairing process. This software has a capability to fix 2048 error in QuickTime with an ease.

Different reasons behind the damage/corrupted QuickTime movie file:

  • Virus attack is the major cause leading to damaged/corrupted movie file.
  • Usage of untrusted external tool for file conversion might also be another cause.
  • Header file corruption may also another reason where the QuickTime movie file gets damaged due to header file corruption and the files may go inaccessible to read.
  • While downloading any movie file, if there is any interruption/disturbance in between or virus attack on it might result in broken movie file.
  • Other factors like error while downloading QuickTime movie file, improper shutdown, abrupt closure of QuickTime media player, operating system crash etc. might corrupt the QuickTime file.

What not to do?

  • Using untrusted third party software should be avoided.
  • Interruption which downloading QuickTime movie should be avoided.
  • Playing QuickTime movie file on unsupported media player should be avoided.

This software helps to Repair QuickTime movie file in a simple steps without losing any video quality. Easily repair the Different versions of Mac Operating system in a hassle free manner.

Download Software to Restore Data from Lenovo Laptop

Data loss or deletion from Lenovo Laptop hard drive may happen due to various reason. Are you blank with no idea what to do in such situation? When you are finding difficult to restore the data from Lenovo Laptop, do not worry!!! Here is a trustworthy recovery toolkit to perform data recovery from Lenovo in few simple steps. Lenovo Data Recovery Software is the best toolkit to recover the deleted files/data without any data loss.


How to recover data from Lenovo Laptop:

  • Launch the application after successful download and installation of Lenovo Data Recovery software on your Operating System.
  • Later select the Recover Drives option from the main screen window to retrieve data from Lenovo.
  • In the next screen window based on the data loss scenario select either Partition Recovery option or formatted/Reformatted Recovery option and proceed further.
  • Choose the particular drive from where the data need to be recovered and click on Next option.
  • Scanning process for data recovery from Lenovo laptop will be initiated. After successful completion of the scan, you can preview the restored files.
  • If you are using demo version of software. Purchase the software to save the previewed files on your desired location path.

Different scenarios behind data loss/deletion from Lenovo laptop hard drive:

  • Knowingly/Unknowingly formatting the drive results in the permanent data loss from the Lenovo hard drive.
  • Viruses/Malware spreads quickly all over the files on the hard drive and makes the drive inaccessible to read.
  • Accidentally deleting the files from Lenovo or by using shift delete keys to delete the files might be the other reason to lose the file.
  • Sudden power loss, interrupted data transfer, OS crash, Program crash etc. are the other factors for data loss scenario.
  • This software scans complete drive in few minutes with simple clicks to recover deleted / lost data from the laptop.

Overview: Salient features of Lenovo data recovery software

  • This software easily recovers data from hard drives such as SATA, SCSI, IDE etc. and flash memory cards such as SD, XD, MMC, Memory Stick etc.
  • The reliable nature of the software helps to restore data from formatted, corrupted or RAW Lenovo hard drive.
  • It successfully restores data of different formats including images, audios, and videos.
  • This is most recommended data recovery software for desktop with special scan technology to get data back from partitions, which are deleted, lost, inaccessible or missing due to partitioning errors.
  • This application also supports to recover data from different brands of laptop/PC like Toshiba, Dell, Sony, HP etc.
  • This application has an ability to retrieve data from Lenovo ThinkPad, Lenovo Idea Pad yoga, etc.
  • This software is the boon for recover files from different storage devices such as USB drives, external hard drives, iPods etc.

How to Play MOV File when MOV File is not Playing

MOV is the common video format that is available in internet, DVDs, cameras and many other sources. Storing MOV on your computer for easy accessing is a good idea, but what if it becomes corrupt or damaged? MOV file might show errors while trying to play it using a video player and this can be due to various reasons. But before that, we are going to discuss how to play MOV file when MOV file is not playing in any video player.

By using a software called Remo Repair MOV, we can overcome this situation and can be able to play the videos after successful repair. For doing this, just watch the video below which will act as a reference in showing how it is being done.

Steps to Repair a Corrupt / Damaged MOV File

Open the tool after successful installation on your Mac computer. You will see two buttons namely choose reference file and open corrupt MOV / MP4 file to repair. Just load any healthy MOV file as a reference in the first box and the file which is not playing in the second one. Then, click on Repair to start the video repair process. After some time, the repair process gets completed as you can see a prompt showing it. Now you will be able to preview the video and save that to your computer’s disk. Remember to upgrade to the full version software to save the repaired MOV file.

Characteristics of Remo Repair MOV

  • The tool not only repairs corrupt and damaged MOV file but also repairs all MP4 files.
  • The tool supports avc1, mjpeg, mp4v video codecs and RAW, sowt, mp4a audio codecs for repair.
  • The software gives you a free preview of your repaired MOV video file in order to prove its reliability.
  • Simple step by step interface that lets users repair their corrupt videos in few simple clicks. It has an interface similar to Mac.
  • Available for all Mac OSX platforms and supports HFS, HFS+, HFSX, FAT16 and FAT32 file systems.
  • Able to repair videos shot on iPhones and cameras such as Nikon, Canon, Sony, GoPro, etc. It also securely repairs the file without making any alteration in the original file.

Causes of Error in Playing MOV File

This can be due to one or more following reasons as they are listed below.

  • Any missing audio or video codec from the original video due to any corruption scenario.
  • Playing MOV video file in an unsupported video player which might alter the video property.
  • Due to virus infections in Mac computers. Depending upon the severity level it may damage and even delete the file present on the disk drive of your Mac.
  • Disruption while transferring MOV file may cause the partial video to copy on the destination location, thus the system marks it as a corrupt file.
  • Removing the external storage device or SD card or any other storage media while playing any MOV file from it may definitely cause damage.

Download and Use File Repair Software for FREE

fileNow a days, everyone is using laptops/ computer for their personal or professional purposes. After doing works on systems, people save their work on the system hard drive in the form of file. System hard drive is capable to save various types of files such as audios, images, PowerPoint files, video files, Zip files, Outlook PST files, Adobe PSD files, documents, text files, programs, etc.  After saving these files, they can easily access them whenever these files are required. But sometimes, when people try to access the files, then they face some difficulty. File that people trying to access shown some error message and deny for opening. This behavior of a file can be occurring due to the corruption or damaging of it.

Are you facing such file corruption issue? Do you want to repair files? If yes, then you are in right way because here I am describing the way by which you can easily repair your damaged or corrupted files very easily. After the corruption of files, there is no manual way to fix such issue and make them accessible. So to fix files related issue, you need to take the help of Repair File application. It is one of the highly recommended software to fix all file corruption related issues by following simple few mouse clicks. With the help of this utility, you can easily fix file on all the latest Windows based operating systems including Win 8, Win 7, Win XP, Win Vista, Win Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, etc. without any difficulty.

Most common reasons behind the corruption or damaging of files:

  • If the header of file gets damaged, then the complete file becomes inaccessible.
  • At the time of using a file, if system shutdown improperly, then it can be a reason behind file corruption.
  • Virus infection is one of the most common reasons behind the damaging the files save on virus infected device.
  • If a file is exists on bad sector of storage device, then it became inaccessible and shows some error message at the time of opening.

Apart from above mentioned causes behind file corruption, there are some other reasons which can lead to file damaging on Windows systems such as Power surge, bad sectors, header corruption. Whatever can be a reason behind file damaging, you can easily them by using Repair File software. This easy to use utility is capable to fix more than 300 types of files in simple mouse clicks.  It also allows user to add the signature of new files which is not available in it and fix that particular file very easily. With the help of this tool, you can easily fix file which can be in any file format such as doc, .docx, .pst, .mov, .mp4, .ppt, .psd, etc. It also allows you to take the preview of recovered files before saving them to other location. It is a read only program which means, it does not make any changes in damaged file. It simply creates a new file with same name and save all the information of damaged file in this newly created file.

How to Fix Header Corruption in RAR File?

Hello Friends! Last day I was extracting files from RAR archive. While extracting file, shut down abruptly as a result I was unable to access or open RAR files. I got an error message like “File header is corrupted”. It was really a drastic situation me since data stored in RAR file are very important for me. Can anyone suggest me repair tool to fix corrupt RAR file header?  

download (1)

WinRAR Repair software is a significant application which is capable in repairing RAR header file with few simple steps. The software can be easily installed on Windows and Mac based system to fix damaged or corrupted RAR file. You are able to repair password protected RAR file without any issues but unable to open the without the password. You can purchase this tool online to repair RAR header file with comfort.

Some of the reasons due to which RAR header file get corrupted are mentioned below:

Virus or Malware Infections: The main reason behind corruption of RAR harder file is virus or malware infection. With the virus corruption, user is unable to open RAR file or it reduces the speed of system gradually.

Recovery Tool Error: The use of unreliable tool for extracting RAR file sometimes corrupts the header of RAR file. In such case, the file structure get corrupted as result of which RAR file become inaccessible.

Incomplete Download: The RAR get affected when file is not downloaded properly due to any interruption or low internet connection. As a result RAR header file get corrupted and user can’t access the files properly.

File System Corruption: The file system is corrupted due to virus or malware programs available on hard drive which result in corruption of files including RAR file. This leads to corruption of RAR file and finally become inaccessible.

WinRAR Repair software can be used in all the above mentioned scenarios for repairing corrupted RAR file. This tool can be implemented on all RAR file corruption issues.

Features of WinRAR Repair software

The above mentioned reasons forbid user to access the files that are compressed in RAR format. However, using reliable RAR file repair software makes your task is made easier. WinRAR Repair software is an advanced tool that can be implemented in different scenario to repair errors in RAR file and to make them accessible again. It can fix RAR file of any size and irrespective of the reason of its corruption. This software will scan the drive or any other storage drive in which RAR archive file has been stored. By using WinRAR Repair software, user is able to fix RAR files which are password protected. This software can be employed on all versions of RAR files on Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista operating systems.

Tool to Recover Deleted or Missing DCIM Folder from SD Card

Recently I went to Switzerland with my friends and captured so many picture and videofolder-recovery
through my digital camera. While I connected my SD of digital camera to my system, the DCIM folder from SD card goes missing. I got shocked when I see such dramatic situation. Is there any software which 
can recover deleted or missing DCIM folder from SD card?”

DCIM is the abbreviation for Digital Camera Images.  The pictures that are taken from digital camera or smartphones are saved in a folder named as DCIM files. As these files are occupy more spaces in your storage device. User may try to move those pictures to some storage device or system. Sometimes while moving or transferring, if any interruptions occur then it may leads to loss of valuable data.

Reasons that are responsible for loss of DCIM folder:

  • Severe virus attack may leads to loss of DCIM folder from storage device.
  • Accidental deletion of DCIM folder instead of some other folder from the SD card
  • File system corruption also leads to loss of DCIM folder and makes the files inaccessible.
  • Abrupt removal of SD card from the system also leads to loss of valuable data including DCIM folder.
  • Accidentally formatting of SD card wipes out complete set of files and folders from the storage device including DCIM folder.
  • Format error in SD card caused due to firmware error or logical error in camera

Well, problems like above may occur any time to the user but don’t get panic. Sometimes, if user forget to take the backup of those files on any storage devices in such case, then user will lose valuable data. If you are in such condition, then use the data recovery software like Folder recovery software to recover DCIM folder from SD card within few mouse clicks.

Features of Folder recovery software:

  • This software is proficient of recovering DCIM folder from SD card of various brands such as Transcend, Samsung, SanDisk, HP, Kingston, Toshiba, Sony, Lexar, PNY, Panasonic, Verbatim, etc. on various versions of Windows operating system. The various versions of Windows OS are Windows XP, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, etc.
  • Apart from DCIM files, it also recovers different files such as HTML files, VCF files, DLL files , BKF files, EML files, SWF files, PST files, ZIP files, XLB files, RAR files, etc. that are saved on Windows system.
  • It recovers different photo file format such as JPG, TIFF, GIF JPEG, BMP, etc.
  • This software is also capable of recovering RAW photos from the digital camera of various brands such as Samsung, Sony, Western Digital, Panasonic, Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, Pentax, etc.
  • Folder Recovery software will allow user to preview the recovered files from SD card.
  • This software also recovers DCIM folder from various types of memory cards such as CF, xD, SDXC, SDHC, MMC card, etc.