How to Play MOV File when MOV File is not Playing

MOV is the common video format that is available in internet, DVDs, cameras and many other sources. Storing MOV on your computer for easy accessing is a good idea, but what if it becomes corrupt or damaged? MOV file might show errors while trying to play it using a video player and this can be due to various reasons. But before that, we are going to discuss how to play MOV file when MOV file is not playing in any video player.

By using a software called Remo Repair MOV, we can overcome this situation and can be able to play the videos after successful repair. For doing this, just watch the video below which will act as a reference in showing how it is being done.

Steps to Repair a Corrupt / Damaged MOV File

Open the tool after successful installation on your Mac computer. You will see two buttons namely choose reference file and open corrupt MOV / MP4 file to repair. Just load any healthy MOV file as a reference in the first box and the file which is not playing in the second one. Then, click on Repair to start the video repair process. After some time, the repair process gets completed as you can see a prompt showing it. Now you will be able to preview the video and save that to your computer’s disk. Remember to upgrade to the full version software to save the repaired MOV file.

Characteristics of Remo Repair MOV

  • The tool not only repairs corrupt and damaged MOV file but also repairs all MP4 files.
  • The tool supports avc1, mjpeg, mp4v video codecs and RAW, sowt, mp4a audio codecs for repair.
  • The software gives you a free preview of your repaired MOV video file in order to prove its reliability.
  • Simple step by step interface that lets users repair their corrupt videos in few simple clicks. It has an interface similar to Mac.
  • Available for all Mac OSX platforms and supports HFS, HFS+, HFSX, FAT16 and FAT32 file systems.
  • Able to repair videos shot on iPhones and cameras such as Nikon, Canon, Sony, GoPro, etc. It also securely repairs the file without making any alteration in the original file.

Causes of Error in Playing MOV File

This can be due to one or more following reasons as they are listed below.

  • Any missing audio or video codec from the original video due to any corruption scenario.
  • Playing MOV video file in an unsupported video player which might alter the video property.
  • Due to virus infections in Mac computers. Depending upon the severity level it may damage and even delete the file present on the disk drive of your Mac.
  • Disruption while transferring MOV file may cause the partial video to copy on the destination location, thus the system marks it as a corrupt file.
  • Removing the external storage device or SD card or any other storage media while playing any MOV file from it may definitely cause damage.