What is Windows Experience Index?

The Windows Experience Index is used to measure your computer performance based on how fine your computer works with the Windows operating system. This system performance measurement is defined by the base score. If the base score of your computer is high means, it is working faster and smarter with the Windows OS compare to low base score system.

Each part of hardware in your computer gets its own score which is called as “sub score”. The total base score is calculated based on low sub score of individual hardware component rather than average sub score of all the hardware components. Therefore you can easily identify the low performance hardware components by its sub score which can help you to focus on those components and you may decide whether some hardware parts to be upgraded to achieving high performance. For example, consider your computer Processor has sub score 6.8 and RAM has sub score 4.9 and then internal hard disk has sub score 5.1 means Windows Experience Index only take the lowest sub score hardware component and calculate its score which will be overall performance of your system called Base score. The computer base score is presently ranging from 1.0 to 7.9 based on Windows versions.

How to View Your Computer Base Score?

By following below steps, you can get your computer base score which will be calculated in the measure of speed per second. Tasks may be varied based on hardware components. For example, Processor performance is calculated in the measure of processing speed per seconds.

  1. At first, open “Performance Information and Tools” by reading it from the right corner of the computer screen and click on “Search” option entering “Performance Information and Tools” in the search box, tapping or clicking “Settings”, and then clicking “Performance Information and Tools”.
  2. Then you can view the sub scores of all the hardware components and overall base score of your computer effectively. If any hardware parts are upgraded recently means the sub score of them will be changed. In order to find out the recently upgraded parts sub score you can click on “Re-run the Assessment”. In this operation, you need to enter system admin password or you can confirm yourself.
  3. Even if you are not able to get the base score of your system means you can click the special option like “Rate this Computer” which might be asked to enter your system admin password.