Tool to Fix Outlook PST after ScanPST Failure

ScanPST Fix application is one of the powerful repair tool which allows you to repair PST file which cannot be fixed by using built in “Inbox Repair Tool”. It supports to repair PST files that are created on different versions of Microsoft Outlook like Outlook 2000, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007. This application restores lost or deleted emails, contacts, tasks, events, calendar items, notes, etc while repairing process from damaged Outlook PST file.

Outlook PST is a Personal Storage Table used to save the copies of messages, notes, contacts, calendar, events, and other Outlook items. Sometimes, most of the Outlook PST file users come across the corruption of PST file that is due to various reasons such as storage of oversized PST file on specific Outlook versions, network failure, importing errors, virus infection, improper shutdown of system and many more. To get away from corruption issues make use of best and trusted software known as ScanPST Fix tool.

Common scenarios behind PST file corruption or damage:

Due to Network Failure: While accessing or reading/writing PST file if your network device has any sort of damage or failure with the network devices like hubs, routers, interface cables, switches, etc. This results in corruption or damage of PST file.

Hard drive Issue: If there is presence of bad sector on your computer hard drive then this might leads to PST file inaccessible.

Third Party Software: If the file system had corrupted due to some reasons to recover it you may use untrusted third party application this may results in damage of Your Outlook PST file.

Oversized PST file: Microsoft Outlook 2000 to 2013 has variety of storage capacity of PST file. If you exceed those storage limitation in specific Outlook version then there is a possibility of Outlook PST file corruption.

Power Outage: While accessing the Outlook PST file if your PC or laptop suddenly gets shutdown due power failure then you may face the damage on PST file.

Other Reasons: Some of the other causes are improper closing of PST file, due to malicious or virus, faulty network device and many more. In order to overcome from the all the above mentioned issues immediately use ScanPST Fix application to fix up the corrupted or damaged PST file.

Prominent provisions of ScanPST Fix App:

  • It supports unique versions of Windows operating system namely Windows 2008, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 7.
  • ScanPST Fix tool helps you to successfully fix oversized corrupted or damaged Outlook PST file without affecting the file structure of the original file.
  • This utility allows to repair password protected and highly encrypted Outlook PST file without changing the password.
  • You can able to get back deleted Outlook items like notes, appointments, journals, calendars, events, etc., by using ScanPST Fix application.
  • It assist you to restores files and folders that are not linking to the index in order to retain accessibility of the PST file.
  • It has capability to repair severely damaged or corrupted Outlook PST file on dissimilar versions of MS Outlook.
  • With the assist of ScanPST Fix software even irregular Outlook users can also fix the corrupted PST file easily.
  • This application is an award winning tool, which has advanced repairing techniques to repair the severely damaged PST file.
  • It helps to preview of the repaired items of PST file by using Outlook style browser.

Precautionary Measures:

  • Install updated anti-virus tool to scan regularly your computer or laptop.
  • While closing PST file use proper method to exit PST file.