Repair Corrupt PowerPoint File

      PowerPoint Repair Tool is the powerful PPT repair software tool, helps in resolving all the end users queries in a reliable manner.

     This tool ensures the flexibility with all available software’s in the market which is configured, therefore PPT on repair designs works on the network.

How this application works:-

  • PPT repair tool works on data corrupted issues on Powerpoint files.

  • Offers a simple and reliable way of restoring of PPT file and it has the friendly interface of Microsoft PPT repair tool.

  •  Ability to recover all the  text, objects, and other items, which is  stored in any latest version of MS PowerPoint;

  •  Even this repair tool provides a guarantee, the confidentiality of data processes and keeps the input files safe and secure.

Easy working of PPT Repair tool

PPT repair tool is perfectly suitable for all systems which are running in the Microsoft Windows system of any latest versions, try this repair tool surely the end user will get the satisfying outcome.

 This software for data recovery needs when any kind of damage affects Microsoft PowerPoint irrespectively of any size, version and other protocols.

PPT repair tools are exactly what the users are searching for resolving all their issues raised in power point to rectify the corruption of PPT files. Even without any trouble because of all the data retrieving operations are performed on your own system without any alteration of the structure of documents.

 Specific Requirements:-

  • Microsoft PowerPoint should be installed on your system.

  PowerPoint Repair Tool is not an open source nor freeware software.

Tips to store secured power point files:-

      Always try to make multiple copies of important PPT files just by storing them on different storable devices like external hard drives, DVDS etc.

     Whenever the files are modified or updated it has to be saved in a proper manner.

      Always use a good downloader manager application to download all the necessary PPT files.

      Install strong antivirus software tool to overcome from virus attacks.

      Defragmenting of your hard disk on weekly basis can surely optimize your system’s performance.

How can one solve this problem of fixing PowerPoint?

  • Right-click on the file in Windows Explorer.

  • Just select the Properties on the menu.

  • On General tab of the Properties dialog box, click “Unblock” to proceed further,

  • Then Click OK.

Fixing PowerPoint issue:-

If you follow simple steps, you won’t see this message while opening all those powerpoint files. Protecting all the data, especially when you’re antivirus and malware protecting tools are strong and up to date.

Start PowerPoint

  • Choose all the needed files, then

  • Click “Trust Center” which is located on the left, then click “Trust Center Settings” on the right.

  • Click “Protected View” on the left then REMOVE the checkmark to “Enable protecting view for all the further files.

  • OK Now your way to open dialog boxes.

  • Opening the file once again to fetch all those data back in an accurate manner.