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Download and Use File Repair Software for FREE

Now a days, everyone is using laptops/ computer for their personal or professional purposes. After doing works on systems, people save their work on the system hard drive in the form of file. System hard drive is capable to save various types of files such as audios, images, PowerPoint files, video files, Zip files, Outlook […]

How to Fix Header Corruption in RAR File?

Hello Friends! Last day I was extracting files from RAR archive. While extracting file, shut down abruptly as a result I was unable to access or open RAR files. I got an error message like “File header is corrupted”. It was really a drastic situation me since data stored in RAR file are very important […]

Repairing Broken PSD Files

Photoshop is one of the most proficient and advanced tool i.e. specially designed to edit images that are captured using digital camera or with the help of any other image capturing device. By using this Abode Photoshop application you can easily edit the following features of an image like contrast, brightness, color, background effects, etc. […]

How Can I Fix Zip Files After Corruption Or Damage?

We all are familiar about need of space in our personal computer and various methods by which it can be achieved. We used to store different types of files like audio, video, images and many other documents in compressed form with an intention to store data with small size and save computer memory. Once, when […]

Easy way to repair Zip files

The storage devices store various system data in it. And the media devices like digicam, video recorders, etc stores the captured data files on memory devices that will be mounted on it. There are various file formats for the digital data that gets stored on memory devices. They are  MP4, MP3, AVI, MPEG, PNG, WMV, […]

The shortcut to PST recovery

Personal Storage Folders better known as PST files used in Microsoft Outlook, are easily prone to corruption due to various reasons like virus attacks, accidental deletion, or corruption due to exceeding of the file size limit. The PST file which contains all the data about the sent and received mails, and other email data, becomes […]

Repair corrupted DBX file

Though conversation over the telephone held the top position in communication till recent times, web based communication, like chat and email have replaced the telephone almost fully. From business letters to business proposals and customer complaints, and every other form of communication is deemed complete without the use of email as the preferred medium for […]

Resolve PST file corruption

Microsoft Outlook is the most trusted communication and scheduling application used by many individuals and businesses every day. It is used to store storing emails, business and personal contacts, appointments, tasks and notes. Nonetheless, there is always a risk that data files may be damaged and your precious information is lost. This may be caused […]