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Flash drive data recovery tool

Data recovery is the technique of rescuing data from data loss scenario like data loss because of hard drive format, corruption of files because of drive corruption, accidental deletion of files and many more. There are innumerable scenarios which end up with severe data loss. Windows is the commonly used operating system, but like other […]

Application to recover data from NTFS drive

Is there is any way to recover data from formatted NTFS drive? Yes, there is!!! You can easily recover data from your formatted NTFS drive by using deleted file recovery tool. Data loss became a very common problem nowadays, so losing data from NTFS drive is not a big thing. With suitable recovery software you […]

Methods to perform deleted files recovery

Hard disk is a core a part of your personal computer system where all programs and documents are stored. The technology utilized in hard drive is same as cassette tapes and video tapes. The hard drive can be called as “disk drive” or “hard disk drive”. It can store numerous files on its electromagnetically charged […]

Retrieve deleted files from Mac hard drive

Mac has become an attractive & commonly used Operating System due to its unique combination of innovative technologies. Mac is based on the open source UNIX foundation with attractive graphical user interface along with all simple to use features. A latest form of Mac OS provides the backup application. Even though, human mistake for example […]

Recovery files deleted files using shift delete keys

Memory devices are storage devices used to store or hold the data in a computer or in other electronic devices. There are 2 types of memory devices. They are primary memory and secondary memory. Primary memory also known as volatile memory is a storage area it is directly connected to the computer and from this […]

Micro SD card file recovery

Windows is a series of OS manufactured by Microsoft. Windows OS is widely employed OS. Windows operating system gives a Graphical User Interface (GUI) with regard to users to convey with personal computer very easily. Operating system provides an interface between application program and the computers, consequently by doing so that controls and coordinates the […]

Approaches to recover files from Windows Vista

Windows Vista is a popular operating system developed and marketed by Microsoft Corporation. Vista was released in 4 different editions which are Home Basic, Home Premium, Business and Ultimate. Compare to previous versions, Vista contains various new and changed features like an updated graphical user interface and visual style dubbed Aero, includes version 3.0 of […]

How to undelete lost files?

Windows operating system is software that controls your computer. If you want to know what type of hard drive is installed in your computer, Device Manager in your Windows has detailed information about the type of the drive. You can even use Drive controller section to have a look of listing for an IDE or […]

How to recover files using file recovery software?

A file is a collection of stored information. You can store a file in your hard drive or any other storage devices. Files are used to store important data similar to a paper document which we were using traditionally.  Data loss is a common scenario, which occurs to many store devices like hard drives, memory […]

Deleted file recovery Mac OS

Mac is an operating system developed by Apple computers in order to provide an user friendly interface to Mac users. The file system supported by Mac operating system is HFS, HFS+ file system. Sometimes even Mac Operating system is prone to data loss. Some of the scenarios for data loss in Mac operating System include […]