USB drive recovery made after loss

Are you facing the data loss from the formatted hard drive? Alternatively, you are worried about the data lost while installing OS in the system. Therefore, I guess you are worried, after going through this article you will be no more worried about your lost data. You will be given an assistance to recover formatted data, and not only formatted data recovery, data but there are many more wrong beliefs will be cleared reading this article.

Recover of data could be done easily through your fingertips within few minutes. The option to recover the lost or formatted data is the use of efficient data recovery software. An extremely simple way is to recover the data using the software. The software is designed in such a way, that it goes deep inside your hard disk and recover all the data that seems to be lost.

The fact behind the recovery is the presence of data present inside the disk even after deletion. Shocked!!! Do not be the fact is when the data is deleted or hard disk is formatted then the data seems to be gone but it is not true. There is a small concept behind data recovery and loss as well  When the data is deleted, formatted or lost that means only the access to that data is gone not the full data. The data is still in there at the place where it was at the time of access.

What happens is when you save data on the hard disk, it is located at a particular position with an address and pointer pointing to that address is located? Whenever a user is accessing the data then these pointers take a user to that particular location and access the data placed at the position. Therefore when these files are deleted or lost then only these pointers are deleted and users are given an illusion that shows the empty space.

So data is present in there and the possibility is there to recover the data. Even you can unformat USB drive by using tool that has the capability to recover the data from your hard disk.

However, the thing is what causes data to lose?

No matter what OS/storage media/system/precautious user is but one or the other time there will be a loss of data? Few predefined scenarios are there which definitely results in data loss.

  • Generally, a user attaches there system to the internet and this proves to be the biggest factor in data loss as most of the virus attack to the system from this means.
  • Abrupt shutdown, disconnecting the attached device from a system, header corruption of hard disk results in severe data loss.
  • Formatting, reformatting, deleting the data from Recycle Bin and deleting files using shift delete result in deleting the data permanently.
  • Connecting the external hard disk, USB, iPods to infected system results in deletion or loss of files from a particular medium.

In the end, the user suffers from data loss from their storage device and start panicking. Panicking is not the solution to the problem, in this case, you are supposed to use the data recovery software. Just download the software install it in your system and better do recovery rather than worrying about the lost data.

Tool to Recover Data from Kingston USB Flash Drive

Kingston USB flash drives will fulfill unique needs of carrying data from one place to other. These USB flash drives are small in size, lightweight capable of storing huge amount of data. Sometimes, you are moving from one place to another and every time it is not easy to carry your laptop. Therefore, in such situation you can copy important files in Kingston USB flash drive and carry it along with you.

Loosing these important files will be very dangerous, either you have to create backup for these files otherwise take care of proper usage of these data files so that you don’t face data loss.

This Kingston USB flash drive is reliable, secure but still it can face some issues such as virus infection, data loss due to format error. Due to any reasons, if you lost data files from Kingston USB flash drive, it is somewhat difficult to restore these data files.

During such situation you start thinking is this possible retrieve data files from Kingston USB flash drive? However, there is no reason to get panic!! Such losses overcome through using Kingston USB Recover Tool software. This Kingston USB data recovery tool has got effective scanning algorithm it scan and will recover lost data files within few minutes.

Reasons behind the deletion or loss of data from Kingston USB flash drive:

  • Data Transfer: Sometimes, you wanted to transfer data from Kingston USB flash drive to computer system, during this data transfer if user eject USB drive abruptly then it will cause loss of data files from USB flash drive. If you do not have proper backup facility then it is very hard to recover these lost data.
  • Accidental Formatting: Sometimes, user intention is to format D: drive or some other drive of computer system. However, unknowingly if you select external device i.e. Kingston USB drive and formatted that drive it will cause serious loss of data files.
  • Antivirus Scan: Most of the times Kingston USB drive infected by viruses due to some reason such as connecting these device to computer systems. To overcome these virus attacks you will use antivirus to fix this problem but this also delete infected files.
  • Unexpected System Shutdown: Several times, you came through the problem of power loss, when you are performing file transfer operation from your USB flash drive to computer system suddenly power loss or fluctuation in voltage supply will cause loss of data files.

Features of Kingston USB Recovery Tool:

  • This Kingston USB recovery tool has got strong algorithm which is capable to recover data from Kingston USB drive within minutes.
  • Capable to retrieve data from other USB drives brands such as Moserbaer, Sony, HP, SanDisk, etc.
  • This Kingston USB recovery tool is capable of recover data even after formatting USB flash drives.
  • This software will support restore process in both Windows (Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, etc.) and Mac (Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion, etc.).
  • Kingston USB recovery tool can recover more that 300types of file formats including various image files, txt files, MP3 files etc.
  • Retrieve data from other storage drives such as SD card, SDXC, MMC, SDHC, CF, etc.

Use This Application to Recover Files from Formatted Pen Drive

I have Kingston 32GB pen drive, which I used to store data and transfer files from one to system other. I have recently stored few important files in it but when I connected to system which prompt a message i.e.” drive is not formatted properly, do you like to format it now?” then immediately clicked on ok button and formatted my pen drive that caused important data loss for me. In addition, I do not have backup of those lost data. Please can anyone suggest any unformat software to my pen drive?

Unformat Data is one of the excellent data recovery applications to unformat pen drive data with safe and secure. This application can restore all types of data from pen drive, includes audio, video, document, picture, etc. It supports recovery of data from various brands of pen drives such as HP, SanDisk, Moser bear, DataTraveller, etc. It not only restores formatted data, also recovers lost and deleted files from pen drive due to any reasons. Hence, it is the best software to recover files from formatted pen drive on both Windows and Mac OS machines.

Is it possible to restore formatted data from pen drive?

Of course, you can with the use of this data recovery application at your fingertips. Because, whenever you do format process on any storage devices including pen drive, data immediately disappears from pen drive memory. In fact, formatted data remains there only but their access pointers are removed off quickly from table hence, you cannot view formatted data. However, if you employed data recovery application then it will scan your pen drive in dept and perform a successful formatted data recovery from pen drive in few simple steps.

Various reasons behind the loss of data from pen drive

  • Virus attacks: virus threats can easily move into your pen drive when you connect to any virus-infected system or storing virus infected data into it. Once virus threats entered a pen drive, starts corrupting its file system thus results in inaccessible pen drive. This leads to loss of all data stored in pen drive.
  • Safe remove option: Always after connecting pen drive to any system you should eject using safe remove option only. Suppose if you ejected pen drive abruptly from system then it leads to an inaccessible pen drive and this results in loss of data.
  • Accidental deletion: At times, you face lack of memory store data into it. Due to this you may plan to delete few undeleted files to make some free space but while deleting there may be chances of deleting essential files and finally you end in loss of files from pen drive.
  • Interrupting file transfer process: Generally, you use pen drive for data transfer process from one system to other. However, while transferring data from pen drive to system if any interruption occurred then it results in loss of files that are still in transferring mode.

Above listed scenarios cause data loss from pen drive. Suppose if you have come across data loss scenario due to any reasons then no need to worry; because with the use of data recovery application you can easily restore them in an easy way. This data recovery application also supports recovery of data from data storage devices includes hard drive, external hard drive, memory card, iPod, etc.

Special features of application are

  • Rich in user interface that helps all users to access the application very easily
  • Recovers formatted, deleted and lost data from pen drive
  • Restores data from corrupted, inaccessible and damaged pen drive
  • Recovers data from flash drives, thumb drives, memory sticks, etc
  • Supports NTFS, NTFS5, FAT32, FAT16, HFSX, HFS+ file system
  • Supports recovery of data from different types of hard drive includes SATA, SCSI, IDE, SSD, etc
  • Performs safe, secure and quick data recovery process
  • Keeps all your data undamaged
  • Displays all restored files in File Type View and Data View format
  • Provides free demo version tool
  • Provides free tech support for all customers for 24*7 hours

Note: after losing data from pen drive due to formatting it accidentally or any other reasons then do not use that drive unless recovering data from it. Because, storing data on pen drive after formatting it may lead to loss of formatted data permanently beyond recovery process.

Recover data from USB hard disk

The most popular data storage devices hard drives, USB hard disk, and memory cards etc. Hard disks are inbuilt computer storage devices, and have huge capacity of knowledge storage. And they’re consisting of magnetic tapes. Similarly USB hard disks will also be store quite a bit of data these are external storage devices. These are used for transferring the information in one system to another. It may store and transfer almost any kind of data.

Generally, the data lose occurs as a consequence of improper handling with the devices by some external threats. The info lose occurs unknowingly press format option, as a result of file system corruption, while partitioning or re-partitioning etc. No matter what could be the cause make sure and proceed towards the solution. And first of all consider the cause due to which lose of data occurs, then take recover file step. If your USB hard disk is failed then you can recover data stored in it by using USB hard disk data recovery software.

Some scenarios where you may lose data from USB hard disk:

  • Accidental format: If you connecting or disconnecting external devices like USB drivers, external hard drive and flash memory etc. repeatedly then system will prompts or alerts an email requesting desire to format device, accidentally if you press format option then external device get format leads to lose of huge amount of important data.
  • While transferring data: During transferring data to or from unsecured devices or unauthenticated devices causes USB device data lose and also if any interrupted like power surge or power failure occurs while transferring data leads to data lose.
  • Virus or Malware attack: If you choosing virus infected host devices to transfer data repeatedly then you definitely face corruption of your external USB hard disk brings you data lose.

Instructions to avoid previously listed scenarios are highlighted below:

• Maintain backup important and confidential data of external devices.
• Use external energy to system while transferring the data to system and the external USB hard disk.
• Install proper anti-virus tool in system to protect from viruses or malwares.

It is strongly advised to use USB hard disk data recovery software to extract formatted or corrupted external USB device. It’s also recovers data from partitioned/re-partitioned or formatted/ reformatted hard disks. And in addition recovers data from non booting devices and hard drives having bad sectors. It features a quick recovery engine to identify and restore 300 file types. Because of its greater graphical interface you might not face any difficulties during installation. In fact it is not necessary to get technical knowledge while recovering the formatted data. The application supports regardless of all OS’s like Windows 7, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, and Windows 8 etc.

It offers free demo version, to have prior experience and knowledge about this software. After downloading the demo version, within few steps it is possible to preview your formatted data. Nevertheless, you likely to own licensed version to restore the previewed data.