Repairing Broken PSD Files

Photoshop is one of the most proficient and advanced tool i.e. specially designed to edit images that are captured using digital camera or with the help of any other image capturing device. By using this Abode Photoshop application you can easily edit the following features of an image like contrast, brightness, color, background effects, etc. on Windows and Mac operating system platforms. These files created with the help of Photoshop application uses the .psd or .ppd file format for storing the images. But, PSD files can also be broken during editing the images due to some factors that can cause the data loss are given below:

Virus attack: While you placed your PSD files in the infected system, virus and malware threats can cause the corruption of PSD files. Again, storing of these infected PSD files on external storage devices like pen drives, external hard drives, and memory card can corrupt other stored files on these storage devices. This corruption might break your PSD files and you cannot open these PSD files on the any media player or image viewer application without repairing properly.

File incompatibility: Whenever the PSD files are not compatible with the particular Abode Photoshop application, it throws an error “Your request could not be completed because you are using incompatible version of Abode Photoshop application”. If you are again repeatedly trying to open these PSD files with this incompatible version, then it can break the PSD file.

PSD file conversion: While converting the PSD files from one format to another, any interruption occurs that can break the image layers of PSD files and makes the PSD files unreadable.

Improper downloading: While downloading the files from internet any interruption occurs due to network failure and some other issues that can break the PSD files. Again, in order to make these PSD files readable you have to repair these damaged PSD files using any PSD file repair tool.

Other reasons: Some other causes that are also responsible for the PSD file corruption are as follows: conflict with Abode application files, using PSD files on different versions of Abode application and file format corruption etc.

If you are facing with these above mentioned PSD file broken scenarios, then you can use Best File Repair software to repair broken PSD file. This PSD file repair tool can be used to fix corrupted PSD file on following Windows operating systems like Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows vista etc. Apart from this, it can also repair broken PSD file on following Mac operating system platforms like Mac Lion, Leopard, Mavericks, OS X and Yosemite, etc.

Best File Repair software is one of the most widely used user friendly PSD repair tool that can easily repair broken PSD file created by any version of Abode Photoshop application. This repair tool is designed with an inbuilt search engine that can easily scan corrupted PSD files by making use of rigorous scanning algorithm used with this tool. It performs the scanning of corrupted PSD files by using the unique file signature or on the basis of file extensions of damaged PSD files. By using this tool, we can repair broken PSD file of different colors like GRAY, INDEX, RGB and many more other colors. After the repairing of corrupted PSD files, it also allows to store these repaired PSD files in ZIP or compressed format in order to save the disk space. Besides the repairing of corrupted PSD files, it can also repair some other files like Word documents, PPT files, text documents, images etc.