PST Recovery- When Outlook data inaccessible due CRC errors

PST stands for personal storage table and it is a file format is used to keep messages, calendar events, emails and some other information within Microsoft software including Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange Client, and Widows Messaging.  PST file is stored within system at predefined location with an extension of .pst.  PST file format also familiar as a Personal folder file or a Personal address Book. PST file matters for a person who uses the application that uses PST file format to store their vital data. There are several reasons that may lead to corruption of PST file and then further user becomes unable to access their vital data.  Some issues are as improper removal, virus infection, improper Outlook termination and so on. Here in this informative article will discuss about PST CRC error and in which circumstance CRC error appears on your computer screen.

There are several issues that may affect integrity of PST file and causes CRC error to come across including placing PST file on shared network, virus infection, sudden system shutdown and so on. After encountering CRC error due to anyone of them, there is no need to think that you are incapable to access your vital data further. In such circumstances, you need a recovery tool that will assist you to repair PST CRC error. You can make use of Repair PST File tool to fix PST file after CRC error. This tool is capable to fix PST file after CRC error on various version Outlook including Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. It is compatible to perform revival on various Windows versions including Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows NT. For more detail, visit this link:

Lets us discuss some scenarios in more detail to know more about CRC error while accessing PST file. first is virus infection, it has happened when you go online in order to access server data then there might be a probability of virus attack on system. When virus gets transfer into system then it might damage PST file or may do some severe changes in your system such as malfunctioning system, damaging boot record and so on. When PST files corrupts and you open Outlook application to access your personal information then there is an error message appears on computer screen, confirming PST file corruption. Error message appears on screen because when you open Outlook application then MS office PST performs CRC checks for integrity of data. CRC check is performed on the basis of value assigned after storing a block of data. When PST file corrupts then CRC check fail that means the checksum number assigned at the time of storing data is not equal to checksum number while accessing data, resulting in inaccessible condition.

When you shared PST file on network then there is probability of corruption of PST file. As it happened and you try to access PST file on some remote device then this might lead to CRC error.  Another reason that may lead to CRC error is improper system termination. When you shutdown system and PST file is still performing some read write operation then this might lead to corruption of PST. Once it is corrupted and you try to access PST file next time then there is probability of CRC error. It is because of alteration of checksum data. In case you are the person who are in such a situation and not able to access vital PST data due to CRC error then you can make use of this tool and repair PST file with ease.