Best way to repair pst file of outlook 2010

MS Outlook is one of the software which comes in collection of MS Office. It is used for managing personal information such as e-mail, task manager, calendar, contact manager, note taking web browsing. Since all of the mentioned things are very important it’s lose can hamper yours personal as well as professional life. Therefore if you wish to recover those files then you can opt for Scan Pst software. Apart from recovering any mail or other files it also repairs any PST file. Some of the circumstances which can cause loss of files from pst or pst itself getting damaged like accidental deletion of emails from pst, improper outlook termination, up-gradation of outlook, virus infection, Over-sized Pst file, etc.

Let’s discuss some of the scenario’s where any user can lose his/her outlook. Generally people use outlook for management of personal and official mails at single place. One of the advantages of using outlook is that any number of mails can be added to outlook.  So let’s suppose that Adam has got any new mail from anonymous person, so in order to checkout its content he opened it. When he opened it he found some usual stuff so he closed it. Later after few hours when he tried to reopen his outlook he was surprised to find that his pst has been damaged. What has happened??? Since he had opened a virus infected file, so it made pst corrupt. Now since all his personal as well as professional files were on pst he want to get them back at any cost, but how??  He need not remorse upon opening the virus infected mail. By using scan pst he can easily recover back all his files within few minutes. This tool scan outlook 2010 pst and gives back all the required files.

Any user of outlook can also lose access to his pst if it gets corrupt due to abnormal shut down of computer. Suppose any user is using his outlook profile on his computer and accidentally it shuts down abruptly. Due to this unconventional act of the system, later you find that pst of the outlook has been damaged. Now what to do??? You just require having Scan Pst software which easily repairs pst file without requirement of any cumbersome process. Whenever pst file gets damaged due to any reason it give messages like cannot find .pst file, unknown error 0x80040600, scanpst error 1056749164.

Some of the added features of this software are:

  • It’s just read only tool which doesn’t make any changes to pst.
  • Develops a brand new pst file having all the features and content of old one.
  • It supports different versions of outlook.
  • Even password protected pst can be repaired.
  • Emails deleted from outlook can be recovered effortlessly.
  • If you don’t have idea about where the pst file is located it can easily track it down.

Therefore by going through glamorous features of this software we can easily state that it can be used for repair of pst file. This tool is available on internet for trial usage.