USB drive recovery made after loss

Are you facing the data loss from the formatted hard drive? Alternatively, you are worried about the data lost while installing OS in the system. Therefore, I guess you are worried, after going through this article you will be no more worried about your lost data. You will be given an assistance to recover formatted data, and not only formatted data recovery, data but there are many more wrong beliefs will be cleared reading this article.

Recover of data could be done easily through your fingertips within few minutes. The option to recover the lost or formatted data is the use of efficient data recovery software. An extremely simple way is to recover the data using the software. The software is designed in such a way, that it goes deep inside your hard disk and recover all the data that seems to be lost.

The fact behind the recovery is the presence of data present inside the disk even after deletion. Shocked!!! Do not be the fact is when the data is deleted or hard disk is formatted then the data seems to be gone but it is not true. There is a small concept behind data recovery and loss as well  When the data is deleted, formatted or lost that means only the access to that data is gone not the full data. The data is still in there at the place where it was at the time of access.

What happens is when you save data on the hard disk, it is located at a particular position with an address and pointer pointing to that address is located? Whenever a user is accessing the data then these pointers take a user to that particular location and access the data placed at the position. Therefore when these files are deleted or lost then only these pointers are deleted and users are given an illusion that shows the empty space.

So data is present in there and the possibility is there to recover the data. Even you can unformat USB drive by using tool that has the capability to recover the data from your hard disk.

However, the thing is what causes data to lose?

No matter what OS/storage media/system/precautious user is but one or the other time there will be a loss of data? Few predefined scenarios are there which definitely results in data loss.

  • Generally, a user attaches there system to the internet and this proves to be the biggest factor in data loss as most of the virus attack to the system from this means.
  • Abrupt shutdown, disconnecting the attached device from a system, header corruption of hard disk results in severe data loss.
  • Formatting, reformatting, deleting the data from Recycle Bin and deleting files using shift delete result in deleting the data permanently.
  • Connecting the external hard disk, USB, iPods to infected system results in deletion or loss of files from a particular medium.

In the end, the user suffers from data loss from their storage device and start panicking. Panicking is not the solution to the problem, in this case, you are supposed to use the data recovery software. Just download the software install it in your system and better do recovery rather than worrying about the lost data.