The Best Outlook PST Recovery Utility

MS Outlook is designed and launched by Microsoft which comes along with the Microsoft Office Suite. There are different editions of Outlook which are made available in the market like 2000, 2003, 2007 and Outlook 2010 for Windows operating system computers. Other Outlook attributes are contacts, notes, events, RSS feeds, journal entries, calendar entries, tasks, etc. All these Outlook attributes are stored in a separate folder called as PST (Personal Storage Table) file. The files that are stored in this PST file will be saved with .pst file extension.

However, there are some uncertain situations like deletion, virus invasion, corruption, etc. which would make you suffer severe loss of your important data from the Outlook PST files. But, still no need to get panic, as there is Outlook PST recovery software which helps you out in retrieving data from PST files which is either deleted or lost due to any reasons. Some of the causes for loss of data from Outlook PST files are listed below have a look.

Common causes for file loss from PST file:

  • Sharing PST files over a faulty network would result in corruption of PST file because different peoples will access the shared PST file and modify it causing loss of PST files.
  • If your system gets shut down improperly when you are using Outlook to send an email, then there are chances that your Outlook PST file may get damaged and some of the files may go missing or get deleted making you leave frustrated and tensed. This recovery wizard can recover lost emails from damaged PST file very efficiently just in few simple steps.
  • Accidentally deleting some of the Outlook items and even emptying “Deleted items” folder causes complete loss of files.
  • Anti-virus scanning tool which is installed on the computer to prevent the system from malware attack might delete the PST file if it is severely infected leading to file loss.
  • In case the header file of your Outlook PST file gets corrupted because of some unknown reason, it will not allow you to access the Outlook data resulting in data loss.

It is suggested to regularly backup the important data stored on PST files and stop using Outlook after facing any data loss situations. However, if you encounter any of the above reasons then need not get tensed and just go for Outlook PST recovery tool which helps you to resolve all of your data loss problems. This application is well-liked by a wide range of customers and is highly reviewed by skilled professionals.

The software helps you out in restoring well-encrypted files, archived Outlook PST files and also password protected PST files. It can work well with all Outlook versions starting from Outlook 2000 to Outlook 2010. Thus it is a perfect answer to the question how to fix Microsoft Outlook 2007 problems. As it comes with inbuilt scanning tool which deeply scans the drive to retrieve lost or deleted data of MS Outlook with utmost ease.

If you want to try this software, at first you can get the free demo version of Outlook PST recovery wizard from the internet and then install it on a hard disk of your system. Run the application and choose suitable recovery options that you face while working with the software. Once done with the process, you can evaluate the performance of the toolkit and if it satisfies your requirement then you can opt for its complete software.

Tool to Fix Outlook PST File using Scan PST

Microsoft Outlook is an application used for communication purposes. It has two type of file namely PST and OST. PST file contains email messages, contacts, calender events, journals, etc. Even though you take lot of care while accessing PST file, some unstoppable scenarios lead to the corruption of PST file. Some reasons behind PST file corruption could be virus attack, abrupt termination of Outlook profile, etc.

In this situation, you can easily employ Scan PST Fix software. This software has in-built powerful scanning algorithm which can easily fix corrupted Outlook PST file within few minutes. The Scan PST Fix software uses two types of scanning methods, Smart Scan and Normal Scan. Depending on the extremity of PST file corruption, it uses either of these two scanning methods. If the corruption to PST file is severe, it uses Smart Scan option, otherwise it fixes the issues by using Normal Scan option.

Scenarios that makes Outlook PST file inaccessible:

  • Oversized PST File: The size of the PST file in all Outlook versions is fixed. When the PST file exceeds its maximum size limit, then it results in the corruption of the file. Therefore, you cannot access your Outlook profile in such situation.
  • Abrupt Termination of Outlook: While working with outlook PST file, abrupt termination or closing of outlook application can cause damage to the PST file. You can easily employ this scan PST fix software to fix corrupted Outlook PST file.
  • PST File Header Corruption: Generally, Outlook PST file header consists of file name, file size, file creation date, etc. of data. Sometimes, due to power surge and improper or sudden shut down of computer can cause severe corruption to the Outlook PST file header and makes it inaccessible. This may corrupt outlook PST file.
  • Virus and Malware Attack: Virus or malware could be one of the main reason behind outlook PST file corruption because virus attack can make your Outlook file inaccessible. Sometime virus can damage the entire hard drive.
  • Other Reasons: Apart from the above reason there is some other reasons which may damage outlook PST file such as oversized PST file, Outlook freezing, error while upgrading Outlook version, bad sectors, system error, improper shut down, data storage device failure, etc.

In case, if you face any of the above scenarios you can easily make use of Scan PST Fix software and fix damaged Outlook PST file in few steps. It supports different versions of Windows Operating System like Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003.

Features of scan PST fix software:

  • This software can easily recovers deleted emails, contacts, tasks, notes with ease. It is the best tool to fix damaged Outlook PST file because of it’s advanced repairing technology.
  • In case if you dont know the exact location of lost PST file, you can easily search it by using ‘find PSToption which is given in it’s main menu.
  • It supports different versions of Microsoft Outlook like MS Outlook 2003, MS Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013. It is a read only tool and can not damage any file during fixing. It repair password protected file and oversized PST file easily.

How to Repair PST file without ScanPST

“I want to repair my PST file and ScanPST isn’t fixing the issue on my PST file. Is there a way to still fix my PST file when ScanPST fails or without ScanPST?”

There is a way to still repair PST file on outlook when ScanPST won fix PST file. The best and safest way to achieve this is by making use of a PST repair tool which can repair pst without ScanPST and repair your entire PST file.

Here is a video which shows you how to repair PST without ScanPST and how you can get back all your data from your PST file.

PST files are highly delicate and should be handled by expert care. You can lose crucial data from your PST file if it is handled in an unorthodox manner and can be very tough to repair them using the ScanPST option. ScanPST is an inbuilt tool provided by Outlook to repair PST file when it goes corrupt but however, ScanPST is not designed to handle a PST file when it is heavily corrupted or damaged. During such instances, you need to rely on a PST repair tool that is designed to carry out the repair operation on your PST file.

While using a PST repair tool when scanpst won fix PST file, you need to make sure that a professional repair tool is being used by you and it should also be able to repair PST without ScanPST. A professional repair tool will always handle your PST file in a safe manner as shown in the above video. However, there are a few other repair tools that promise to fix PST files but in reality they end up corrupting your PST file further more making it completely useless.

To safeguard your PST files, you need to repair PST file on outlook using a good software and it is recommended to make use of a certified software like the one employed above. PST files are sometimes very large in size and require a software that can handle such huge files and the right software to do such tasks is the one used in the above tutorial.

A PST repair software like the one used above can repair PST without ScanPST and is completely safe. It doesn’t change anything on your Outlook profile and also comes with an option that lets you import the repaired PST file to your existing Outlook profile so that you can once again gain access to all your Outlook emails and other data on your Outlook profile.

Why is it the best software to repair PST file on Outlook?

  • This software comes with a repair technique that is the best for fixing PST files when ScanPST fails or doesn’t fix your PST file.
  • It supports to repair PST files of all sizes.
  • You can save your PST file on your computer or even import it to your Outlook profile.
  • Additionally, it can also retrieve back deleted emails from your Outlook profile.

PST Recovery- When Outlook data inaccessible due CRC errors

PST stands for personal storage table and it is a file format is used to keep messages, calendar events, emails and some other information within Microsoft software including Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange Client, and Widows Messaging.  PST file is stored within system at predefined location with an extension of .pst.  PST file format also familiar as a Personal folder file or a Personal address Book. PST file matters for a person who uses the application that uses PST file format to store their vital data. There are several reasons that may lead to corruption of PST file and then further user becomes unable to access their vital data.  Some issues are as improper removal, virus infection, improper Outlook termination and so on. Here in this informative article will discuss about PST CRC error and in which circumstance CRC error appears on your computer screen.

There are several issues that may affect integrity of PST file and causes CRC error to come across including placing PST file on shared network, virus infection, sudden system shutdown and so on. After encountering CRC error due to anyone of them, there is no need to think that you are incapable to access your vital data further. In such circumstances, you need a recovery tool that will assist you to repair PST CRC error. You can make use of Repair PST File tool to fix PST file after CRC error. This tool is capable to fix PST file after CRC error on various version Outlook including Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. It is compatible to perform revival on various Windows versions including Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows NT. For more detail, visit this link:

Lets us discuss some scenarios in more detail to know more about CRC error while accessing PST file. first is virus infection, it has happened when you go online in order to access server data then there might be a probability of virus attack on system. When virus gets transfer into system then it might damage PST file or may do some severe changes in your system such as malfunctioning system, damaging boot record and so on. When PST files corrupts and you open Outlook application to access your personal information then there is an error message appears on computer screen, confirming PST file corruption. Error message appears on screen because when you open Outlook application then MS office PST performs CRC checks for integrity of data. CRC check is performed on the basis of value assigned after storing a block of data. When PST file corrupts then CRC check fail that means the checksum number assigned at the time of storing data is not equal to checksum number while accessing data, resulting in inaccessible condition.

When you shared PST file on network then there is probability of corruption of PST file. As it happened and you try to access PST file on some remote device then this might lead to CRC error.  Another reason that may lead to CRC error is improper system termination. When you shutdown system and PST file is still performing some read write operation then this might lead to corruption of PST. Once it is corrupted and you try to access PST file next time then there is probability of CRC error. It is because of alteration of checksum data. In case you are the person who are in such a situation and not able to access vital PST data due to CRC error then you can make use of this tool and repair PST file with ease.