Recover partition data in an effective way

Have you lost partition on Windows system? The partition contains your vital data. So in order to reinstate the partition data, you are searching for a revival tool within the marketplace.  If yes, you can use well-famed partition recovery tool named My Partition Recovery in order to resolve partition loss issues. With the help of this tool either you can recover partition data or even can recover the whole partition too. This tool uses an efficient algorithm to search lost partition or partition data. It is a very handy tool in recovering partition on various storage devices including external drive, USB drive, memory card and so on. With the help of this tool, you can recover partition data from various file system including FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExFAT on various working platforms like Windows including Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008.

After losing partition from any working platform there is no need to think that you cannot recover it back. It is not right in current time it is possible to recover partition with ease by making the use prominent recovery tool. I am just telling you, what happens when you accidentally delete the partition from hard drive or storage device. When you delete the partition from the hard drive then in the hard drive still there exists an image of the lost partition. In such a condition, it is only needed just employ a skilled partition recovery tool and recover all your vital data from lost partition successfully without any problem.

Several issues may lead to lose partition including ineffective file system conversion, virus attack, repartition hard drive, corruption of hard drive and so on. Let us experience some in more detail when you do file system conversion and in the meanwhile, there is any interruption occurs then this might lead to partition data loss or cause partition loss too. Virus attack is another reason that may lead to partition loss. It is being effective when you connect a system to the internet to access server data.  As you do so then there is a possibility of a virus attack on partition data. Further, it might lead to partition data loss. Often it has happened, hard drive goes corrupted due to common human error like improper shutdown, accidental deletion, unintentional formatting and so on. Once anyone has happened then it might be a probability of partition data loss.

After losing partition due to any of mentioned causes, there is no need to think that how to recover partition data and so on. Just use this tool and revive every bit of lost partition data with ease. However, in order to perform effective recovery, it is recommended to follow some preventive steps. Do not format, reformat or repartitioning hard drive next after the partition loss. Avoid creating new partition or recreation of lost/missing partition and it is also suggested that avoid reading/ writing anything from hard drive where the lost partition is present. Another strongly recommended prevention step is to avoid making the use of disk utility tool or defrag tool on a hard drive.  It is must follow these entire prevention steps next to the data loss it is just because, when you do not follow these precautionary steps then it might be a possibility of losing data for forever. With following these precautionary measures and with the help of this revival tool you can successfully revive partition with ease.

Restore NTFS Partition on Windows 8

NTFS is the most commonly used file system on Windows 8 over the globe. Its overall performance is relatively better than the other file systems. Therefore many of the people prefer this NTFS partition on Widows 8 for storing their precious files. As a matter of fact, none of the storage device is protected from data loss. Similarly, you might come across loss of NTFS partition from Windows 8. If you loss NTFS partitions, you may recover NTFS partition on Windows 8 with the help of partition recovery tool. But before recovering them, you must ensure whether hard drive partitions are deleted or not.

If you cannot find out NTFS partitions then it is not the case that NTFS partition must be lost. On some occasion, you cannot see NTFS partition from OS, but you can see it whose partition label has disappeared from “Disk Management”. This condition is not called as partition loss. NTFS partitions can be used as long as you appoint a partition label for them. If you are unable to view it in “Disk Management”, and there displays an unallocated mark in the location where the NTFS partition is originally in, on such situation you can ensure NTFS partition has been lost.

After declaring that NTFS partition is lost then you can use the most reliable tool named as NTFS recovery software to recover NTFS partition on Windows 8. Generally, when NTFS partitions are lost, only registration items in partition table are deleted while all partition data are stored on the hard drive. Hence, NTFS partition can be recovered through searching hard disk. Windows 8 NTFS partition recovery can be easily executed with the help of this NTFS recovery software to retrieve lost or deleted NTFS partition within a span of few minutes. It is designed with built in superior algorithms to scan the entire hard disk to get back deleted, missing, lost NTFS partition from Windows 8 operating system based computers or laptops.

Causes that result in loss/deletion of NTFS partition in Windows 8:

  • NTFS partition from Windows 8 computer may get lost while performing numerous disk related operations such as reformatting or repartitioning. If there is any sort of interruption occurs then it may result in NTFS partition loss on Windows 8.
  • NTFS partition on Windows 8 based computer gets unintentionally deleted while processing repartitioning operation. Use of unreliable applications on this operating system can lead to deletion of NTFS partition on Windows 8.
  • NTFS partition may go missing or becomes inaccessible because of lack of enough free space while resizing NTFS partition on Windows 8.
  • If the partition table or file system is damaged then you may encounter missing NTFS partitions on Windows 8 computer.

In addition to above mentioned scenario, NTFS partition may go missing or deleted due to erroneous file system conversion, defragmentation process, hard drive formatting, wrong re-naming of partitions, virus intrusions, etc.

Other than recovery of NTFS partition, you can also utilize this software for recovering deleted or lost FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS 5 and ExFAT file systems easily. You can also use this tool for restoration of files from external hard drive, memory cards, FireWire drive, flash drives, etc. utmost ease. NTFS recovery tool helps in retrieving file from several kinds of hard disk interface such as IDE, SATA, SAS and etc. This utility can retrieve partition from various version Windows operating system such as Windows server 2003/ Windows XP/ Windows Vista/ Windows 7 and Windows server 2008.

What are the possible ways to recover files from formatted hard drive?

Hard disk drive (HDD) commonly known as hard drive or hard disk is a data storage device, which is used to store audio, video, document files, etc. Every hard drive maintains a file system in order to organize data present on the hard drive. The two types of file system available are NTFS (New Technology File System) and FAT (File Allocation Table). NTFS is basically the default file system available in Windows operating system. NTFS has more advanced features than FAT file system like increased security, compatibility with different operating system, etc. However, data loss can occur due to various reasons like accidental deletion, virus attack, etc. It is better to use advanced File Recovery Tool in order to recover lost or deleted files from the hard drive. Remo Recover (Windows) – Basic Edition has the ability to recover files from formatted hard drive, flash memory card, USB drive, fire wire drive, etc.

Data loss can occur on Windows operating system due to various reasons like accidental format, accidental deletion, virus attack, reinstalling OS, data corruption, etc. Few of the common causes are explained briefly as follows: If you delete files from hard drive by using Shift + Delete keys or by emptying files from recycle bin, files get deleted from the computer memory. While reinstalling OS, if your system is affected by power surge, you may end up in losing data. If your files are affected with virus, files can become inaccessible and result in data loss from the hard drive.

Data loss from your hard drive can be minimized if you follow some basic precautions that are briefly discussed as below:

1)      You can maintain a regular backup of your important data and store it on any storage device.

2)      In order to remove virus from your system, you must install powerful anti-virus software and update it regularly.

3)      You can attach good stabilizer to your system in order to avoid data loss caused due to power surge.

4)      While shutting down your system always make sure that all the applications and programs are closed.

If you fail to follow the precautions that are mentioned above, you may end up in losing data from your system. In such case, you need not worry because lost or deleted files can be easily recovered by using effective File Recovery Tool. Remo Recover (Windows) – Basic Edition is the advanced file recovery tool, which can recover lost, deleted or formatted files from hard drives, flash memory cards, USB drives, fire wire drives, etc. The software provides hassle-free approach to recover deleted files from Windows Recycle bin, formatted partitions or after re-installing Windows. It locates and recovers deleted files quickly by using its powerful built-in scan engine. It can retrieve deleted or lost files from SATA, SCSI, IDE hard drives, SD, XD, MMC flash memory cards, USB external drives, fire wire drives, etc. You can download the trial version, which is available for free and check for the recovery results. You can buy the full version of the software, if you feel pleased with the recovery results.