Restore NTFS Partition on Windows 8

NTFS is the most commonly used file system on Windows 8 over the globe. Its overall performance is relatively better than the other file systems. Therefore many of the people prefer this NTFS partition on Widows 8 for storing their precious files. As a matter of fact, none of the storage device is protected from data loss. Similarly, you might come across loss of NTFS partition from Windows 8. If you loss NTFS partitions, you may recover NTFS partition on Windows 8 with the help of partition recovery tool. But before recovering them, you must ensure whether hard drive partitions are deleted or not.

If you cannot find out NTFS partitions then it is not the case that NTFS partition must be lost. On some occasion, you cannot see NTFS partition from OS, but you can see it whose partition label has disappeared from “Disk Management”. This condition is not called as partition loss. NTFS partitions can be used as long as you appoint a partition label for them. If you are unable to view it in “Disk Management”, and there displays an unallocated mark in the location where the NTFS partition is originally in, on such situation you can ensure NTFS partition has been lost.

After declaring that NTFS partition is lost then you can use the most reliable tool named as NTFS recovery software to recover NTFS partition on Windows 8. Generally, when NTFS partitions are lost, only registration items in partition table are deleted while all partition data are stored on the hard drive. Hence, NTFS partition can be recovered through searching hard disk. Windows 8 NTFS partition recovery can be easily executed with the help of this NTFS recovery software to retrieve lost or deleted NTFS partition within a span of few minutes. It is designed with built in superior algorithms to scan the entire hard disk to get back deleted, missing, lost NTFS partition from Windows 8 operating system based computers or laptops.

Causes that result in loss/deletion of NTFS partition in Windows 8:

  • NTFS partition from Windows 8 computer may get lost while performing numerous disk related operations such as reformatting or repartitioning. If there is any sort of interruption occurs then it may result in NTFS partition loss on Windows 8.
  • NTFS partition on Windows 8 based computer gets unintentionally deleted while processing repartitioning operation. Use of unreliable applications on this operating system can lead to deletion of NTFS partition on Windows 8.
  • NTFS partition may go missing or becomes inaccessible because of lack of enough free space while resizing NTFS partition on Windows 8.
  • If the partition table or file system is damaged then you may encounter missing NTFS partitions on Windows 8 computer.

In addition to above mentioned scenario, NTFS partition may go missing or deleted due to erroneous file system conversion, defragmentation process, hard drive formatting, wrong re-naming of partitions, virus intrusions, etc.

Other than recovery of NTFS partition, you can also utilize this software for recovering deleted or lost FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS 5 and ExFAT file systems easily. You can also use this tool for restoration of files from external hard drive, memory cards, FireWire drive, flash drives, etc. utmost ease. NTFS recovery tool helps in retrieving file from several kinds of hard disk interface such as IDE, SATA, SAS and etc. This utility can retrieve partition from various version Windows operating system such as Windows server 2003/ Windows XP/ Windows Vista/ Windows 7 and Windows server 2008.