Know About How to Run Remix OS on A Mac

A beta version of Remix OS 2.0 is launched by Jide for PC. Remix OS is an Android’s custom version which is to feel and look like a desktop operating system. But for over a past year it was just limited to laptops, tablets and TV boxes. Now let us look at what’s new in Jide that is enabling Remix OS to be downloaded and runs it in Intel or AMD chips featured computers.

You need to prepare a USB flash drive associated with Remix OS for either Windows or Mac computer. When you download Remix OS on Windows PC then USB preparation tool is also downloaded, whereas in Mac it is easy to prepare a flash drive.

To create a bootable Live USB drive, UNetbootin software is needed and on Mac it can be accessed in the Startup Manager.

Following are the tools required to run Remix OS on a Mac:

  • Remix OS version 2.0 for PC
  • UNetbootin software for Mac
  • USB flash drive with minimum storage of 8GB.


  1. If you don’t have UNetbootin software for Mac then you should download it
  2. Remix OS for PC should be downloaded
  3. USB flash drive should be plugged in to the Mac
  4. By opening UNetbootin software you need to format the window as follows:
  • Select the Disk Image
  • From the Dropbox menu select IOS
  • To find the Remix file click on the “…” button.
  • In the Download folder there will be an .ios, you need to select it.
  1. Click “OK”, when it is done completely then click “Exit”.
  2. Now you should restart your system, press and hold the alt/option key as soon as you hear the startup sound. By doing this Startup Manager will get opened.
  3. When the option of Windows appears then you need to select it. By following these steps will boots up the Remix OS on your Mac.

Once your system booting is completed, you can select “Guest” or Resident” in order to use Remix. The difference you will see after booting process, all the apps and data will be saved in Resident mode on USB drive.

Once the MBP is opened Remix OS will start running as we expect from it. But one thing you should consider that is, mouse is needed to use Remix OS, because scrolling up or down is unable by using trackpad of laptop.