Repair corrupted DBX file

Though conversation over the telephone held the top position in communication till recent times, web based communication, like chat and email have replaced the telephone almost fully. From business letters to business proposals and customer complaints, and every other form of communication is deemed complete without the use of email as the preferred medium for communication. Since the importance of emails has increased considerably, the need to keep all your email data safe from various threats has increased.

Windows based users make wide use of Outlook Express for sending and receiving of emails. Business users make maximum use of Outlook Express, and hence it is specifically important for them. Emails in Outlook Express are stored in files called DBX or MBX files. The archived emails of an user are stored in these files. These DBX files have high chances of getting corrupted, and the reasons could be many like viruses, malware, etc. In such situations, you require a recovery software, which can recover Outlook Express completely and effectively.

REMO Recover Outlook Express software lets you repair DBX files corrupted due to power cuts, viruses or other reasons. The software makes use of the Astute Scan method, to recover all the deleted/lost emails from the corrupted DBX file.

Data Recovery Tools

Whenever we face data loss situation, we always want to get it recovered as quickly and as cost effectively as possible. There are different data recovery tools that we can utilize and some are more effective than others, but it really all depends on the nature of data loss.

A number of common ways that data is lost or corrupted are as follows:

  1. User Errors: Such as accidental deletion of data files, partition, accidentally formatted the drive or reinstalled the windows operating system.
  2. Software Errors: This typically occurs because software will write the data to the wrong part of the disk
  3. Hard Drive Electronics Failures
  4. Hard Drive Arm Failures
  5. Hard Drive Platter Failures.

Amongst these types, user errors and software errors come under logical failure and can easily be dealt using powerful data recovery software. The rest, hard drive electronics failures, hard drive arm failures and hard drive platter failures come under physical failure, in which case a data recovery professional should be consulted.

There is a way to prevent a disaster i.e., backing up your files on a regular basis can save you from losing your important data and files for good. There are a number of ways in which you can backup your files these days. You can either get an external hard drive and backup your data every so often or you can backup all of your data on CD or other disk format at certain times.

One such powerful windows data recovery software that helps to recover lost data from logical failure cases is Remo Recover (Windows), that is a collection of various data recovery components designed to recover deleted files emptied from recycle bin, inadvertently deleted or lost due to virus or Trojan infection, unexpected system shutdown, software failure or even after Windows reinstallation. The software has versatile options to perform full search on a hard drive to recover deleted or lost files.

This Remo Recover (Windows) is fast in recovering data and does not require special technical or data recovery skills to recover deleted files.

Resolve PST file corruption

Microsoft Outlook is the most trusted communication and scheduling application used by many individuals and businesses every day. It is used to store storing emails, business and personal contacts, appointments, tasks and notes. Nonetheless, there is always a risk that data files may be damaged and your precious information is lost. This may be caused by various reasons like internal software errors, power failures or hard drive crashes, virus attack, compacting of pst file, corruption caused due to 2 GB pst file size limit, improper shutdown of computer or outlook and corruption inside the pst file.

If you want to avoid such problems now and in the future, secure your data with regular backup and be sure that you have a solution of how to fix Microsoft Outlook PST file corruption issues. However the solution for simple corruption is that you will have to open the Scanpst.exe utility that is included by default with Outlook. But this tool mostly fails during greater degree of corruptions in PST file.

In most of the cases Outlook inbox repair tool fails to repair the corrupted PST file. You should then use advanced PST repair software. These are automated Outlook Inbox Repair Tools built with suitable scanning algorithms to repair even in complex corruption scenarios.

NOTE: As a measure of precaution on account of corruption in PST file make sure that you do not open your mailbox with other programs otherwise you may completely destroy it. Do not save any new data on the hard drive as this may lead to permanent data loss.

There are numerous third party solutions available that can repair the damaged PST file. REMO Outlook Mail Recovery Software is a powerful tool to fix corrupt PST and will safeguard you from any data threatening situations and will provide a definite solution to resolve data loss issues if anything goes wrong. It uses advanced technologies to scan the damaged personal folders (.pst) files and recover your lost/deleted email messages, folders, notes, contacts, journals, calendars, tasks and other data. The software scans the damaged/corrupted PST file and list downs the recoverable files. It allows you to preview the file before recovery. The software is easy to use with self descriptive interface and it effectively recovers and restores all PST file objects to a safe location.

Examining the two basic types of data recovery

There are two forms of data recovery. One entails the use of powerful software to read a failed drive and restore all of the files on it to a safe location. The actual process involved is very simple and can be accomplished by anyone with a data recovery program and a basic knowledge of computer operation. The second is more aptly titled disk recovery as it involves physical disassembly of a hard drive unit to “get at” the stored data inside. The first technique can be done by the amateur repairman but still requires disassembly of the personal computer or laptop and removal of the drive. That drive must then be connected to another working computer that has data recovery software installed on it. The second hard drive recovery option is more complicated. If the drive in question has suffered a physical breakdown such as a frozen head or burned out drive motor, that hard disk assembly must be taken apart, made functional, and then researched using those same powerful data recovery tools.

If all of this sounds complicated to you that is because it is! And for that reason most file recovery is better left to a professional data recovery services company. One we recommend is Data Recovery Services. Data Recovery Companies has offices all around the globe and is skilled in all forms of deleted file, reformatted file recovery. They are equally adept at recovery of data from damaged hard drives and business systems such as RAID 5. RAID systems are huge digital storage systems for business that incorporate many hard disks into one server. When these fail billions of separate files can be at risk. Furthermore most RAID systems are in constant use and should they fail it results in a major network crash. Corporate America relies on REMO for fast secure RAID recovery. If REMO can repair the most sophisticated business digital storage systems ever developed they can surely make short work of restoring the files locked away on the crashed hard drive of your laptop!