Way to recover lost data from iPod Shuffle

You find many models of music players in these modern times and iPods are probably the top music players. Music players are the mass storage device that stores your data as digital information. IPods are the digital and portable music players introduced by Apple Inc. You can find different models of iPods available today. They are- i) the ultra-compact iPod Shuffle ii) the compact iPod Nano iii) the touch screen iPod touch and iv) the hard drive-based iPod Classic. And there are different generations of each iPod model.

The iPods are well famous for its outstanding performance. Being the best among all music players with its user friendly and high performance, iPods are still the victim of data loss because of numerous reasons. Most common reasons are given here:

  • Formatting iPod file system – Accidental formatting the file system of the iPod will lead to severe data loss since there won’t be any backup of data files.
  • Virus attack – When any harmful virus corrupts the file system of the iPod then you cannot access the files present onto it.
  • Restoring iPod to factory settings – When you restore iPod to the factory settings all the data files present on it like photos, songs, video clippings get deleted. So always take a backup of information before restoring to the factory settings.
  • Synchronization of internet data – If you are synchronizing the information files from iPod to iTunes because of some errors files may get deleted.
  • Error messages – Whenever you connect iPod to your system or laptop, appearance of some error message like’ the drive not formatted, do you want to format now?’ won’t enable you to access the data on iPod. The reason is incompatibility with the computer or improper formatting of iPod.

In order to avoid these data loss situations you should have complete backup of data files. If you have no backup and lost data from an iPod, the way to recover iPod Shuffle is to try for third party recovery software. The recovery software that is built mainly for iPods can simply recover your lost or deleted data files such as all file types of photos, videos and audios from iPods. The program can recover data from iPod Shuffle and other types of iPods. The software program can also recover frozen iPod or non responding iPods effectively.

The features of iPod recovery software are:

  • Recovers data from accidentally formatted iPods.
  • Recovers non responding data files.
  • Recovers all file types of photos, videos and audios like- mp4, wmv, mov, mpeg, jpeg, avi, gif, etc.
  • Recovers lost documents from virus infected iPods.

The program can recover information from all kinds of iPods like iPod Shuffle, iPod Classic, iPod Nano and Touch. It can support both Windows and Mac OS. If an iPod is formatted on Mac OS it uses HFS+ file format whereas if it is formatted on Windows OS this uses FAT file system. And thus the software supports on Windows and Mac OS.

If you are the one facing lost or deleted media files from your iPod and looking for an iPod recovery software then here is one. To try out this software download the demo version of the software and check for its efficiency. And if you are satisfied with its performance, you can purchase the full version.