Return Password Protected PST File

Microsoft Outlook is the application which was put together by Microsoft to allow better communication among the employees of the organization. All of the files and other information that is seen in the account are stored in PST files. All mails, sent folder items, deleted folder items as well as other data can be accessed without difficulty. To hide the information privacy from the particular account and also to protect unauthorized use of those files, passwords are created on these files. PST files present in the system is not safe because they may get deleted or lost as a result of consequence of a number of the scenarios. If you are in the mid of any one of these situations, don’t get tensed! You will get back password protected PST file right away and get use of all the information that’s been stored in it.

Familiarize yourself with a number of the reasons which increase the risk for loss of password protected PST files which were stored in the computer:

Malware Infection: This can be one of the leading reasons that cause loss of files which can be present in the machine. This malware enters the device from various sources like when the user is downloading some files in the system. The machine also gets infected with virus when  the user copies files from infected system directly into his operating system. This malware damages the applications and there-by the user loses the files which were by using their tool.

Interruption during file Transfer: Interrupting the file transfer process when the files are moved from drive with other external drive.While using cut paste option to transfer password protected PST files if any interruption takes place then you will face loss of files.
Once you have went through scenarios that can cause loss of password protected PST file let’s get acquainted with some information about the most eminent top features of this outlook recovery product.
This recovery tool may be packed with deep scanning algorithm which scans the complete drive very quickly and brings back all password protected PST files that were lost or deleted as result of various scenarios mentioned above. This application gets back each and every one of the password protected PST files that have bypassed the Recycle folder in Windows OS. The PST files that has to be recovered following your finishing the scanning process is arranged on the basis of file name, size of the file and date in which the file was created. This application tool supports to retrieve PST files from varieties of partitions like NTFS, FAT16, FAT32 and Ex-Fat. You can preview the belongings of the recovered file just before saving it on the desired location as accessible to the host operating System user. With the aid of simple graphical user interface you can compress the rescued PST file thus save the random access memory of the hard drive. The files which can be brought back after completing the scanning process are listed in two formats. “Data View” along with the other “File Type View”. This file type view supplies the viewing of the files on such basis as file extensions and also the Data View provides the look at the files in folder type that’s exactly like the Windows Explorer. Pick the key and obtain accessibility to full type of this software and have more out of this product following your finishing the evaluation process.

With the aid of this recovery application you will get back PST files which are deleted or lost through the system with little effort. It allows you to observe the belongings in the recovered file before it can be saved and accessed through the user. This tool will also supports to restore password protected PST files that are saved in the system. These password protected PST files get deleted or lost as result of virus infection in the system or due to various other scenarios that are mentioned to the user.


You can archive the contents that are present in your Outlook profile and save them to the hard drive or to any other safer place that is available to the user. Due to uncertain reasons all the archive PST files that are saved in the hard drive get lost or deleted and the user can no longer access the information that has been present in it. Need not worry! You can restore deleted archive PST data from the system without much effort by using PST file recovery tool.

Revive Files Over HDD

One of the safest operating system to be used in this highly technically advanced world is MAC Operating system. This operating has got number of advantages which has made it much more secure than Windows or another OS because no virus attack can occur over it. However, even there are several measures for data security; data do get missing from HDD of MAC system or any external HDD. When such a case occurs evolves then consumers of such computer or laptop are left in perplexed state of mind setup. But, instead of regretting in such crucial time users need to make use of application like Mac Recover Deleted Files, which rescues each of the missing data irrespective of its file format.

Basically files on MAC related hard disk gets erased due to users own mistake that is accidental deletion. This disastrous situation builds up when users delete there required files along with some of the junk files which are of no use. Here users need to give attention that if files are deleted by making use of simple delete then files can be reclaimed by making use of Trash Folder, which is responsible for holding any of the files which is deleted from HDD for small period of time, so that if users unintentionally delete any file then it can be reclaimed. But, if files are eliminated from HDD of system by utilization of Command Delete, then the files get surpassed the Trash Folder, thereby making permanent deletion. Users in such case can recover files deleted from MacBook, by usage of above-described application in a very user friendly way.

Files over HDD of MAC system can also get deleted due to use of some third party utility. Let’s discuss one of such scenario in an illustrated way. Suppose you have got one of the file deleted on your HDD accidentally, after which you left it there in order to be restored later. But, after some time you forgot its existence over Trash Folder and executed one of the tool which wiped out each of the temporary files from HDD. Due, to this regrettable utility files which were deleted over system Trash Folder got wiped out all at once. So, now the basic question that arises in users mind is that what must be pursued to revive such files on hard disk dive. First of all consumer of HDD need to understand that when any file is erased from any storage device whether be in built or external only file detail is deleted from file system, i.e. files only lose their logical existence from HDD. So, if any data loss has occurred then it can be regained by making use of tool that has been discussed earlier.

Here users need to understand that for having any desired data they need to follow certain precautionary measures such as they must not make use of the hard disk once any kind of data deletion over it occurs, this must be done so that they are not overwritten by any other file, which if done won’t be possible to rescue either by use of this app or any other app. Users of this tool must also not perform format or reformat command over it which would make file rescue process much more cumbersome and hectic. Apart from this a miniature thing that users need to keep in mind is that they must not make use of the disk for either downloading or installation of tool in order to rescue them.

Over a range of file formats such as JPEG, ARW, BMP, X3F, 3FR, RAW, DCR, CRW, SR2, MP4, MP3, 3GP, WMV, MKV, AVI, DOC, PDF and many more, which are saved on different brands of hard disk drive such as Adata, Apple, Buffalo, Dell, HP, Transcend, Toshiba, WD and much more. If required by the users they can recover files from external HD as well by using this app with the same ease as is done on any system inbuilt HDD. Sometime users need not revive each of the files from HD, so this issue can be addressed by consumers by using file name, size, date of creation and file format. The data which are revived by making use of this utility can see them just before saving them at any of the location of HD. Mac Recover Deleted Files software is well supported by different versions of MAC operating system in a very much user friendly way because of its promising GUI. Mac Recover Deleted Files is available over internet for trial usage, which if satisfies consumers need may be bought later.

Resolve the Issue of Windows 7 File Loss

Windows 7 is an operating system produced by Microsoft. It is built on the secure foundation of Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. Reliability, security, performance and compatibility are the four major features of Windows 7. It is the best-performing and most stable Windows operating system in the present scenario. But misfortunes are made to happen, and there are several situations due to which you may lose you vital files on Windows 7 based system. Have a look on some common scenarios which are responsible for file loss on Windows 7.

  • Mistakenly deletion of a crucial file from system HDD.
  • Hard drive corruption results in file system corruption, which results in inaccessibility of the drive.
  • Interruption occurs during file transfer from card to PC or vice versa, sometime ends with file loss.
  • Power surge while moving files from one drive to another.
  • By mistake formatting a wrong drive which holds important files.
  • An unauthorized person deleting the files from your computer hard drive or memory card.
  • Abrupt visibility of blue screen due to boot failure or some hard ware failure. To tackle this users have to format their HDD.

It is very simple to cope up from above defined scenarios, with the help of Windows recovery tool.

How recover is achievable? Answer: It is commonly thought that once file are deleted or formatted, they are permanently wiped off of a hard drive, but this is not the actual fact. When you delete a file or format your hard disk or other storage drive, the files are not permanently erased. Instead, that space which it occupied is marked as available, so that the system uses that space to store any new file. The computer will no longer recognize the file, even though the file is still present on it. By using third party tool such as Windows recovery tool, it is very easy to recover lost or deleted files on Windows 7 based PC.

Important step for successful recovery: If you want to recover your lost/deleted files on Windows 7 based PC. If you want to recover files from your system Windows PC, then immediately stop adding files on hard drive after facing data loss. If you do save new files to the drive, then deleted/lost files are overwritten by the new files making them unrecoverable.

Windows recovery tool is powerful file recovery tool, which helps you to recover your formatted/deleted files from your hard disk or other removable storage drive. This utility not only helps you in recovery of documents. But also helps you rescue other data such as audio, videos, picture files and etc. The software provides option such as preview, so that one can select the correct files before rescuing it.

This tool even supports recovery of RAW image from all kinds of popular digital cameras including Nikon, Panasonic, Sony, Olympus, Canon, Minolta and Kodak etc. With this tool you recover files from different memory cards such as CF, SD and XD card. It is very easy to runs this tool on all the latest versions of Windows OS including Windows 7/Windows Vista/Windows XP/ Windows server 2008 and Windows server 2003. It recovers files from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and exFAT file systems. With this tool how to recover files for external USB drives, USB flash drives, memory sticks and other media storage devices question is now having an optimum solution. Click here to find more information

Working of the Windows recovery software

Download and install Windows recovery software to your computer. Run the tool and follow the procedure given on the main screen. Choose the formatted reformatted recover option to recover your files from the formatted partition. The application scans and displays all the physical drives present on your system. Select the formatted drive and click on next.  Tool will scan the selected partition and displays all the recoverable files from that formatted partition. From there you can choose the files which you want to be retrieved back. Save the rescued files on to your desired location but not onto the same drive from where you are recovering it. With this tool you can even compress the recovered files in order to save memory space.





Restoring Utility For Truncated Images

I am using an Olympus e30 DSLR digital camera and I captured some important views during my last vacation. When I tried to transfer the digital images from Digital camera to my Acer Pc It saved successfully and when I tried to retrieve it. It throws an error “The application is used by some other device currently” .I need a possible way to recover digital images from the Pc by an easiest tool

Why not? The images which are deleted can be recovered or regained easily with the help of any of the deleted data restore software. The Olympus e30 camera model makes use of CF type storage memory option. Where there is much possibility of recovering your memorable clicks. The main reason why I am so confident is when a picture is captured it is stored in the storage device and as well as your computer’s local storage drive. The above scenario which you mentioned above is just only a data lost scenario and definitely not a data deletion scenario. Usually the camera companies won’t provide a sufficient tool for image recovery of your lost or deleted images. As they widely use memory stick, memory card and flash cards in their machines for storage purposes only. It is left to the image recovery tool which available in the market with eases

What is an unprocessed image?

In the second scenario the image recovery depends on the type of storage used in the mobile engine .If the storage is internal it is a typical task to recover deleted images of yours at time. If it comes to an external storage devices such as memory card and flash card the solution is the same. The reason behind the image not viewed by mobile device is because the digital images which are captured using professional digital cameras use a unique image format such as RAW, TIFF and some other high level unique formats depending on the imaging device brand. These are file formats which capture images and process them later on because high resolution images employs a little bit performance degradation as they are stored as unprocessed images or in other words images in unreadable format. The actual processing is done at the time of image retrieval by the user for viewing purpose of the photos in PC or some other mobile devices. At first these processing are done only by the digital cameras later there came several streaming programs like Picasa for this intention. To recover images of high resolution can be done with the help of good recovery tool.

One of the Earnest Utility:

To find a recovery utility with such multipurpose option is really not a hard chore .A tool that strictly follows the above mentioned goal as a destined task is described underneath Actually there are some other special reasons for the heavy recommendation by experts.

  • Ø Revamp images of several formats which differ from one camera to another such as RAW, NEF and ORF etc.
  • Ø Snapshots which are lost during the downloading or interrupted process
  • Ø Reviving images which are infected through virus attacks are restored by neglecting the virus content files by providing a preview option.
  • Ø Dedicatedly designed in a way to work efficiently with both windows and MAC operating systems of widely used versions
  • Ø The eminent plug and recover option available in both windows and MAC based software

Some procedure to be followed:

To recover digital images from your digital cameras just connect the device with the tool installed PC or remove the storage device such as the memory card from the camera and connect it with the computer with the help of a adapter and then use the tool to recover the images from it .Try the demo version of the tool and if satisfied go for the paid full version since it’s the only thing to get good outputs.


Install the software in a different volume or drive which doesn’t need the recuperation procedure. As the installation on the same drive will affect the Meta data of the deleted or lost images will be destroyed permanently.

The way to repair corrupt Outlook PST files

Tips to repair corrupted PST files

You choose Microsoft Outlook for your daily needs, nevertheless, you may not know where does it stores all the items in the items like Inbox, Sent Items, Deleted Items, Tasks, Calendar, Notes etc.  The entire data in the Microsoft Outlook is stored in just one file called PST, which gets created automatically whenever you open your Outlook profile which is stored in personal computer’s drive. If you delete the emails, the PST files acts as backup of the lost files.

Microsoft Outlook features a particular file type referred to as PST file. Microsoft Outlook is really a lot used as an email client since it’s options to send and receive emails, schedule for particular tasks, Calendar and any different kind of Task. Microsoft Outlook has turned into the world’s most accepted email client software tool and a lot of individuals have started utilizing it.  As a result, because the variety of items increased for Microsoft Outlook, you’ll find probability of corruption of PST file. At this point of time, you’ll be able to repair Outlook while using best Outlook repair software tool. Remo Repair Outlook (PST) allows you to fix corrupt PST files and retrieve emails deleted or lost due to various reasons like

•           Virus attack.

•           Accidental deletion of Emails, Notes, Tasks, etc. through the use of combination of two keys “Shift+delete”.

•           Power fluctuation.

•           PST file corruption.

•           Abrupt system shutdown.

•           Emptying the Deleted Item folder from Outlook.

•           CorruptedPST file header.

When you have lost important emails, you’ll be able to retrieve the deleted emails by making use of good Outlook data recuperation software tool. You are able to repair damaged PST files with the aid of good PST {file recuperation software tool. You should always take precaution of creating a backup of the PST files, from that you just recuperate deleted or missing Outlook items. However, there are lots of email recuperation software tool present in the marketplace. The selected software tool must be simple to use and powerful enough to retrieve Outlook items. It should contain advanced recuperation methods including:

•           The recuperation software tool will need to have advanced algorithm, which should enable you to repair Outlook as well as recover the lost data from that..

•           It should retrieve emails from Inbox, Sent Mails, Deleted Items, Drafts, Outbox, Spam folder etc.

•           You should look for system requirements and yes it should support various operating systems like Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003m Windows Vista, Windows 7.

•           That must repair damaged PST file.

•           It must have the option to directly import the repaired files to Microsoft Outlook.

There are lots of software tools available on the internet, however the user should select the best software tool to revive the lost or deleted items from PST files. Remo Repair Outlook (PST) is the most suitable software tool since it allows you to repair PST file Outlook from above-mentioned reasons and has capability to fulfill the recuperation techniques that are mentoined above. You are able to first check the demo outcomes of the software tool. If you are satisfied with the demo version, you’ll be able to just purchase the recuperation software tool.

The shortcut to PST recovery

Personal Storage Folders better known as PST files used in Microsoft Outlook, are easily prone to corruption due to various reasons like virus attacks, accidental deletion, or corruption due to exceeding of the file size limit. The PST file which contains all the data about the sent and received mails, and other email data, becomes unusable once it gets corrupted. It then becomes essential to repair the corrupted PST file using a good PST Repair software.

Repairing a corrupted PST file can be done using two different methods. One way of repairing the PST file is by using the built-in PST repair tool provided by Outlook, called Scanpst.exe. This tool is effective in case of minor damage to the PST file. This method requires the user to locate the damaged PST file, and then perform the recovery process. Not only this, Scanpst.exe has been found to be ineffective in case of severe damage to the PST file.

The other method of repairing the damaged PST file is by making use of a PST recovery software, to fix corrupt Outlook PST file. There are varieties of PST repair tools available on the internet. PST recovery software simplifies the recovery process, and makes it easy for the Outlook user to recover his lost emails and the data related to these emails.

REMO Recover Outlook (PST) is a powerful corrupt PST repair tool, which lets you recover corrupt Outlook PST file, and retrieve deleted emails from the PST file. The software lets the user recover not just emails, but all data related to emails like contacts, appointments, folders, attachments etc.

Repair corrupted DBX file

Though conversation over the telephone held the top position in communication till recent times, web based communication, like chat and email have replaced the telephone almost fully. From business letters to business proposals and customer complaints, and every other form of communication is deemed complete without the use of email as the preferred medium for communication. Since the importance of emails has increased considerably, the need to keep all your email data safe from various threats has increased.

Windows based users make wide use of Outlook Express for sending and receiving of emails. Business users make maximum use of Outlook Express, and hence it is specifically important for them. Emails in Outlook Express are stored in files called DBX or MBX files. The archived emails of an user are stored in these files. These DBX files have high chances of getting corrupted, and the reasons could be many like viruses, malware, etc. In such situations, you require a recovery software, which can recover Outlook Express completely and effectively.

REMO Recover Outlook Express software lets you repair DBX files corrupted due to power cuts, viruses or other reasons. The software makes use of the Astute Scan method, to recover all the deleted/lost emails from the corrupted DBX file.

Data Recovery Tools

Whenever we face data loss situation, we always want to get it recovered as quickly and as cost effectively as possible. There are different data recovery tools that we can utilize and some are more effective than others, but it really all depends on the nature of data loss.

A number of common ways that data is lost or corrupted are as follows:

  1. User Errors: Such as accidental deletion of data files, partition, accidentally formatted the drive or reinstalled the windows operating system.
  2. Software Errors: This typically occurs because software will write the data to the wrong part of the disk
  3. Hard Drive Electronics Failures
  4. Hard Drive Arm Failures
  5. Hard Drive Platter Failures.

Amongst these types, user errors and software errors come under logical failure and can easily be dealt using powerful data recovery software. The rest, hard drive electronics failures, hard drive arm failures and hard drive platter failures come under physical failure, in which case a data recovery professional should be consulted.

There is a way to prevent a disaster i.e., backing up your files on a regular basis can save you from losing your important data and files for good. There are a number of ways in which you can backup your files these days. You can either get an external hard drive and backup your data every so often or you can backup all of your data on CD or other disk format at certain times.

One such powerful windows data recovery software that helps to recover lost data from logical failure cases is Remo Recover (Windows), that is a collection of various data recovery components designed to recover deleted files emptied from recycle bin, inadvertently deleted or lost due to virus or Trojan infection, unexpected system shutdown, software failure or even after Windows reinstallation. The software has versatile options to perform full search on a hard drive to recover deleted or lost files.

This Remo Recover (Windows) is fast in recovering data and does not require special technical or data recovery skills to recover deleted files.

Examining the two basic types of data recovery

There are two forms of data recovery. One entails the use of powerful software to read a failed drive and restore all of the files on it to a safe location. The actual process involved is very simple and can be accomplished by anyone with a data recovery program and a basic knowledge of computer operation. The second is more aptly titled disk recovery as it involves physical disassembly of a hard drive unit to “get at” the stored data inside. The first technique can be done by the amateur repairman but still requires disassembly of the personal computer or laptop and removal of the drive. That drive must then be connected to another working computer that has data recovery software installed on it. The second hard drive recovery option is more complicated. If the drive in question has suffered a physical breakdown such as a frozen head or burned out drive motor, that hard disk assembly must be taken apart, made functional, and then researched using those same powerful data recovery tools.

If all of this sounds complicated to you that is because it is! And for that reason most file recovery is better left to a professional data recovery services company. One we recommend is Data Recovery Services. Data Recovery Companies has offices all around the globe and is skilled in all forms of deleted file, reformatted file recovery. They are equally adept at recovery of data from damaged hard drives and business systems such as RAID 5. RAID systems are huge digital storage systems for business that incorporate many hard disks into one server. When these fail billions of separate files can be at risk. Furthermore most RAID systems are in constant use and should they fail it results in a major network crash. Corporate America relies on REMO for fast secure RAID recovery. If REMO can repair the most sophisticated business digital storage systems ever developed they can surely make short work of restoring the files locked away on the crashed hard drive of your laptop!