How to Fix Header Corruption in RAR File?

Hello Friends! Last day I was extracting files from RAR archive. While extracting file, shut down abruptly as a result I was unable to access or open RAR files. I got an error message like “File header is corrupted”. It was really a drastic situation me since data stored in RAR file are very important for me. Can anyone suggest me repair tool to fix corrupt RAR file header?  

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WinRAR Repair software is a significant application which is capable in repairing RAR header file with few simple steps. The software can be easily installed on Windows and Mac based system to fix damaged or corrupted RAR file. You are able to repair password protected RAR file without any issues but unable to open the without the password. You can purchase this tool online to repair RAR header file with comfort.

Some of the reasons due to which RAR header file get corrupted are mentioned below:

Virus or Malware Infections: The main reason behind corruption of RAR harder file is virus or malware infection. With the virus corruption, user is unable to open RAR file or it reduces the speed of system gradually.

Recovery Tool Error: The use of unreliable tool for extracting RAR file sometimes corrupts the header of RAR file. In such case, the file structure get corrupted as result of which RAR file become inaccessible.

Incomplete Download: The RAR get affected when file is not downloaded properly due to any interruption or low internet connection. As a result RAR header file get corrupted and user can’t access the files properly.

File System Corruption: The file system is corrupted due to virus or malware programs available on hard drive which result in corruption of files including RAR file. This leads to corruption of RAR file and finally become inaccessible.

WinRAR Repair software can be used in all the above mentioned scenarios for repairing corrupted RAR file. This tool can be implemented on all RAR file corruption issues.

Features of WinRAR Repair software

The above mentioned reasons forbid user to access the files that are compressed in RAR format. However, using reliable RAR file repair software makes your task is made easier. WinRAR Repair software is an advanced tool that can be implemented in different scenario to repair errors in RAR file and to make them accessible again. It can fix RAR file of any size and irrespective of the reason of its corruption. This software will scan the drive or any other storage drive in which RAR archive file has been stored. By using WinRAR Repair software, user is able to fix RAR files which are password protected. This software can be employed on all versions of RAR files on Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista operating systems.