How Can I Fix Zip Files After Corruption Or Damage?

We all are familiar about need of space in our personal computer and various methods by which it can be achieved. We used to store different types of files like audio, video, images and many other documents in compressed form with an intention to store data with small size and save computer memory. Once, when I was trying to open a Zip file using WinZip, an error message appeared on the screen, which was actually strange to me. The message was that “cannot open the file it does not appear to be a valid Zip archive”. Actually I was lacking knowledge about the reason for the message and really didn’t know how I can fix Zip archive folder after corruption or damage.

Further study on the errors related to Zip files and Zip repair took me to a conclusion which explains the different ways in which a compressed file will get corrupted and the various methods to fix Zip archive folder after corruption. Here I like to share some of the scenarios that cause damage or corruption of Zip files, which lead to error messages that struggles us in unpacking an archive.

  • In our day to day life there will be occasions when we need to download a Zipped file from internet. Many of the time during downloading we may have seen that files which we are trying to download will get broken or damaged due to any interruptions. It may be followed by a Cyclic Redundancy Check error message (CRC)-which is common error checking code used in digital networks.
  • I hope all are familiar about the header and body part of the Zip file. Where header shows the information about file name, size etc and body shows the information related to the file. If header part of the file is corrupted it refuses to open the Zip archive
  • Compressed file can get corrupted due to power failure or even it can be due to sudden shut down of the system.
  • There is a chance of file corruption if we are trying to transfer Zip file from one place to another through improper network
  • Many of the times Zip files will get corrupted if we are trying to download a file when network connectivity is very poor,
  • There is a chance of file corruption when the Zipped file is converted from one file format to some other unsupported format. Because changing the extension of the file just changes the file name but the functionality remains the same. This may cause corruption of the Zipped file and it refuses to open further.

These are few of the cases when Zipped files may get corrupted and even there are many more instances where Zip repair become very relevant and cannot be avoided.

What is Zip repair and how it can be done? It is the question that confuses us regularly because there are many repair software present in market but which one will really help us to recover the damaged Zipped files, whether it can repair all the corrupted files and many more questions..

Here I like to introduce a Zip repair application called Repair Zip, which is very straight forward, and user friendly.

Here are some of the important features of this application which actually attract the users to this software

  • Repair Zip application can be used to fix Zipped files of 32 bit, 64 bit and Zipx files
  • This software helps to repair Zip files with cyclic redundancy check (CRC) error
  • It is brilliant enough to repair all compressed files irrespective of its size I e it can restore a file which is even more than the size of 4GB.
  • Once the repair process is over, It allows user to preview the lost data that can be recovered from damaged Zip file

Many more factors reveal the benefits of Zip Repair tool and I like to invite every readers to enjoy the functionality and benefits of the application by downloading the trial version from