Deleted Picture Recovery from Recycle Bin

recover-deleted-files-from-recycle-binI am using Windows system at my home. While deleting unwanted pictures from the hard drive I accidentally press Shift+Delete in place of delete button delete. As a result of which all pictures get permanently deleted from the system. Later on I felt that some of the important pictures also get deleted with the unwanted pictures. It is a horrible situation for me and I want to recover images as soon as possible. Can anyone suggest me reliable recovery application?

You can use Digital Picture Recovery tool to recover deleted pictures from Recycle Bin in safe and secure way. By using this tool, you can easily retrieve deleted or lost data from recycle bin. This application allows customers to find the recovered file using Find Option according to file name, file size and file type. Digital Picture Recovery tool is capable in recovering different file formats of images such as JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIFF, TIFF, etc.

Scenarios for data loss from Recycle Bin folder

Empty Recycle Bin: The user is deleting files from recycle without any back up. After few days user think deleted file contains some useful data. In this situation, you can make use of this software to recover the deleted files.

Using Command Prompt: Command prompt leads to severe data loss from system. If user select important file while using Command prompt. As a result of which downloaded files get deleted permanently from system.

Size Issue of Recycle Bin: The size of recycle bin folder is 10 percent of the total available space for drive. When you deleted a file from hard drive and the size of file exceeds the size of recycle bin folder then it directly bypass the folder.

You can make use of this effective tool to recover files from above mentioned scenarios. Digital Picture Recovery tool can easily recover all files that are deleted from recycle bin.

Features of Digital Picture Recovery Tool

  • Digital Picture Recovery tool can be downloaded, installed and used on all the latest version of Windows operating system.
  • This recovery tool requires less space for installation on any operating system.
  • It allows user to preview file from the lists of recovered file. Demo version is available only to view recovered data from recycle bin.
  • This software is safe and secure since it is free from virus/malware programs.

Know About How to Run Remix OS on A Mac

A beta version of Remix OS 2.0 is launched by Jide for PC. Remix OS is an Android’s custom version which is to feel and look like a desktop operating system. But for over a past year it was just limited to laptops, tablets and TV boxes. Now let us look at what’s new in Jide that is enabling Remix OS to be downloaded and runs it in Intel or AMD chips featured computers.

You need to prepare a USB flash drive associated with Remix OS for either Windows or Mac computer. When you download Remix OS on Windows PC then USB preparation tool is also downloaded, whereas in Mac it is easy to prepare a flash drive.

To create a bootable Live USB drive, UNetbootin software is needed and on Mac it can be accessed in the Startup Manager.

Following are the tools required to run Remix OS on a Mac:

  • Remix OS version 2.0 for PC
  • UNetbootin software for Mac
  • USB flash drive with minimum storage of 8GB.


  1. If you don’t have UNetbootin software for Mac then you should download it
  2. Remix OS for PC should be downloaded
  3. USB flash drive should be plugged in to the Mac
  4. By opening UNetbootin software you need to format the window as follows:
  • Select the Disk Image
  • From the Dropbox menu select IOS
  • To find the Remix file click on the “…” button.
  • In the Download folder there will be an .ios, you need to select it.
  1. Click “OK”, when it is done completely then click “Exit”.
  2. Now you should restart your system, press and hold the alt/option key as soon as you hear the startup sound. By doing this Startup Manager will get opened.
  3. When the option of Windows appears then you need to select it. By following these steps will boots up the Remix OS on your Mac.

Once your system booting is completed, you can select “Guest” or Resident” in order to use Remix. The difference you will see after booting process, all the apps and data will be saved in Resident mode on USB drive.

Once the MBP is opened Remix OS will start running as we expect from it. But one thing you should consider that is, mouse is needed to use Remix OS, because scrolling up or down is unable by using trackpad of laptop.

How Google Test Feature Helps You to Replace Your Password With a Phone?

Now-a-days remembering passwords for various accounts are quite difficult. An user can have so many accounts like Google, Gmail, yahoo, etc. and remaining all their passwords is little bit complex. If you forgot the password then it is nothing worse than ever. So keeping all these in mind Google developed a new feature, i.e. you can use your phone to login into your Google account without typing the password.
Google test feature to replace password with a phone

How does it works?

The Google test feature works as follows. After completion of the initial setup on your phone, when you try to log into your Google account on your mobile device you have to enter your email address. After entering an email address a notification will be popped on your phone. This notification asks for confirmation whether you are really signing into your account or not. Once you approve the notification, you were logged into your account.

Rohit Paul one of the Reditt users first reported about this feature, and Android Police confirmed that the new feature is being tested by considering small number of users on iOS and Android.. At the time of logging into their account on new computer, Google users are enabled to confirm their identity. The method is quite similar to two-factor authentication. The only difference is that they never have to type the password while logging. This feature would be really benefited for the users who often continuously change their passwords or the users who don’t want to bother remembering them. This might sound less secure than two-factor authentication. As the technology is developing and things were improved. You can protect your phone with your fingerprint, or you can put a password or a PIN lock, which makes difficult for someone who tries to log to your Google account very easily.

In an email to users, Google clearly explains how this feature works. For example, if you have already enabled this Google test feature, you can still login into your account with your password. For this option you have to choose the “Use your password instead” link which is available at the bottom of the page.  At the time of logging if Google notices anything suspicious about your login process, it will ask you one or more additional questions to make sure whether it’s really you that is logging into the account. In case if you lose your phone you can login to your Google account on another device. For this setting go to “My Account” option and remove account access from the phone which you have lost.

An Effective File Recovery Software for Windows 10

fix ostEasy File Recovery is an effective and reliable tool which helps you to recover files from various storage devices on different platforms of Windows OS. Windows 10 is designed with advanced features compared to others such as support high processor speed, fast data transfer rate, etc. File loss is a major problem in front of the computer users. File loss can happen due to various known or unknown reasons. For example, data loss due to sudden removal of external drive while transferring file from external storage device to computer and vice versa. This tool is designed with simple graphical interface which helps an even non-technical user to recover data from internal hard drive types like SATA, SCSI and IDE and external hard drive types such as USB drives, FireWire drives, etc.

Causes which are responsible for file loss on Windows 10:

  • Accidental deletion of essential files instead of unwanted files.
  • Interruption during files transfer from external storage device to computer and vice versa.
  • Accidental Formatting of drive which contain essential files instead of unwanted drive
  • Bad sectors present on storage device
  • File system corruption due to any reason. File system is the important part of computer which contains essential information of files.
  • Using unreliable third party tools for scanning of drives.
  • Empty Recycle Bin files without noticing that essential files.
  • Using Disk Management tool for creating the partitions of Windows 10 hard drive If an interruption occurs, as there more chance of file get loss from hard drive.

These are the common reasons due to which files may get deleted or lost from storage drive on Windows OS. At this time, an effective recovery utility named as Easy File Recovery can helps to effectively perform file recovery for Windows 10 with greater ease. You can use this tool to recover any types of files without facing any difficulties.

Features of Easy File Recovery Software

  • This tool restores files from Windows 10 hard drives which are manufactured by Seagate, Hitachi, Western Digital, etc.
  • It recover deleted or loss files on the basis of file extensions, size, signatures, etc.
  • This tool compatible with on almost all platforms of Windows and performs Windows 10 hard drive recovery in hassle free manner.
  • It provides a “Save Recovery Session”, which helps you to save and resume the recovery process any time with an effective manner.
  • It retrieve files from hard drive partitions that are formatted with FAT, exFAT and NTFS.
  • You can recover different file types such as videos, audios and images from different external devices such as USB flash drives, memory stick, MMC Card, etc.
  • You can view the recovered files in File Type View and Data View.
  • This application allows you to preview the recovered files before saving to a desired location in computer.

Software to Repair AVI Video Files on Mac OS X

repair corrupted pst file outlook 2013AVI is a file container which contain audio and video tracks. This file format easily playable on various multiple media player on different versions of Mac OS X such as Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, etc. However, sometimes this video file format corrupted due to various reason and becomes unable to play on Mac OS X. In this time, you may get worried and start thinking that how to repair AVI video files. Don’t worry! Because, you can repair AVI file Mac OS X with the help of Repair AVI software. This software has designed with strong algorithm which is capable enough to repair damaged and corrupted AVI video file on Mac OS X.

Common scenarios due to which AVI video files get corrupted on Mac OS X:

  • Volume Header is one of the most essential part of Mac computer which contain valuable information of media files like file name, size, type, extension, etc. If the volume header get corrupted due to any reason which leads to AVI video file corruption and makes its file inaccessible.
  • An interruption occurs when you are converting the file format like AVI to other such as MP4 using third party tool which leads to more chance of file corruption and you can’t play file on Mac OS X.
  • Sometimes, when you play a video file on unsupported media player an encounter occurs such as that media player does not support your file as their more chance of file corruption and damage the structure of file then it will result in file becomes unreadable.
  • If any sort of interruption occurs when you are downloading AVI video file from internet such as sudden shutdown system due to power failure as a result of this incompletion download of file which lead to AVI file corruption.

Repair AVI is a recommended tool which is specially designed to repair AVI video file on Mac under above mentioned scenarios. This tool has simple user interface and is capable to fix corrupted AVI files on Mac and anyone can use this to repair corrupt AVI file on Mac operating system.

 Features of Repair AVI Software:

  • Repair AVI is the recommended tool designed by highly technicians which is capable enough to repair corrupted as well as damaged AVI video files without any difficulties.
  • It has the ability to repair AVI video file which is stored on various storage devices like hard drives, pen drives, memory cards, flash memory drives, memory stick, etc.
  • This application fix AVI files on almost all update version of Mac operating system including Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard, Leopard, etc.
  • It is capable of repairing various video file formats like AVI, MP4, MOV, etc.
  • With the assistance of this tool, you can repair a videos files on various digital camera brands like Nikon, Samsung, Panasonic, Canon, Sony, etc.
  • It provides a better option to preview the repaired AVI file before saving to a desired location. To know more about AVI file repair software, you can refer this page.

Know How to Repair Corrupted PST File on Outlook 2013

Solution for Repairing Corrupted or Damaged PST File:

When your PST file gets corrupted or damaged, then you may not able to access the file any more. There are several reasons which make the PST file inaccessible. If the file becomes inaccessible, then you can’t even access Outlook data that are saved in the file as the file is not opened on any case. Now to overcome these types of situation, I came up with a solution which can fix this issue easily that is that is making use of Oversized PST Repair software which is reliable software that can perform the repair process of  Outlook 2013,2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 versions in a comfortable corrupted pst file outlook 2013

Why only this utility is needed for repairing?

This software is inbuilt with strong algorithm which is specially designed to repair damaged PST files which are corrupted due to large size of the PST file and make them open within a short period of time. This software is not like the other software which doesn’t give the complete result, even after buying its full version. It has perfectness in repairing damaged PST files that why it is highly appreciated by the different people all over the globe.

As the name of the software itself, indicating that this software is capable of repairing the over sized PST file, after repairing of the PST file, speed also may vary of Outlook application. The software working performance can be known before buying only as it contains previewing option which preview the damaged PST file after scanning with its scanning procedure and user can save the repaired over sized PST file only after buying the software. Before knowing more features and options that are added in this software application, let us know how PST Outlook file gets corrupted or damaged?

About PST file:

PST stands for Personal Storage Table which has ability of storing the different files like inbox, sent items, drafts, contacts, calendar, tasks, journals, RSS feeds, and many more. It stores the information with .pst file extension of the Outlook application. Outlook specially designed for Email purpose, that is, it is an online application form which users can easily share their email to the different part of the world. In real case, it includes many other facilities which make users addicted to this application.

The Outlook application mainly used two file formats that is PST file and the other one is OST file. These two files are online and offline storage of data respectively. Thus PST file works only during server connection where as in an OST file, user can made changes as per the requirement and then it automatically sync data when the internet get connected to the server. Thus these are special points regarding PST and OST file of an Outlook application, but in real scenarios files becomes inaccessible because of many reasons. In all such cases, you may require this software to repair damaged PST file of Outlook 2013.

In which cases, this Software works for you:

  • Outlook 2013 recent version which was updated was and in this application, many additional features added which improve the performance of the Outlook. The limitation of size of PST file is increased from 10 GB size to 50 GB. Then at some organizations, PST may reach maximum limit which term as oversized PST file as it decrease the speed performance of the Outlook application. Sometimes it even becomes inaccessible due to damage or corruption of PST file. At this stage Oversized PST Repair Software will help you in repairing corrupted or damaged PST file.
  • Sometimes Outlook application gets freeze because of any reason which results in corruption of PST file. Users may not even access the stored data as the corrupted file fails to open. Opt for this advanced utility to repair corrupted PST file Outlook 2013  as it is capable of fixing corrupted or damaged PST file on the other version of Outlook.

The Master Guide for Formatting Start Up Drive in Mac EL Capitan

Many of the users who have recently upgraded to Mac OS X latest version, El Capitan are doubtful towards performing some of the disk operations on this system. In this article, you can understand how to format a startup drive in El Capitan using Mac Disk Utility. Just go through the following steps to know how it is performed.

Step 1: At first, you have to boot into Recovery Mode to format your startup drive on El Capitan. To reach there, just hold Command + R while booting your machine. Don’t forget that if you format internal drive using this, it will erase all data including OS.

Step 2: You can find out Disk Utility from Applications-> Utilities menu. In the recovery mode, you can locate this tool under all other menu items.

Step 3: From the left pane of Disk Utility, you can see all your internal as well as external storage drives. You can easily select a drive here and click on format.

If the formatting won’t complete, then it is clear that OS on that drive is currently being used. You have to boot into other OS to perform this formatting.

Step 4: While erasing drive, you have to enter a name for your storage device. The file system selection is the next thing to be done. You can find out six possible options as a file system in El Capitan, namely ExFAT, MS-DOS (FAT), OS X Extended (Case-sensitive, Journaled, Encrypted), OS X Extended (Journaled, Encrypted), OS X Extended (Case-sensitive, Journaled) and OS X Extended (Journaled). The default one is OS X Extended (Journaled).

Step 5: Finally, there is one choice to be selected, Scheme. Since El-Capitan is an Intel based Mac system, you have to select GUID partition map here. Master Boot Record Scheme option is for Windows whereas Apple Partition Map is for PowerPC based systems.

After selecting all these options, just click on erase button. It will erase all data from that drive and the drive will be mounted on your desktop.

How to Find Lost Files in Windows 10 in Simple Steps?

“I am using Windows 10 operating system in my desktop. Last night, while watching my favorite movie due to some unknown issues computer got abrupt shutdown and after a while I turned on my system but I lost important data from my hard drive. Can anyone help how to find lost files in Windows 10 computers?”


My File Recovery is the easiest way to get back lost files and folder on Windows 10 operating system. It consists of outstanding scanning technique so that it scans the entire hard drive to restore lost data within simple steps. With the help of this file recovery tool you can rescue lost data from all types of hard drive interfaces such as ATA, SATA, IDE, SCSI, etc.  “Find” option enables to view the recovered files and folders based on file size, file name, data and file type. Provides the actual facility to retrieve all kinds of files and folders including photo file, PowerPoint files, audio file, executable files, video file, system files, compressed files, Outlook files, documents and many other file types. This application allows you to save and pause the “Recovery Session” to avoid scanning of Windows 10 system again and again. Compress the recovered files in order to reduce he memory space of the data storage device. Prior going to know more about this file recovery application, you need to be aware of data issues that cause severe data loss from Windows 10 systems. Common reasons that are responsible for data loss are as follows.

  1. Windows at times encounter with errors like “The hard drive is not formatted” Would you like to format it? Once you format hard disk accessing data from it is not possible this leads to erase of files from it.
  2. At times, if the file system of the Windows hard drive is corrupted or damaged due to any reason like formatting or reformatting process error, partition/ repartition, etc., then the entire hard drive will get damaged and becomes unreadable.
  3. Abrupt power failure while transferring or moving files from one hard drive to another hard drive may leads to lose files from both the drives. This is one of major issue behind bad sector formation.
  4. During the process of extending the partition on Windows system, if the individual drive does not have enough memory space to perform partition process then there is a chance of partition may get deleted and existing files get missing from it.

How to Find Lost Files in Windows 10 in Simple Steps?

Step 1: Download and then install free edition of this file recovery tool on your Windows 10 computer. And launch the software in order to view the options in main screen. Select “Recover Files” option as shown in below file1

Step 2: In the next, screen you will get a list of logical drives. Choose specific drive and click on “Next” arrow button to start recovering file3

Step 3: Once the successful completion of scanning process, you can view all recovered files in form of “File Type View” or “Data View” file2

Advantages of My File Recovery Software:

  • This file recovery application recovers lost files from Windows 10 OS and other versions of Windows including Windows 8, Vista, XP, Server 2008/2003, and Windows 7.
  • You to regain more than 200 different kind of file formats such as PSD, MP3, EXE, AVI, XLS, JPEG, BMP, MOV, PPT, PST, WMV, MPEG, TIF, PNG, GIF, HTML, DOCX, PPTX, etc.
  • Check the preview of the rescued files prior saving them on any data storage devices like pen drives, USB hard drives, MMC cards, CD/DVD, etc.


Use This Photo Recovery Software to Get Back Deleted or Lost Photos

No one want to loss there important images because images are directly related to your past. When you see your memorable photos then that moment you feel well. Basically, you save image files in your computer/laptop/external HDD etc. But many times due to some unwanted reasons, you may face photo loss issue. Below mentioned scenario is an example of photo loss:

A photographer is clicking pictures from his digital camera and showing those pictures to relevant user speedily. If that time he click ‘delete button’ mistakenly, then there is a chance of photo loss from digital camera. At that instance if he has no backup of that deleted images then he has only one option to recover that photo and that option is go with a photo recovery tool.

Above mentioned scenarios is a common example of photo loss. Apart from this, there are many other reasons behind the deletion/loss of pictures. Some common reasons are explained below:

  1. Abrupt shutdown of data storage device: When you storage devices such as mobile phones, laptop, computer, tablets, digital cameras etc shutdown abruptly due to any reasons then you may face photos loss issue from that device.
  2. Interrupted image files transferring process: All wants to keep backup of image files. So when you click pictures from digital camera or other devices then for backup of those files, you perform data transfer task. But if knowingly or unknowingly, any interruption occurs during transferring process then there is a chance of image files loss from the storage device.
  3. Unreliable third party editing tools: Editing tools is mainly used to make your photo more attractive and dashing. So many third party editing tools are available in online market with free of cost. But using of those tools which have no reliability may cause the reason of photo loss.
  4. Virus infection: This is one of the big problems of any system. If your system files are infected from virus then in Antivirus scanning process, there is a huge chance of deletion of all virus infected files. As a result, if image files are also infected from virus then you will lose your important image files also.

Anyway if you are looking for reliable picture recovery software then simply opt for Photo Recovery Software. Any type of deleted or loss image files are easily recovered by this tool. As well as due to its user friendly GUI, recovering task of photos are quite easy for all user users either he/she has technical knowledge or not.

Some other features of Photo Recovery Software are:

  1. Supports both operating system (Windows and Mac OS X).
  2. Recovers all image files (JPEG, JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, PSD etc) and raw image files (X3F, PEF, DNG, RAF, CR2, CRW, NEF, SR2, ARW, KDC, K25, DCR, ORF, MRW etc).
  3. This photo recovery software also recovers photos from any portable storage device (SD card, Pen drive, external hard drive and so on).
  4. Free downloading of Photo Recovery Software is also available.
  5. 24*7 customer support facility.

How to Recover Delete Files

Undelete is the method of recovering and restoring accidentally deleted or lost data from different type of storage devices like hard drives, flash memory cards, USB external drives, FireWire drives, etc. When a file is deleted from your hard drive using Windows Explorer, the entry in the file allocation table is deleted and the deleted file is designated as being situated in the Recycle Bin directory. Actually, file is removed from the root directory of partition and renamed therefore, the file is not visible in the partition from where you have deleted the file.

For instance, consider you have deleted a file called myfile.txt from hard drive and it is residing in the Recycle Bin of Windows OS. After deleting this file, it renames like Dc1.txt. The original location and name of the file has stored in hidden index file, which names as INFO. This hidden index file situates in the root directory of Recycle Bin. The INFO file is very important, when you want to restore accidentally deleted file back to hard drive. Because, INFO file allows deleted files to be automatically restored to its original location. While restoring deleted files from Recycle Bin, the original path can be retrieved from the INFO file, then the file is renamed and restored back to its original name and path.

Recycle Bin is not able to store deleted files in some circumstances like deletion of file using Shift+ Del keys, deletion of files from removable storage devices, etc. In these cases, the deleted file bypasses the Recycle Bin resulting in data loss. If the size of deleted file is larger than the Recycle Bin size, then also Recycle bin does not store the file, instead it bypasses the Recycle Bin. The earlier versions of Microsoft Operating systems like MS-DOS 5.0 to MS-DOS6.2 were able to restore deleted files using UNDELETE command. But, if you are using other improved versions of Windows like Win 95, Win 98, Win NT, Win XP, Win 7 and Win Vista then UNDELETE command does not restore any deleted data. If you want to recover lost or deleted data from these Operating systems, then you need to use third party recovery tool such as My Undelete.

If you have already taken backup, then no need to worry because, you can restore deleted data from backup file. If backup file is not available then you need to utilize My Undelete tool to recover deleted data from system hard drive along with other drive types like IDE / ATA / SATA / SCSI with ease. If you want to recuperate lost or deleted data by making the use of this tool, then you should not copy or save new data over affected hard drive to avoid permanent data loss.

My Undelete helps you to recover lost or deleted data from hard drive. This software also recovers files, which bypass the Recycle Bin on Windows. It is capable to recover lost data from the RAID0, RAID1 and RAID5 partitions. This utility has an ability to recognize and restore different file formats based on their unique signature. You can download free demo version to evaluate recovery chances.