How Google Test Feature Helps You to Replace Your Password With a Phone?

Now-a-days remembering passwords for various accounts are quite difficult. An user can have so many accounts like Google, Gmail, yahoo, etc. and remaining all their passwords is little bit complex. If you forgot the password then it is nothing worse than ever. So keeping all these in mind Google developed a new feature, i.e. you can use your phone to login into your Google account without typing the password.
Google test feature to replace password with a phone

How does it works?

The Google test feature works as follows. After completion of the initial setup on your phone, when you try to log into your Google account on your mobile device you have to enter your email address. After entering an email address a notification will be popped on your phone. This notification asks for confirmation whether you are really signing into your account or not. Once you approve the notification, you were logged into your account.

Rohit Paul one of the Reditt users first reported about this feature, and Android Police confirmed that the new feature is being tested by considering small number of users on iOS and Android.. At the time of logging into their account on new computer, Google users are enabled to confirm their identity. The method is quite similar to two-factor authentication. The only difference is that they never have to type the password while logging. This feature would be really benefited for the users who often continuously change their passwords or the users who don’t want to bother remembering them. This might sound less secure than two-factor authentication. As the technology is developing and things were improved. You can protect your phone with your fingerprint, or you can put a password or a PIN lock, which makes difficult for someone who tries to log to your Google account very easily.

In an email to users, Google clearly explains how this feature works. For example, if you have already enabled this Google test feature, you can still login into your account with your password. For this option you have to choose the “Use your password instead” link which is available at the bottom of the page.  At the time of logging if Google notices anything suspicious about your login process, it will ask you one or more additional questions to make sure whether it’s really you that is logging into the account. In case if you lose your phone you can login to your Google account on another device. For this setting go to “My Account” option and remove account access from the phone which you have lost.