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fileNow a days, everyone is using laptops/ computer for their personal or professional purposes. After doing works on systems, people save their work on the system hard drive in the form of file. System hard drive is capable to save various types of files such as audios, images, PowerPoint files, video files, Zip files, Outlook PST files, Adobe PSD files, documents, text files, programs, etc.  After saving these files, they can easily access them whenever these files are required. But sometimes, when people try to access the files, then they face some difficulty. File that people trying to access shown some error message and deny for opening. This behavior of a file can be occurring due to the corruption or damaging of it.

Are you facing such file corruption issue? Do you want to repair files? If yes, then you are in right way because here I am describing the way by which you can easily repair your damaged or corrupted files very easily. After the corruption of files, there is no manual way to fix such issue and make them accessible. So to fix files related issue, you need to take the help of Repair File application. It is one of the highly recommended software to fix all file corruption related issues by following simple few mouse clicks. With the help of this utility, you can easily fix file on all the latest Windows based operating systems including Win 8, Win 7, Win XP, Win Vista, Win Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, etc. without any difficulty.

Most common reasons behind the corruption or damaging of files:

  • If the header of file gets damaged, then the complete file becomes inaccessible.
  • At the time of using a file, if system shutdown improperly, then it can be a reason behind file corruption.
  • Virus infection is one of the most common reasons behind the damaging the files save on virus infected device.
  • If a file is exists on bad sector of storage device, then it became inaccessible and shows some error message at the time of opening.

Apart from above mentioned causes behind file corruption, there are some other reasons which can lead to file damaging on Windows systems such as Power surge, bad sectors, header corruption. Whatever can be a reason behind file damaging, you can easily them by using Repair File software. This easy to use utility is capable to fix more than 300 types of files in simple mouse clicks.  It also allows user to add the signature of new files which is not available in it and fix that particular file very easily. With the help of this tool, you can easily fix file which can be in any file format such as doc, .docx, .pst, .mov, .mp4, .ppt, .psd, etc. It also allows you to take the preview of recovered files before saving them to other location. It is a read only program which means, it does not make any changes in damaged file. It simply creates a new file with same name and save all the information of damaged file in this newly created file.

How to Fix Header Corruption in RAR File?

Hello Friends! Last day I was extracting files from RAR archive. While extracting file, shut down abruptly as a result I was unable to access or open RAR files. I got an error message like “File header is corrupted”. It was really a drastic situation me since data stored in RAR file are very important for me. Can anyone suggest me repair tool to fix corrupt RAR file header?  

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WinRAR Repair software is a significant application which is capable in repairing RAR header file with few simple steps. The software can be easily installed on Windows and Mac based system to fix damaged or corrupted RAR file. You are able to repair password protected RAR file without any issues but unable to open the without the password. You can purchase this tool online to repair RAR header file with comfort.

Some of the reasons due to which RAR header file get corrupted are mentioned below:

Virus or Malware Infections: The main reason behind corruption of RAR harder file is virus or malware infection. With the virus corruption, user is unable to open RAR file or it reduces the speed of system gradually.

Recovery Tool Error: The use of unreliable tool for extracting RAR file sometimes corrupts the header of RAR file. In such case, the file structure get corrupted as result of which RAR file become inaccessible.

Incomplete Download: The RAR get affected when file is not downloaded properly due to any interruption or low internet connection. As a result RAR header file get corrupted and user can’t access the files properly.

File System Corruption: The file system is corrupted due to virus or malware programs available on hard drive which result in corruption of files including RAR file. This leads to corruption of RAR file and finally become inaccessible.

WinRAR Repair software can be used in all the above mentioned scenarios for repairing corrupted RAR file. This tool can be implemented on all RAR file corruption issues.

Features of WinRAR Repair software

The above mentioned reasons forbid user to access the files that are compressed in RAR format. However, using reliable RAR file repair software makes your task is made easier. WinRAR Repair software is an advanced tool that can be implemented in different scenario to repair errors in RAR file and to make them accessible again. It can fix RAR file of any size and irrespective of the reason of its corruption. This software will scan the drive or any other storage drive in which RAR archive file has been stored. By using WinRAR Repair software, user is able to fix RAR files which are password protected. This software can be employed on all versions of RAR files on Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista operating systems.

Repairing Broken PSD Files

Photoshop is one of the most proficient and advanced tool i.e. specially designed to edit images that are captured using digital camera or with the help of any other image capturing device. By using this Abode Photoshop application you can easily edit the following features of an image like contrast, brightness, color, background effects, etc. on Windows and Mac operating system platforms. These files created with the help of Photoshop application uses the .psd or .ppd file format for storing the images. But, PSD files can also be broken during editing the images due to some factors that can cause the data loss are given below:

Virus attack: While you placed your PSD files in the infected system, virus and malware threats can cause the corruption of PSD files. Again, storing of these infected PSD files on external storage devices like pen drives, external hard drives, and memory card can corrupt other stored files on these storage devices. This corruption might break your PSD files and you cannot open these PSD files on the any media player or image viewer application without repairing properly.

File incompatibility: Whenever the PSD files are not compatible with the particular Abode Photoshop application, it throws an error “Your request could not be completed because you are using incompatible version of Abode Photoshop application”. If you are again repeatedly trying to open these PSD files with this incompatible version, then it can break the PSD file.

PSD file conversion: While converting the PSD files from one format to another, any interruption occurs that can break the image layers of PSD files and makes the PSD files unreadable.

Improper downloading: While downloading the files from internet any interruption occurs due to network failure and some other issues that can break the PSD files. Again, in order to make these PSD files readable you have to repair these damaged PSD files using any PSD file repair tool.

Other reasons: Some other causes that are also responsible for the PSD file corruption are as follows: conflict with Abode application files, using PSD files on different versions of Abode application and file format corruption etc.

If you are facing with these above mentioned PSD file broken scenarios, then you can use Best File Repair software to repair broken PSD file. This PSD file repair tool can be used to fix corrupted PSD file on following Windows operating systems like Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows vista etc. Apart from this, it can also repair broken PSD file on following Mac operating system platforms like Mac Lion, Leopard, Mavericks, OS X and Yosemite, etc.

Best File Repair software is one of the most widely used user friendly PSD repair tool that can easily repair broken PSD file created by any version of Abode Photoshop application. This repair tool is designed with an inbuilt search engine that can easily scan corrupted PSD files by making use of rigorous scanning algorithm used with this tool. It performs the scanning of corrupted PSD files by using the unique file signature or on the basis of file extensions of damaged PSD files. By using this tool, we can repair broken PSD file of different colors like GRAY, INDEX, RGB and many more other colors. After the repairing of corrupted PSD files, it also allows to store these repaired PSD files in ZIP or compressed format in order to save the disk space. Besides the repairing of corrupted PSD files, it can also repair some other files like Word documents, PPT files, text documents, images etc.

How Can I Fix Zip Files After Corruption Or Damage?

We all are familiar about need of space in our personal computer and various methods by which it can be achieved. We used to store different types of files like audio, video, images and many other documents in compressed form with an intention to store data with small size and save computer memory. Once, when I was trying to open a Zip file using WinZip, an error message appeared on the screen, which was actually strange to me. The message was that “cannot open the file it does not appear to be a valid Zip archive”. Actually I was lacking knowledge about the reason for the message and really didn’t know how I can fix Zip archive folder after corruption or damage.

Further study on the errors related to Zip files and Zip repair took me to a conclusion which explains the different ways in which a compressed file will get corrupted and the various methods to fix Zip archive folder after corruption. Here I like to share some of the scenarios that cause damage or corruption of Zip files, which lead to error messages that struggles us in unpacking an archive.

  • In our day to day life there will be occasions when we need to download a Zipped file from internet. Many of the time during downloading we may have seen that files which we are trying to download will get broken or damaged due to any interruptions. It may be followed by a Cyclic Redundancy Check error message (CRC)-which is common error checking code used in digital networks.
  • I hope all are familiar about the header and body part of the Zip file. Where header shows the information about file name, size etc and body shows the information related to the file. If header part of the file is corrupted it refuses to open the Zip archive
  • Compressed file can get corrupted due to power failure or even it can be due to sudden shut down of the system.
  • There is a chance of file corruption if we are trying to transfer Zip file from one place to another through improper network
  • Many of the times Zip files will get corrupted if we are trying to download a file when network connectivity is very poor,
  • There is a chance of file corruption when the Zipped file is converted from one file format to some other unsupported format. Because changing the extension of the file just changes the file name but the functionality remains the same. This may cause corruption of the Zipped file and it refuses to open further.

These are few of the cases when Zipped files may get corrupted and even there are many more instances where Zip repair become very relevant and cannot be avoided.

What is Zip repair and how it can be done? It is the question that confuses us regularly because there are many repair software present in market but which one will really help us to recover the damaged Zipped files, whether it can repair all the corrupted files and many more questions..

Here I like to introduce a Zip repair application called Repair Zip, which is very straight forward, and user friendly.

Here are some of the important features of this application which actually attract the users to this software

  • Repair Zip application can be used to fix Zipped files of 32 bit, 64 bit and Zipx files
  • This software helps to repair Zip files with cyclic redundancy check (CRC) error
  • It is brilliant enough to repair all compressed files irrespective of its size I e it can restore a file which is even more than the size of 4GB.
  • Once the repair process is over, It allows user to preview the lost data that can be recovered from damaged Zip file

Many more factors reveal the benefits of Zip Repair tool and I like to invite every readers to enjoy the functionality and benefits of the application by downloading the trial version from

Easy way to repair Zip files

The storage devices store various system data in it. And the media devices like digicam, video recorders, etc stores the captured data files on memory devices that will be mounted on it. There are various file formats for the digital data that gets stored on memory devices. They are  MP4, MP3, AVI, MPEG, PNG, WMV, JPEG, JPG, TIF, BMP, etc. And most frequently one uses compression of the files for various reasons. The most common compression method followed is ZIP file format.

What is the necessity of file compression?

Compression of files is required for the following reasons –

  1. To store huge file in less memory space: When there is no sufficient space on the storage device to store any large sized file, then only way is to compress the file. By doing so the file size reduces and fits into the small memory space without deleting any of the other files.
  2. Data Transfer: While transferring any data files over network in order to avoid any third party influence or errors over the channel it is recommended t compress the files together into Zip file format. Zip file format is very secure and thus helps in safe data transfer.
  3. Downloading files – Usually when you download any program files from internet to use it on your system, the set of files will be zipped as single file otherwise you need to download each file separately which consumes excess time.

The MP4 files can also be compressed into zip files. But improper method of compression or occurrence of any errors may lead to file corruption. If the files become corrupt, the data from those files cannot be accessed. Hence one should be very careful while performing file compression. Here are few more data loss situations mentioned that are associated with file compression:

  •  Virus attack – The files stored in a memory device can become corrupt when the device is affected by virus. Sometimes the files may also become corrupt as result of faulty camera firmware, which is an important component without which the camera fails to capture any of the data.
  • Power surge – If there is continuous sudden power surges to the system or if the system suddenly goes down due to loss of power supply while processing any files like MP4 files, then the files would become corrupt and hence you may face data loss.
  • Improper download of files: Downloading of any zip files or mp4 files from internet should be carried out completely. If the download process is interrupted because of sudden power surge to the system or failure of the internet connection it will definitely cause corruption to the files.
  • Due to CRC errors- Most of the times the files that are compressed undergo CRC errors due to which files will become corrupt and hence you cannot access the files.

In all such data loss situations the files get corrupt due to Zip archive repair and the only way to fix corrupt MP4 files is to perform MP4 file repair with the aid of file repair tool. The software completely repairs the corrupt MP4 files on Mac systems and effectively fixes damaged Zip files on Windows OS. Following below are the noticeable features of the repair utility:

  • Repairs all the corrupt files of different file formats including .zip, .zipx, etc
  • Easily helps to fix corrupt files due to interruptions during download or transfer of files.
  • Repairs media files like mp4, mp3, and many other file types of data.
  • Proficiently repairs most of the file types that are corrupt and broken due to virus attack
  • Repairs and restores different types of media files like BMP, JPEG, TIFF, JPG, PNG, GIFF, MPG, MP3, MPEG, MP4, WAV, AVI and MOV

You can fix corrupt MP4 files on various Mac OS like Lion, Snow Leopard and Leopard. And the Zip files can be repaired on various Windows OS that includes Windows Vista, XP, Windows 7 and 2003 operating systems. You can download the trial version by clicking here.


The shortcut to PST recovery

Personal Storage Folders better known as PST files used in Microsoft Outlook, are easily prone to corruption due to various reasons like virus attacks, accidental deletion, or corruption due to exceeding of the file size limit. The PST file which contains all the data about the sent and received mails, and other email data, becomes unusable once it gets corrupted. It then becomes essential to repair the corrupted PST file using a good PST Repair software.

Repairing a corrupted PST file can be done using two different methods. One way of repairing the PST file is by using the built-in PST repair tool provided by Outlook, called Scanpst.exe. This tool is effective in case of minor damage to the PST file. This method requires the user to locate the damaged PST file, and then perform the recovery process. Not only this, Scanpst.exe has been found to be ineffective in case of severe damage to the PST file.

The other method of repairing the damaged PST file is by making use of a PST recovery software, to fix corrupt Outlook PST file. There are varieties of PST repair tools available on the internet. PST recovery software simplifies the recovery process, and makes it easy for the Outlook user to recover his lost emails and the data related to these emails.

REMO Recover Outlook (PST) is a powerful corrupt PST repair tool, which lets you recover corrupt Outlook PST file, and retrieve deleted emails from the PST file. The software lets the user recover not just emails, but all data related to emails like contacts, appointments, folders, attachments etc.

Repair corrupted DBX file

Though conversation over the telephone held the top position in communication till recent times, web based communication, like chat and email have replaced the telephone almost fully. From business letters to business proposals and customer complaints, and every other form of communication is deemed complete without the use of email as the preferred medium for communication. Since the importance of emails has increased considerably, the need to keep all your email data safe from various threats has increased.

Windows based users make wide use of Outlook Express for sending and receiving of emails. Business users make maximum use of Outlook Express, and hence it is specifically important for them. Emails in Outlook Express are stored in files called DBX or MBX files. The archived emails of an user are stored in these files. These DBX files have high chances of getting corrupted, and the reasons could be many like viruses, malware, etc. In such situations, you require a recovery software, which can recover Outlook Express completely and effectively.

REMO Recover Outlook Express software lets you repair DBX files corrupted due to power cuts, viruses or other reasons. The software makes use of the Astute Scan method, to recover all the deleted/lost emails from the corrupted DBX file.

Resolve PST file corruption

Microsoft Outlook is the most trusted communication and scheduling application used by many individuals and businesses every day. It is used to store storing emails, business and personal contacts, appointments, tasks and notes. Nonetheless, there is always a risk that data files may be damaged and your precious information is lost. This may be caused by various reasons like internal software errors, power failures or hard drive crashes, virus attack, compacting of pst file, corruption caused due to 2 GB pst file size limit, improper shutdown of computer or outlook and corruption inside the pst file.

If you want to avoid such problems now and in the future, secure your data with regular backup and be sure that you have a solution of how to fix Microsoft Outlook PST file corruption issues. However the solution for simple corruption is that you will have to open the Scanpst.exe utility that is included by default with Outlook. But this tool mostly fails during greater degree of corruptions in PST file.

In most of the cases Outlook inbox repair tool fails to repair the corrupted PST file. You should then use advanced PST repair software. These are automated Outlook Inbox Repair Tools built with suitable scanning algorithms to repair even in complex corruption scenarios.

NOTE: As a measure of precaution on account of corruption in PST file make sure that you do not open your mailbox with other programs otherwise you may completely destroy it. Do not save any new data on the hard drive as this may lead to permanent data loss.

There are numerous third party solutions available that can repair the damaged PST file. REMO Outlook Mail Recovery Software is a powerful tool to fix corrupt PST and will safeguard you from any data threatening situations and will provide a definite solution to resolve data loss issues if anything goes wrong. It uses advanced technologies to scan the damaged personal folders (.pst) files and recover your lost/deleted email messages, folders, notes, contacts, journals, calendars, tasks and other data. The software scans the damaged/corrupted PST file and list downs the recoverable files. It allows you to preview the file before recovery. The software is easy to use with self descriptive interface and it effectively recovers and restores all PST file objects to a safe location.